How to Use Attend in a sentence with examples

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1. The meaning of Attend is to be present at : to go to

Attend, At

2. Synonyms for Attend: accompany, chaperone, companion, company, convoy, escort, see, squire; Antonyms for Attend: ignore, tune out

Attend, Accompany, Antonyms

3. Attend synonyms, Attend pronunciation, Attend translation, English dictionary definition of Attend


4. To go regularly to: Attended class every Tuesday and

Attended, And

5. Attend definition, to be present at: to Attend a lecture; to Attend church

Attend, At

6. Find 113 ways to say Attend, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Attend, Along, Antonyms, And, At

7. Attend to: See: assume , care , concern , hear , heed , notice , obey , observe , oversee , preserve , regard , undertake

Attend, Assume

8. The First Truly Hands-free Time ClockStarting at $299• Facial recognition authentication • Basic and advanced voice-controlled punching • *Temperature reader (optional)uAttend’s touch-free time clocks are backed by robust cloud support, including automated time and Attendance data tracking with on-the-go access.LEARN MOREIt's Go Time for $179uAttend’s affordable, cloud connected time

At, Authentication, And, Advanced, Are, Automated, Attendance, Access, Affordable

9. La conjugaison du verbe Attendre sa définition et ses synonymes


10. Conjuguer le verbe Attendre à indicatif, subjonctif, impératif, infinitif, conditionnel, participe, gérondif.


11. The community is invited to Attend Palo Alto High School's Fall …

Attend, Alto

12. 103 synonyms for Attend: be present, go to, visit, be at, be there, be here, frequent, haunt, appear at, turn up at, patronize, show up at, show yourself

Attend, At, Appear

13. With AttendStar’s online ticket sales software and full-service approach, you become well-connected not only to excellent online event ticketing software but real people that know event marketing and event logistics

Attendstar, And, Approach

14. Learn more about AttendStar’s features and pricing for online ticket sales.

About, Attendstar, And

15. Attend’s mobile event app delivers intelligence from your CRM and live status notifications of your key guests

Attend, App, And

16. Real-time alerts for your team when the guests who matter most arrive, smarter conversations with relevant Attendee profile data at

Alerts, Arrive, Attendee, At

17. Attend definition: If you Attend a meeting or other event, you are present at it

Attend, Are, At

18. The verb Attend means to be present, to listen, or give care or attention to

Attend, Attention

19. You can Attend your family reunion, Attend to a project you've been ignoring, or Attend to your teacher's voice.


20.Attend to somebody/something → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus Attend • When the matter came up for hearing, Bradley Attended

Attend, Attended

21. • First-year students receive all the financial aid needed in order to Attend

All, Aid, Attend

22. Conjugate Attend in every English verb tense including present, past, and future.

Attend, And

23. A law enacted in 1908 requires that children between eight and fifteen years of age shall Attend school twenty-four weeks each year, provided the public school in their district is in session that length of time

And, Age, Attend

24. In a large exchange a number of operators are necessary to Attend to calls

Are, Attend

25. Attend to [sb] vi + prep (help) (d'un patient, client) s'occuper de v pron + prép : The doctor will Attend to you shortly


26. Attend to [sth] vi + prep: formal (pay attention to) faire attention à loc v + prép : The students were told to Attend to his instructions very closely as he carried out the

Attend, Attention, As

27. Attend verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons

Attend, All, And

28. Search the definition and the translation in context for “ Attend ”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication

And, Attend

29. Attend to the announcement of the new flight departure time.

Attend, Announcement

30. To deal with some business: I can't talk now as I have some urgent affairs to Attend to

As, Affairs, Attend

31. To help or look after someone or something: A good host Attends to the needs of every guest

After, Attends

32. After the accident, the paramedics came quickly to Attend to my injuries

After, Accident, Attend

33. Attend › Conferences Every year, TED hosts conferences to bring together a group of expert thinkers and doers across a wide range of fields to help share new ideas

Attend, And, Across

34. Born in India, he Attended high school and medical school in Madras

Attended, And

35. Attendance and non-Attendance at school or university

Attendance, And, At

36. Upon graduation Stacey moved to San Francisco to Attend USF School of Law


37. Cameron did not Attend the games but denied it was a boycott in protest at Russia's laws, having previously raised the issue of gay rights in the country with Vladimir Putin

Attend, At

38. Fearing the difficulties that would Attend being named to the position in opposition to the king, Anselm avoided journeying to …

Attend, Anselm, Avoided

39. To Attend, or be present at a given place or location

Attend, At

40. A : to go to and be present at (an event, meeting, etc.) [+ object] My husband and I will both Attend the banquet

And, At, An, Attend

41. How many people Attended the baseball game? He won't be Attending the conference

Attended, Attending

42. We use Attend (without “to”) when we’re talking about going somewhere or being present somewhere: I regularly Attend business conferences

Attend, About

43. You could use go to instead of Attend – “go to” is more informal, “Attend” is more formal – but we do


44. I-Attend is used in Virtual or In-Person Professional Development Programs, Employee Training, OSHA Compliance Workshops, Student Classes or any Events that require Attendance tracking, contact tracing, event registration, evaluations/surveys, certificates and name badge distribution.

Attend, Any, Attendance, And

45. The free-to-Attend Hub Sessions explore innovations and technologies helping to transform the energy landscape, showcasing projects, intelligence, and insights into future solutions

Attend, And

46. The Hub Sessions offer a dynamic format and engaging Q&As, allowing Attendees to network in an exclusive topic-led setting, right on the exhibition floor.

And, Amp, As, Allowing, Attendees, An

47. Most Palo Alto children Attend their neighborhood public school, where they walk or bike to school, contributing further to Palo Alto’s strong “small town” flavor

Alto, Attend

48. Historically disadvantaged students graduating from charter public schools are more likely to Attend University of California and California State University colleges than their counterparts in traditional public schools

Are, Attend, And

49. 101-year-old Pearl Harbor survivor will Attend the 80th memorial service thanks to his daughter and dozens of kind strangers By Lauren M

Attend, And

50. Educators around the state will be able to Attend this acclaimed conference on site in Springfield or from home while still participating in the insightful sessions and workshops IETC is known for

Around, Able, Attend, Acclaimed, And

51. [transitive, intransitive] Attend something (formal) to go regularly to a place


52. How many people Attend church every Sunday? Your dentist will ask you to Attend for regular check-ups

Attend, Ask

53. Virgil Abloh Rihanna, Kim, Kanye Among Many Celebs To Attend Memorial Service

Abloh, Among, Attend

54. Free to Attend with any registration type! VIEW KNOWLEDGE HUBS

Attend, Any

55. Attend sessions in person; watch sessions remotely from one of many spacious locations on-site; or join the action virtually from your hotel, a nearby park or an outdoor café

Attend, Action, An

56. 这些动词或词组均含"参加,加入"之意。 Attend :侧重参加或出席会议或学术活动等。; join :普通用词,指加入党派、团体或游戏活动等。; participate :正式用词,特指参加团体活动,暗示以一个积极的角色参加。; take part in :侧重参加某项群众性、集体性的事业、工作





ATTEND [əˈtend]

attend (verb) · attends (third person present) · attended (past tense) · attended (past participle) · attending (present participle)

Synonyms: Visit . Go to . Frequent . Haunt . Patronize . Miss . See to . Address . Manage . Organize . Orchestrate . Sort out . Handle . Take care of . Take up . Undertake . Tackle .

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