How to Use Attentions in a sentence with examples

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1. Attentions synonyms, Attentions pronunciation, Attentions translation, English dictionary definition of Attentions


2. Synonyms for Attentions: amenities, civilities, courtesies, formalities, gestures, pleasantries

Attentions, Amenities

3. Attentions: an act or utterance that is a customary show of good manners

Attentions, An, Act

4. Attentions definition: acts of consideration , courtesy , or gallantry indicating affection or love Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Attentions, Acts, Affection, And

5. Definition of Attentions in the dictionary


6. What does Attentions mean? Information and translations of Attentions in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Attentions, And

7. One definition for Attentions gives "acts of courtesy, consideration, or gallantry, especially by a suitor." So now I remember that Attentions always seems to be used romantic contexts

Attentions, Acts, Always

8. So would it be appropriate to use Attentions in a sentence such as:

Appropriate, Attentions, As

9. They paid Attentions to all details and were very serious about being punctual to show up at my house

Attentions, All, And, About, At

10. A world-renowned life coach that uses the 7 Attentions method to unlock your human poten


11. Attention Or Attentions? a.The book holds the reader’s attention right to the very end

Attention, Attentions

12. B.She spent a lot of time trying to avoid the Attentions of her boss

Avoid, Attentions

13. Attentions provides some Attentions used in natural language processing using pytorch


14. These Attentions can used in neural machine translation, speech recognition, image captioning etc attention allows to attend to different parts of the source sentence at each step of the output generation

Attentions, Attention, Allows, Attend, At

15. ‘The lights and decorations have long since attracted the Attentions of locals but now it seems even tourists are taking memories of them home.’ ‘He turned his Attentions to spray painting as a technique and exhibited those works in Bangalore in 1990.’

And, Attracted, Attentions, Are, As

16. Attentions [plural]: acts of kindness, care, or courtesy: acts that show affection or admiration for someone

Attentions, Acts, Affection, Admiration

17. She has been receiving unwanted Attentions from a coworker


18. She was suffering my Attentions only insomuch as she could ensure that I would never come back.: In a near-riot, the crowd's frenzied Attentions grew so insistent that people had to be lifted out of the way to let Collins through.: How does a female tiger protect her young cubs amid the sometimes violent Attentions of three male suitors?: That's what happened in 1934, when the Dionne

Attentions, As, Amid

19. ‘The major police operation switched its Attentions to Hoyle when an officer discovered the defendant was known to be in the area at the time of attack.’ ‘Now Foster has switched his Attentions to Yorkshire where trading standards and the police have launched an investigation.’

Attentions, An, Area, At, Attack, And

20. The man then turned his Attentions to (= became romantically interested in) her sister


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Attentions, Available

22. Little and lovely, these are our favorite flowers for everyday Attentions

And, Are, Attentions

23. Work is the first attempt to combine multiple Attentions on all three dimensions to formulate a unified head for maxi-mizing their improvements

Attempt, Attentions, All

24. Dynamic Head: Unifying with Attentions Given the feature tensor F ∈ RL×S×C, the general for-mulation of applying self-attention is: W(F) = π(F)·F (1) where π(·) is an attention function.

Attentions, Applying, Attention, An

25. According to Thomas Moore, Lord Edward Fitzgerald was the only one of the numerous suitors of Sheridan's first wife whose Attentions were received with favour; and it is certain that, whatever may have been its limits, a warm mutual affection subsisted between the two.

According, Attentions, And, Affection

26. Hands on learning, low ratio, personal Attentions and care

Attentions, And

27. Attentions fÖrslag pÅ fÖrÄndringar Denna enkät bekräftar behovet av att förändra skolan så att vi får en fungerande skolgång med tillgängliga lärmiljöer för alla elever.

Attentions, Av, Att, Alla

28. Man City turn Attentions to Ronaldo after Kane stay (ESPN) Manchester City are considering a move for Cristiano Ronaldo following Harry Kane's decision to stay at Tottenham, reports ESPN

Attentions, After, Are, At

29. HAN uses two-level Attentions to learn the importance of neighbor nodes and meta-paths

Attentions, And

30. We've got 12 rhyming words for Attentions » What rhymes with Attentions? This page is about the various possible words that rhymes or sounds like Attentions.Use it for writing poetry, composing lyrics for your song or coming up with rap verses.

Attentions, About

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At, Attentions, Amp

32. Very nice place, can only reflect what others said.I love the layout and Attentions to details.Great place to take family or just to unwind Place is in need of maintenance so

And, Attentions

33. They were the nicest and most warmly welcoming hotel staff we have ever encountered, and our stay was replete with special Attentions and instantly-met requests.

And, Attentions

34. Why Attentions May Not Be Interpretable? Bing Bai1∗, Jian Liang2∗, Guanhua Zhang1, Hao Li1, Kun Bai1, Fei Wang3 1Tencent Inc., China 2Alibaba Group, China 3Department of Population Health Sciences, Weill Cornell Medicine, USA {icebai,guanhzhang,leehaoli,kunbai} [email protected],[email protected]

Attentions, Alibaba

35. A systematic review of malignancy-associated hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis that needs more Attentions Oncotarget

Associated, Attentions

36. Revitalizing CNN Attentions via Transformers in Self-Supervised Visual Representation Learning 11 Oct 2021 · Chongjian Ge , Youwei Liang, Yibing Song


37. Dynamic Head: Unifying Object Detection Heads with Attentions




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