How to Use Assets in a sentence with examples

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1. Personal Assets may include a house, car, investments, artwork, or home goods

Assets, Artwork

2. For corporations, Assets are listed on the balance sheet and netted against liabilities and equity.

Assets, Are, And, Against

3. Assets synonyms, Assets pronunciation, Assets translation, English dictionary definition of Assets


4. What are the Main Types of Assets? An asset is a resource owned or controlled by an individual, corporation Corporation A corporation is a legal entity created by individuals, stockholders, or shareholders, with the purpose of operating for profit

Are, Assets, An, Asset

5. Corporations are allowed to enter into contracts, sue and be sued, own Assets, remit federal and state taxes, and borrow money from financial

Are, Allowed, And, Assets

6. Assets are everything you own that has any monetary value, plus any money you are owed

Assets, Are, Any

7. What are Assets in Accounting? Definition: An asset is a resource that has some economic value to a company and can be used in a current or future period to generate revenues

Are, Assets, Accounting, An, Asset, And

8. Assets are persons or things that can produce value

Assets, Are

9. People can be Assets because of the value they bring to a relationship or organization


10. Things which are Assets have value for the owner because they can be converted into cash

Are, Assets

11. Assets definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation

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12. Current Assets are any Assets a company holds that it expects to use or convert to cash in the span of a single year or operational cycle

Assets, Are, Any

13. Think of a company’s current Assets as things like

Assets, As

14. Assets = Liabilities + Stockholders' (or Owner's) Equity


15. Some of the company's most valuable Assets may not have been acquired in a transaction and therefore are not listed as Assets on the company's balance sheet

Assets, Acquired, And, Are, As

16. Official vector collections of Assets (in Flash form) are available here

Assets, Are, Available

17. Assets are often protected and given false praise because no chief or administrator has the balls to terminate a female who can't do the job

Assets, Are, And, Administrator

18. After years of being sheltered from reality and held to a lower standard than their male couterparts, the Assets will often believe the bullshit said about them and develop a false sense of worth

After, And, Assets, About

19. Find game Assets like Pixel Valley Forest and Cave (Revamped), Mini Pixel Pack 2, 2D Pixel Art Elder Dragon Sprites, 2D Pixel Art Garbage Disposal Bot, PIXEL FANTASY TILES - HOMESTEAD on, the indie game hosting marketplace.

Assets, And, Art

20. Tangible Assets contain various subclasses, including current Assets and fixed Assets

Assets, And

21. Current Assets include inventory, accounts receivable, while fixed Assets include buildings and equipment

Assets, Accounts, And

22. Intangible Assets are non-physical resources and rights that have a value to the firm because they give the firm an advantage in the marketplace.

Assets, Are, And, An, Advantage

23. Find 14 ways to say Assets, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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24. Assets is a non-profit organization focused on transforming the community through ethical and inclusive business

Assets, And

25. Check this page for the Assets that are not or no longer used in the game

Assets, Are

26. This is a list of the in-game art Assets for Friday Night Funkin'

Art, Assets

27. Some of the Assets may contain portions within them that are not used in …

Assets, Are

28. Personal Assets are items of value that belong to an individual

Assets, Are, An

29. Personal Assets can also be any other thing with cash value

Assets, Also, Any

30. When individuals go to a bank or other institution to apply for loans, such personal Assets and their values are often considered

Apply, Assets, And, Are

31. Personal Assets are also the bedrock of the formula for net worth for consumers.

Assets, Are, Also

32. For the organization Assets library to appear to a user in PowerPoint on the web, the user must be assigned a license to Office 365 E3 or E5

Assets, Appear, Assigned

33. Allow up to 24 hours for the organization Assets library to appear to a user in the desktop apps.

Allow, Assets, Appear, Apps

34. Assets comprise of such items that can be comprehended as the components of the property, which a company or an individual owns

Assets, As, An

35. What are Assets and Liabilities? Both Assets and liabilities tend to play a vital role when it comes to ensuring the profitability of a business or its long-term viability

Are, Assets, And

36. Further, to achieve satisfactory outcomes, individuals who have to deal with Assets, as well as liabilities regularly, must learn about

Achieve, Assets, As, About

37. GameDev Market is a marketplace for high quality, affordable game Assets handcrafted by talented creators around the world

Affordable, Assets, Around

38. Search thousands of Assets » Or take a look at our top creators in 2D, 3D, Audio and GUI! 2D Game Assets

Assets, At, Audio, And

39. Is pulling some $2 trillion of Assets out of State Street Corp.’s safekeeping, a move that will reduce the investing firm’s reliance on a


40. As previously mentioned, CSS, JavaScript, images, fonts, and so on can all be considered Assets.

As, And, All, Assets

41. Assets are owned by either individuals or companies

Assets, Are




ASSETS [ˈaset]


Synonyms: Benefit . Advantage . Blessing . Strong point . Strength . Forte . Talent . Gift . Strong suit . Long suit . Virtue . Recommendation . Attraction . Selling point . Resource . Beauty . Boon . Value . Merit . Bonus . Aid . Help . Saving grace .

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as an asset?

Any other financial investment or deposit which will mature in three months or less also qualifies as an asset. Assets that may be financially accounted for, but not considered liquid assets, include property, equipment and other investments with maturity terms greater than three months.

What are some examples of assets?

Examples of assets include cash, accounts receivable, inventory, and prepaid expenses. Property and equipment can also be included as assets. Although physical assets commonly come to mind when one thinks of assets, not all assets are tangible. Trademarks and patents are examples of intangible assets.

What is assets vs liabilities?

The main difference between assets and liabilities is that assets provide a future economic benefit, while liabilities present a future obligation. An indicator of a successful business is one that has a high proportion of assets to liabilities.

Which assets are classified as current assets?

Current Assets. Assets which are easily convertible into cash like stock, inventory, marketable securities, short-term investments, fixed deposits, accrued incomes, bank balances, debtors, prepaid expenses etc. are classified as current assets.

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