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1. The meaning of Assure is to make sure or certain : convince


2. Synonyms for Assure: cheer, comfort, console, reAssure, solace, soothe, cinch, ensure; Antonyms for Assure: distress, torment, torture, trouble

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3. Assure synonyms, Assure pronunciation, Assure translation, English dictionary definition of Assure


4. To inform positively, as to remove doubt: Assured us that the train would be on time

As, Assured

5. No other service provider can match Assure’s expertise, speed or cost-effectiveness in delivering SPVs to the private investment community


6. The updated Assure Labs SPV is the fastest and most affordable SPV product now available with a one-time flat fee cost starting at $4,000.

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7. Assure definition, to declare earnestly to; inform or tell positively; state with confidence to: She Assured us that everything would turn out all right

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8. I-Assure was founded in 2005 on the belief that Assessment and Authorization (A&A) as executed by many in the industry was too costly, too confusing and wasn’t making systems more secure

Assure, Assessment, And, Authorization, Amp, As

9. To Assure a smooth project kick-off, working with project MEP Construction Managers to check the health of the project including schedule and working with the project QA…Support the project benchmark and mock-up process of the BMS installations to Assure consistency across the program and coordinating these efforts in a timely manner to minimize re-work…

Assure, And, Across

10. The Assure COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Test Device is intended for use as an aid in identifying individuals with an adaptive immune response to SARS-CoV-2, indicating recent or prior infection

Assure, As, An, Aid, Adaptive

11. Applicants go through a multi-step process to Assure that each of our therapists is amongst the top in the state

Applicants, Assure, Amongst

12. Assurene Corporation at 19444 De Havilland Drive, Suite B, Saratoga, California, United States, 95070

Assurene, At

13. The Assure Difference Recruit and train the best technologists in the industry

Assure, And

14. Our quality control program has been designed to Assure the customer a complete quality product, according to blueprint and customer specifications

Assure, According, And

15. Account Assure is an optional program that can be cancelled at any time

Account, Assure, An, At, Any

16. Whether or not you purchase Account Assure will not affect your application for credit or the terms of any existing Credit Card Agreement you have with Comenity Bank or Comenity Capital Bank.

Account, Assure, Affect, Application, Any, Agreement

17. Find 49 ways to say Assure, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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18. Some sources note that people use Assure, ensure, and insure interchangeably

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19. Is the name appearing on the Assure™ card always the same as the policyholder under the plan? My customer isn’t satisfied with his claim settlement

Appearing, Assure, Always, As

20. Note: Effective March 2021, our assisted support subscription, Assure, is being retired.Existing Assure subscriptions are still valid, but you won’t be able to renew at the end of your subscription period

Assisted, Assure, Are, Able, At

21. With Assure, colleagues can report and capture data with ease on any device, at any time, anywhere

Assure, And, Any, At, Anywhere

22. Assure essentially is the talk of a guarantee of something happening; ensure is taking action to guarantee something happens

Assure, Action

23. Assure is committed to reducing the barriers that discourage people from accessing mental health support

Assure, Accessing

24. Assure - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

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25. Inflections of 'Assure' (v): (⇒ conjugate) Assures v 3rd person singular assuring v pres p verb, present participle: -ing verb used descriptively or to form progressive verb--for example, "a singing bird," "It is singing." Assured v past verb, past simple: Past tense--for example, "He saw the man."

Assure, Assures, Assuring, Assured

26. Assure tests use swabbed specimens to detect COVID-19 using a test cassette, similar to a home pregnancy test


27. Assure-100 uses a shallow nasal swab specimen that is mixed with buffer solution


28. Assure tests are visually read, and do not require a device or lab to interpret results.

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29. On Wednesday, November 24, US Assure's office and virtual working operations will close at 6:00 p.m

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30. We Assure you that there is a difference, and by reading this you've ensured that you know your homonyms, but alas we can't insure you

Assure, And, Alas

31. If you Assure your boss that you’ll finish your project by Tuesday, you are make a promise or commitment to have it done by Tuesday.

