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1. Earth’s Atmosphere is composed of about 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, 0.9 percent argon, and 0.1 percent other gases

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2. The Atmosphere is divided into five different layers, based on temperature.


3. The meaning of Atmosphere is the whole mass of air that surrounds the Earth

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4. Composition of Atmosphere – Gases in the Atmosphere


5. Dry air from earth’s Atmosphere contains 0.038% of carbon dioxide, 20.95% of oxygen, 78.08% of nitrogen and 0.93% of argon

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6. Image of the Day Atmosphere Heat Water Drought Fires Remote Sensing.


7. Atmosphere's reimplementation is disabled by default (in order to save memory), but can be enabled by setting lm!enable_log_manager to true


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10. COLA is a scientific research center established to improve understanding and prediction of Earth's climate variations on seasonal, interannual, and decadal scales, with a special emphasis on the interactions between Earth's Atmosphere, oceans, and land surfaces

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11. It is 4 to 12 miles (7 to 20 km) thick and contains half of Earth's Atmosphere

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12. The Atmosphere of Earth, commonly known as air, is the layer of gases retained by Earth's gravity that surrounds the planet and forms its planetary Atmosphere.The Atmosphere of Earth protects life on Earth by creating pressure allowing for liquid water to exist on the Earth's surface, absorbing ultraviolet solar radiation, warming the surface through heat retention (greenhouse …

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13. The Atmosphere is a mixture of gases that surrounds the planet


14. The Crossword Solver found 88 answers to the Atmosphere crossword clue

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15. Earth’s Atmosphere has six layers: the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, the thermosphere, the ionosphere, and the exosphere

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16. A jacket for the planet Earth is a great planet to live on because it has a wonderful Atmosphere around it.

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17. Synonyms for Atmosphere: air, ambience, aroma, aura, climate, flavor, halo, karma

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18. For over two decades, Atmosphere has maintained a course of rigorous output, releasing over two dozen studio albums, EP’s and collaborative side projects in as many years

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19. Atmosphere definition, the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth; the air: a weather balloon rising high into the Atmosphere

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20. However, our Atmosphere has developed and changed a lot through time

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21. It’s thought that Earth’s original Atmosphere was just carbon dioxide, with smaller amounts of oxygen

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22. Earth’s Atmosphere is estimated to weight around 5.5 quadrillion tons

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23. The Earth's Atmosphere is an extremely thin sheet of air extending from the surface of the Earth to the edge of space

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24. The Earth is a sphere with a roughly 8000 mile diameter; the thickness of the Atmosphere is about 60 miles.

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25. Atmosphere discipline datasets focus primarily on characterizing the Earth’s troposphere and stratosphere

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26. Atmosphere TV is the world's leading cable alternative, providing free streaming TV for businesses

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27. Atmosphere at·mos·phere (ăt′mə-sfîr′) n

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28. JGR: Atmospheres publishes original research articles that advance and improve the understanding of atmospheric properties and processes, including the interaction of the Atmosphere with other components of the Earth system, as well as their roles in …

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29. Our Atmosphere seems tantalizingly close and yet mysteriously distant

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30. 49 synonyms for Atmosphere: air, sky, heavens, aerosphere, feeling, feel, air, quality, character

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31. The Atmosphere is a mixture of gases that surrounds the planet


32. Layers of Earth's Atmosphere: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere

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33. What does Atmosphere mean? Atmosphere is defined as the area of air and gas enveloping objects in space, like stars and planets, or the air around

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34. A literary technique, Atmosphere is a type of feeling that readers get from a narrative, based on details such as setting, background, objects, and foreshadowing.A mood can serve as a vehicle for establishing Atmosphere

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35. In literary works, Atmosphere refers to emotions or feelings an author conveys to his readers through description of objects and …

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37. Our Atmosphere is the layers of gases surrounding the earth


38. Atmosphere 'Atmosphere' is a 10 letter word starting with A and ending with E Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Atmosphere We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Atmosphere will help you to finish your crossword today

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39. An Atmosphere was a collection of gases that surrounded a celestial body with sufficient mass, and therefore enough to cause gravitational attraction

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40. Almost all species in the galaxy required a form of Atmosphere to breathe.

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41. Atmosphere - Atmosphere - Radiation: The temperature of the Atmosphere and surface is influenced by electromagnetic radiation, and this radiation is traditionally divided into two types: insolation from the Sun and emittance from the surface and the Atmosphere

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42. Definition of Atmosphere in the dictionary


43. What does Atmosphere mean? Information and translations of Atmosphere in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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44. Saturn's Atmosphere, although similar to Jupiter's, is much less interesting to look at from a distance

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47. The Atmosphere is composed of CO 2 and other gases, that form a heat-trapping blanket around the Earth

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49. Atmosphere翻譯:空氣, (包圍天體的)氣體, (特定場所的)空氣, 氣氛, 氣氛;環境, 氛圍;情調,情趣。了解更多。





ATMOSPHERE [ˈatməsˌfir]

atmosphere (noun) · atmospheres (plural noun) · atm (noun)

Synonyms: Air . Airspace . Sky . The heavens . The blue . The ether .

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 types of atmosphere?

In this way, Earth's atmosphere can be divided (called atmospheric stratification) into five main layers. The 5 layers of atmosphere in order (closest to earth to farther from earth) troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and finally, exosphere.

What are 3 examples of atmosphere?

Earth's atmosphere is primarily composed of nitrogen and oxygen with water vapor comprising 0.25 percent of the atmosphere by mass. It has five layers: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere.

What is the best definition of atmosphere?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: Atmosphere. An atmosphere is a layer of gases surrounding a material body of sufficient mass that is held in place by the gravity of the body. An atmosphere is more likely to be retained if the gravity is high and the atmosphere's temperature is low.

How would you describe the atmosphere?

An atmosphere (from Greek ἀτμός (atmos), meaning 'vapour', and σφαῖρα (sphaira), meaning 'sphere') is a layer or a set of layers of gases surrounding a planet or other material body, that is held in place by the gravity of that body.

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