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1. The meaning of Attest is to show, prove, or state that something is true or real


2. Attest synonyms, Attest pronunciation, Attest translation, English dictionary definition of Attest


3. To affirm to be correct, true, or genuine: The date of the painting was Attested by the appraiser

Affirm, Attested, Appraiser

4. Synonyms for Attest: authenticate, avouch, certify, testify (to), vouch (for), witness, depose, swear; Antonyms for Attest: disprove, rebut, refute

Attest, Authenticate, Avouch, Antonyms

5. Attest definition, to bear witness to; certify; declare to be correct, true, or genuine; declare the truth of, in words or writing, especially affirm in an official capacity: to Attest the truth of a statement

Attest, Affirm, An

6. Attest is the new standard for consumer research, giving you the confidence for every decision with the right insight, at the right time

Attest, At

7. As a former graduate student in sociology, I can Attest to the accuracy of your claim.: Even opponents from his days in the Indiana Senate Attest to his character and ability.: Numerous young professional players can Attest to his tireless encouragement and invaluable expertise.: The two swords crossed saltirewise represent both active and reserve forces and Attest to …

As, Attest, Accuracy, And, Ability, Active

8. 3M™ Attest™ Auto-reader 390G, for Ethylene Oxide, 1 Each/Case 3M™ Attest™ Super Rapid Readout Biological Indicator Test Pack 1496VF,for Steam Sterilization, 24 Set/Case 3M™ Attest™ Super Rapid Readout Biological Indicator 1491 for Steam Sterilization 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Readout Biological lndicator 1295 for Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization 3M™ …

Attest, Auto

9. “What does Attest mean on a contract” is a common question


10. Attest is a legally used term referring to someone swearing to or confirming the truth or validity of something


11. Find 48 ways to say Attest, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Attest, Along, Antonyms, And, At

12. An Attest service, or Attestation service, is an independent review of a company's financial statement conducted by a certified public accountant (CPA)

An, Attest, Attestation, Accountant

13. Attest 'Attest' is a 6 letter word starting with A and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Attest' Clue Answer; Affirm the truth of (6) Attest: Bear witness to (6) Declare under oath (6) Confirm (with "to") (6) Serve as evidence for (6) Make evident (6) Declare to be genuine (6)

Attest, And, Answer, Affirm, As

14. In legal terms, to "Attest" is to sign a legal document


15. Attestation is required when witnesses must be present at the signing of a legal document

Attestation, At

16. For example: the fact that you aced the SAT Attests to the strength of your vocabulary.

Aced, Attests

17. 2018 was a year of dramatic growth for Attest, with recurring revenues climbing 1,875%, and the Attest team more than doubling in size from 20 to over 50

Attest, And

18. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps enables you to Attest your app, so that you make sure that the compliance and security details we use to rate your app in our Cloud App Catalog are up to date

Apps, Attest, App, And, Are

19. Whether your app is already listed in the Cloud App Catalog, or it's new, submit a self-Attestation questionnaire

App, Already, Attestation

20. Attest definition: To Attest something or Attest to something means to say , show , or prove that it is true Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Attest, And

21. Attest and audit all applications supported by Okta with ease

Attest, And, Audit, All, Applications

22. As any police officer can Attest, driving while texting is not safe

As, Any, Attest

23. The doctor can Attest to your medical condition if a work excuse is needed


24. During the parole hearing, the warden will Attest to the inmate’s positive behavior


25. The prosecutor lost his case when the witness was unable to Attest to seeing the


26. Attest is a consumer research platform that provides confidence for every decision, with the right insight, at the right time

Attest, At

27. What does Attest mean? The definition of Attest is to affirm something to be true or to authenticate

Attest, Affirm, Authenticate

28. Attest, which was founded in 2015, counts the likes of Microsoft, Santander, Walgreens, Wise, and Klarna among its customers

Attest, And, Among

29. To show or prove that something is true SYN testify Attest to Luxurious furnishings Attested to the wealth of the owner

Attest, Attested

30. I Attest that this court transcript is complete and unaltered

Attest, And

31. Means "I promise (in a legally binding sense) that this court transcript " I can Attest to his honesty and good character

Attest, And

32. Means "I have a substantial history of witnessing his honesty and good character." See the two definitions of "Attest" Transitive verb (definition 1)

And, Attest

33. Attest is a fast-scaling, SaaS business based in London and New York, and backed by investors including NEA, one of Silicon Valley's most prolific venture capital firms with over 225 portfolio company IPOs since 1977

Attest, And

34. Attest is a consumer research platform that delivers consumer data that drive predictable and repeatable growth to businesses.

Attest, And

35. Attest to something Contemporary accounts Attest to his courage and determination

Attest, Accounts, And

36. Attest (that…) Documents Attest that there was a school attached to the abbey from 1125

Attest, Attached, Abbey

37. She is, as countless stories about her Attest, deeply religious

As, About, Attest

38. Attest something Both public documents and private testimonies Attest this fact.

Attest, And

39. Oct 27 NEA participates in major Attest Series B funding round


40. Market research platform venture Attest has raised $60 million in Series B funding


41. ‘the deceased's attorney Attested that he had been about to institute divorce proceedings’.

Attorney, Attested, About

42. Roger Stone, the legendary dirty-trickster and apostle in the Church of Richard Nixon — seriously, the dude has a Nixon tattoo on his spine, whichI can personally Attest is among the most painful places to be tattooed — is having some doubts about his role in electing George W

And, Apostle, Attest, Among, About

43. Attest to your reporting compliance and edit selections as need

Attest, And, As

44. Select Attestation on the Compliance page and then select View Printable Copy to view a PDF confirmation.

Attestation, And

45. Attest ( v.) authenticate, affirm to be true, genuine, or correct, as in an official capacity; I Attest this signature

Attest, Authenticate, Affirm, As, An

46. Attest ( v.) give testimony in a court of law; Synonyms: testify / take the stand / bear witness


47. Attest ( v.) establish or verify the usage of; This word is not Attested until 1993.

Attest, Attested

48. Shefa `Amr (Shafram), Sha`arah (Shaaraim) and especially Tubariya (Tiberias) became centres of this learning: and the remains of synagogues of the 2nd or 3rd century which still exist in Galilee Attest the strength of Judaism in that district during the years following the abortive attempt of Bar-Cochebas

Amr, Arah, And, Attest, Abortive, Attempt




ATTEST [əˈtest]

attest (verb) · attests (third person present) · attested (past tense) · attested (past participle) · attesting (present participle)

Synonyms: Indicate . Show . Reveal . Display . Exhibit . Manifest . Denote . Evince . Signify . Verify . Confirm . Prove . Substantiate . Endorse . Back up . Support . Bear out . Give credence to . Disprove . Declare . Maintain . Contend . Argue . State . Claim . Propound . Submit . Posit . Postulate . Adduce . Move . Advocate . Venture . Volunteer . Aver . Proclaim . Announce . Pronounce . Affirm . Protest . Profess . Swear . Insist . Avow . Opine . Asseverate . Certify . Corroborate . Confirm . Verify . Substantiate . Document . Authenticate . Evidence . Demonstrate . Evince . Display . Exhibit . Show . Manifest . Prove . Endorse . Back up . Support . Guarantee . Affirm . Aver . Swear to . Bear witness to . Bear out . Give credence to . Asseverate . Disprove .

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