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32. Assure Women's Center is a free pregnancy center located in Omaha, NE


33. Yeap medical supplies, Singapore\'s leading distributor of medical supplies and equipment with the brand Assure Medical Disposables that consist of alcohol swab

And, Assure, Alcohol

34. The three words, Assure, ensure, and insure, are often confused.All three words share an element of “making an outcome sure.” However, rather than using these words interchangeably, I’d like to point out the unique aspects of each word so that you can use them to communicate your intention clearly.

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35. Assure is an instructional design model that has the goal of producing more effective teaching and learning

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36.Assure” is an acronym that stands for the various steps in the model

Assure, An, Acronym

37. Assure offers numerous services to installers such as IBG’S, energy ratings and product certification

Assure, As, And

38. Gain peace of mind and rest Assured that your windows and doors have been installed to comply with Building Regulations

And, Assured

39. Assure is an official, UKAS-accredited Competent Persons Scheme authorised by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and

Assure, An, Accredited, Authorised, And

40. To tell someone that something will definitely happen or is definitely true so that they are less worried SYN reAssure Assure somebody that Her doctor has Assured us that she’ll be fine

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41. Definition of Assure in the dictionary


42. What does Assure mean? Information and translations of Assure in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

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43. Assure Claims Paying for your prescriptions has never been so easy The Assure Card is an electronic payment system that provides on-the-spot submission of prescription drug claims at almost any pharmacy in Canada

Assure, An, At, Almost, Any

44. Your personalized Assure Card is provided to you as

Assure, As

45. The Assure model is an ISD (Instructional Systems Design) process that was modified to be used by teachers in the regular classroom The ISD process is one in which teachers and trainers can use to design and develop the most appropriate learning environment for their students

Assure, An, And, Appropriate

46. What does Assure mean? The definition of Assure is to make someone confident in their beliefs and ideas

Assure, And

47. Assure-IT™ is ATSER’s real-time, web-based Quality Management Solution for labs in the Construction & Engineering industries

Assure, Atser, Amp

48. With more than 40 years of experience, US Assure offers quick product access, provides online policy issuance and expects no minimum volume commitment to get started – all while putting our customers at the center of everything we do.

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49. App Assure supports application compatibility on: Microsoft 365 Apps (previously Office 365 ProPlus) App Assure remediates issues for: Customer Developed Line of Business (LOB) Applications

App, Assure, Application, Apps, Applications

50. App Assure is part of the FastTrack benefit, which comes at no additional cost with eligible Microsoft 365

App, Assure, At, Additional

51. Assure specializes in special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and fund administration for the private investment marketplace

Assure, And, Administration

52. ‘I Assure you this will take a lot of practice and as you all know, practice makes perfect.’ ‘However, I Assure you that the Hogbetsotso festival is a genuine Ghanaian event.’ ‘I've Assured and reAssured him a hundred times that this isn't true, but then, there's only so much you can say to salvage a hurt ego.’

Assure, And, As, All, Assured

53. Assure something Victory would Assure a place in the finals


54. Assure somebody something Victory would Assure them a place in the finals


55. This achievement has Assured her a place in the history books

Achievement, Assured

56. Topics Doubt, guessing and certainty c1; Assure something (British English) to insure something, especially against somebody’s death

And, Assure, Against

57. Assure refers to the act of removing insecurities by guaranteeing that something will happen

Assure, Act

58. In a sentence, Assure will generally precede the object that you are assuring, as in, "The mother Assured her daughter that the loud thunderstorm

Assure, Are, Assuring, As, Assured

59. Assure map editor save the projection data with the .kml and .osm files to be use when the map is loaded

Assure, And




ASSURE [əˈSHo͝or]

assure (verb) · assures (third person present) · assured (past tense) · assured (past participle) · assuring (present participle)

Synonyms: Reassure . Convince . Satisfy . Persuade . Guarantee . Promise . Tell . Swear to .

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