How to Use Authorize in a sentence with examples

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1. supports payment processing by helping small businesses accept credit card and eCheck payments online, in person, via mobile devices, and more.

Authorize, Accept, And

2. The meaning of Authorize is to endorse, empower, justify, or permit by or as if by some recognized or proper authority (such as custom, evidence, personal right, …

Authorize, As, Authority

3. The Crossword Solver found 200 answers to the Authorize crossword clue

Answers, Authorize

4. Authorize the City Manager or designee to issue a purchase order to Tyler Technologies, Inc., in the amount of $523,662.35, and to execute implementing documents for the annual software support for the Tyler Munis financial management system and include the Tyler Cashiering system for one year effective August 26,2020 through August 25, 2021

Authorize, Amount, And, Annual, August

5. California law does not Authorize service of the Summons by slipping one copy of the Summons under your door or attaching it to the door

Authorize, Attaching

6. Authorize synonyms, Authorize pronunciation, Authorize translation, English dictionary definition of Authorize


7. Authorize definition, to give authority or official power to; empower: to Authorize an employee to sign purchase orders

Authorize, Authority, An

8. The AuthorizeAttribute can not be applied to Razor Page handlers

Authorizeattribute, Applied

9. For example, [Authorize] can't be applied to OnGet, OnPost, or any other page handler

Authorize, Applied, Any

10. Synonyms for Authorize: accredit, certify, charter, commission, empower, enable, invest, license; Antonyms for Authorize: disqualify, decline, deny, disallow

Authorize, Accredit, Antonyms

11. What does Authorize mean? To grant authority or power to

Authorize, Authority

12. For the verb meaning to grant authority or to give permission, Authorize is the standard spelling in American and Canadian English

Authority, Authorize, American, And

13. North Americans use Authorized, authorizing, Authorizes, and

Americans, Authorized, Authorizing, Authorizes, And

14. Find 45 ways to say Authorize, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Authorize, Along, Antonyms, And, At

15. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa (NYSE: V)


16. services are sold through a network of reseller partners including Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), Merchant Service Providers (MSPs) and financial institutions that offer payment services to …

Authorize, Are, And

17. [Authorize(Roles = "Administrator")] public class AdministrationController : Controller { } You can specify multiple roles as a comma separated list: [Authorize(Roles = "HRManager,Finance")] public class SalaryController : Controller { } This controller would be only accessible by users who are members of the HRManager role or the Finance role.

Authorize, Administrator, Administrationcontroller, As, Accessible, Are

18. The Authorize attribute takes into account all of ASP.NET Routing, whereas with web.config you would have to know all the possible routing configurations in the app and take them into account

Authorize, Attribute, Account, All, Asp, App, And

19. Authorize 'Authorize' is a 9 letter word starting with A and ending with E Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Authorize We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Authorize will help you to finish your crossword today

Authorize, And, Answers

20. Authorize definition: If someone in a position of authority Authorizes something, they give their official Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Authorize, Authority, Authorizes, And

21. In this chapter, we will discuss the Authorize Attribute

Authorize, Attribute

22. Authorize: 1 v grant authorization or clearance for “The rock star never Authorized this slanderous biography” Synonyms: authorise , clear , pass Types: show 17 types hide 17 types approbate approve or sanction officially certificate Authorize by certificate O.K

Authorize, Authorization, Authorized, Authorise, Approbate, Approve

23. , approve , okay , sanction give sanction to declare Authorize payments of

Approve, Authorize

24. Authorize [sb] to do [sth], also UK: authorise [sb] to do [sth] v expr

Authorize, Also, Authorise

25. The bill would Authorize $850 million a year in grants to states to carry out school-improvement plans


26. Authorize somebody to do something The Food and Drug Administration Authorized the company to restart production

Authorize, And, Administration, Authorized

27.Authorized (also authorised British English) adjective The company has a large network of Authorized dealers

Authorized, Also, Authorised, Adjective

28. What is the use of Authorize Attribute in C# Asp.Net webAPI? Authorization is the process of deciding whether the authenticated user is allowed to perform an action on a specific resource (Web API Resource) or not

Authorize, Attribute, Asp, Authorization, Authenticated, Allowed, An, Action, Api

29. The Food and Drug Administration is expected to Authorize Pfizer-BioNTech's Covid-19 booster shot for all adults within days, according to a person familiar with the …

And, Administration, Authorize, All, Adults, According

30. R ECOMMENDATION: Authorize the City Manager or his designee to execute the agreement with Union Pacific Railroad for the Public Highway At-Grade Crossing Agreement for the Nursery Avenue Safety Improvement Project (PWC 8828).

Authorize, Agreement, At, Avenue

31. Authorize department supervisor to manage the employee s attendance and the personal disciplines on the site

Authorize, Attendance, And

32. The Authorize.Net Mobile Point of Sale application allows you to accept and manage credit and debit card payments securely with your iOS devices (iOS 9 and higher.) A great retail POS for in-home services, medical offices, retail stores, tradeshows, farmers markets – anywhere you need to accept credit card payments

Authorize, Application, Allows, Accept, And, Anywhere

33. 50 synonyms for Authorize: empower, commission, enable, entitle, mandate, accredit, give authority

Authorize, Accredit, Authority

34. IATSE members Authorize a strike for better pay and working conditions Behind-the-scenes crew members say they're working long days without breaks for dismal pay

Authorize, And

35. Authorize something I can Authorize payments up to £5 000


36. Authorize somebody to do something I have Authorized him to act for me while I am away

Authorize, Authorized, Act, Am, Away

37. Authorize.Net can be used in the USA, UK, and Australia.

Authorize, And, Australia

38. To configure Apple Pay for your account, click here

Apple, Authorize, Account

39. To connect your Authorize.Net account at Shopgate, you will need the following credentials and configuration details.

Authorize, Account, At, And

40. Authorize (v.) late 14c., auctorisen, autorisen, "give formal approval or sanction to," also "confirm as authentic or true; regard (a book) as correct or trustworthy," from Old French autoriser, auctoriser "Authorize, give authority to" (12c.) and directly from Medieval Latin auctorizare, from auctor (see author (n.))

Authorize, Auctorisen, Autorisen, Approval, Also, As, Authentic, Autoriser, Auctoriser, Authority, And, Auctorizare, Auctor, Author

41. ( also British authorise) [with object] Give official permission for or approval to (an undertaking or agent) ‘the government Authorized further aircraft production’

Also, Authorise, Approval, An, Agent, Authorized, Aircraft

42. ‘The broker then Authorizes his agents in the United States to …

Authorizes, Agents

43. is a payment gateway solution from Visa


44. Allowing businesses to accept payments on their own terms, lays the groundwork for a …

Allowing, Accept, Authorize

45. An Authorize payment form is a type of payment form that is used by online stores to Authorize payments from the customers from the given credit card

An, Authorize

46. This form is used by the business owners to Authorize payments from the customers of the company and very useful for companies that have a big number of customers and they can be short of time to

Authorize, And

47. Authorize - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Authorize, And

48. Regulators Monday to Authorize its pill for treating COVID-19 in what would add an entirely new and easy-to-use weapon to the world's arsenal against the pandemic

Authorize, Add, An, And, Arsenal, Against

49. With Chase and working together, you can seamlessly take payments on your website or by phone, and get paid faster.

And, Authorize

50. ‘However, they cannot Authorize projects without the approval of the appropriate ethics committee.’ ‘The person in possession, however, may authorise others to give permission to enter.’ ‘If they obstructed the inspections, then the UN might sanction forcing the issue by authorizing an attack.’

Authorize, Approval, Appropriate, Authorise, Authorizing, An, Attack

51. The Authorize Attribute on the AccountController in this ASP.NET MVC 4 Application denies anonymous access to every controller action

Authorize, Attribute, Accountcontroller, Asp, Application, Anonymous, Access, Action

52. However, we need to allow anonymous access to the login and register controller actions so we decorate them with the AllowAnonymous Attribute which negates the Authorize Attribute and allows anonymous access.

Allow, Anonymous, Access, And, Actions, Allowanonymous, Attribute, Authorize, Allows

53. CyberSource Corporation (Nasdaq: CYBS), a provider of electronic payment and risk management solutions, and Authorize.Net Holdings Inc (Nasdaq: ANET), a provider of IP based payment solutions, announced on Monday (18 June) that the companies have entered into a definitive agreement for CyberSource to acquire

And, Authorize, Anet, Announced, Agreement, Acquire

54. Authorize is our implementation of the OAuth 2.0 framework






authorize (verb) · authorizes (third person present) · authorized (past tense) · authorized (past participle) · authorizing (present participle) · authorise (verb) · authorises (third person present) · authorised (past tense) · authorised (past participle) · authorising (present participle)

Synonyms: Approved . Recognized . Sanctioned . Commissioned . Accredited . Licensed . Certified . Warranted . Official . Lawful . Legal . Legitimate . Licit . Permit . Sanction . Allow . Approve . Countenance . License . Legalize . Legitimize . Legitimatize . Ratify . Endorse . Validate . Accredit . Warrant . Approbate . Mandate . Commission . Empower . Entitle . Unofficial . Forbid . Veto .

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