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1. The meaning of Blue is of the color whose hue is that of the clear sky : of the color Blue


2. Blue synonyms, Blue pronunciation, Blue translation, English dictionary definition of Blue


3. A primary color: Blue sky Not to be confused with: blew – past tense of …

Blue, Be, Blew

4. Blue's condenser microphones are some of the most highly-coveted out there because of the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into building each one

Blue, Because, Building

5. –Gizmodo “Whether you’re a professional looking to lay down a few tracks or a podcast hobbyist looking for a good microphone, Blue Microphones are the way to go.”


6. Blue avenges Delta's death by joining in the battle with Jurassic World's Tyrannosaurus, and forcing the I

Blue, By, Battle

7. Because Blue is the oldest, while Charlie was the youngest in the pack, the latter looked to Blue for guidance and commands during hunts.

Because, Blue

8. Are you interested in Eiffel 65 news? Subscribe to the channel:★ Buy "Blue(Da Ba Dee)" OnItunes: htt

Bit, Buy, Blue, Ba

9. Blue is a Federal Credit Union on a do-good mission, that serves over 100,000 members worldwide


10. At Blue, we inspire the spirit of our employees, members, and communities as …


11. Company (Blue Shield) policy review can result in a Split Evaluation, where a treatment, procedure or drug will be considered to be investigational for certain indications or conditions, but will be deemed safe and effective for other indications or conditions, and therefore

Blue, Be, But

12. Find Blue Shield Therapists, Psychologists and Blue Shield Counseling in Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, California, get help for Blue Shield in Thousand Oaks, get help with Blue Shield of


13. Blue definition, the pure color of a clear sky; the primary color between green and violet in the visible spectrum, an effect of light with a wavelength between 450 and 500 nanometers

Blue, Between

14. The Crossword Solver found 118 answers to the Blue crossword clue


15. Blue is known as the best Seafood and Steakhouse in Bethlehem PA

Blue, Best, Bethlehem

16. Get the fastest and smoothest gaming performance with BlueStacks - the world's most popular, safest and FREE Mobile Gaming Platform for Windows and Mac.


17. Blue: The color of the Throat chakra, also known as Visuddha.This chakra is located in the throat


18. Against a plain, unchanging Blue screen, a densely interwoven soundtrack of voices, sound effects and music attempt to convey a portrait of Derek Jarman's experiences with AIDS, both literally and allegorically, together with an exploration of the meanings associated with the colour Blue.

Blue, Both

19. Best know for their international hit "Blue (Da B

Best, Blue

20. Blue is one of the colors of the rainbow that people can see


21. Earth looks Blue when seen from outer space by astronauts.

Blue, By

22. Blue is the titular protagonist of Blue's Clues, Blue's Clues & You!, and Blue's Room


23. The title character of Blue's Clues, Blue, is a female puppy who communicates to her owners (Steve, Joe, and Josh) through barking on the syllables and stresses of the sentences she means, which they can partially understand based on her expression and tone

Blue, Barking, Based

24. According to color psychology : Blue is described as a favorite color by many people and is the color most preferred by men

Blue, By

25. Because Blue is favored by so many people, it is often viewed as a non-threatening color that can seem conservative and traditional

Because, Blue, By

26. Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity.


27. Florida Blue offers affordable health insurance plans to individuals, families, and businesses

Blue, Businesses

28. Now with Blue VO!CE software, you can craft the perfect broadcast vocal sound and entertain your stream audience with enhanced effects, advanced voice modulation and HD audio samples

Blue, Broadcast

29. MyBlue offers online tools, resources and services for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Members, contracted brokers/consultants, healthcare professionals, and group benefit administrators

Blue, Brokers, Benefit

30. Like this video? Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! Blue 1


31. I'm sorry, I'm just feeling a bit Blue after getting back my exam results

Bit, Blue, Back

32. Most people love the holidays, but they always make me Blue

But, Blue

33. Light Blue represents health, healing, tranquility, understanding and softness.


34. Dark Blue is associated with knowledge, power, integrity and professionalism.


35. Blue Velvet is a 1986 American mystery thriller flm, written and directed by David Lynch

Blue, By

36. Discover beautiful Blue color palettes on Color Hunt

Beautiful, Blue

37. Blue Color Palettes Find a great color palette from Color Hunt's curated collections


38. Blue: With Julia Stiles, Uriah Shelton, Brooklyn Lowe, Kathleen Quinlan

Blue, Brooklyn

39. Blue has more complex and contradictory meanings than any other color


40. These can be easily explained by pinpointing by the specific shade of Blue

Be, By, Blue

41. Bright Blue: cleanliness, strength, dependability, coolness

Bright, Blue

42. Blue (adj.2) "lewd, indecent" recorded from 1840 (in form Blueness, in an essay of Carlyle's); the sense connection with the color name (see Blue (adj.1)) is unclear, and is opposite to that in Blue laws (q.v.)

Blue, Blueness

43. John Mactaggart's "Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedia" (1824), containing odd words he had learned while growing up in Galloway and elsewhere in Scotland, has an entry for Thread o'Blue


44. Blue is a male SilkWing dragonet and the main protagonist of The Lost Continent


45. Blue has gemlike azure and bright morpho butterfly Blue scales, purple scales on his back, quiet lavender scales on his arms, azure talons, and a purple snout

Blue, Bright, Butterfly, Back

46. Blue & Co., LLC is an independent accounting and advisory firm with more than 400 people in 10 offices across Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.


47. Blue Nile is the world's leading diamond jeweler online for engagement and wedding rings


48. The Blue hour refers to the phase of twilight when the Sun is so far below the horizon that the light's Blue wavelengths dominate

Blue, Below

49. Because the Blue hour is a colloquial term, it doesn't have an official definition similar to dawn, dusk, and the 3 phases of twilight

Because, Blue

50. In a RGB color space, hex #0000ff (also known as Blue) is composed of 0% red, 0% green and 100% Blue


51. In California, Anthem Blue Cross is the trade name of Blue Cross of California


52. What plans will Anthem be providing in place of the current Sutter and Blue Shield plans? The City of San José employees and retirees will have access to the following Anthem health benefit plan options: 2 Anthem Blue Cross HMO plans

Be, Blue, Benefit

53. Blue Origin, Sierra Space, Boeing, Redwire Space, Genesis Engineering Solutions, and Arizona State University form the powerful industry and academic team to deliver Orbital Reef in this decade

Blue, Boeing

54. Meet Orbital Reef The Blue Origin National Team crewed lander arrives on the surface of …


55. Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi does not control such third party websites and is not responsible for the content, advice, products or services offered therein


56. Links to third party websites are provided for informational purposes only and by providing these links to third party websites, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi does not

By, Blue

57. Blue KC's vendor LogicGate has had a cyber security incident that impacted some Blue KC members


58. Affected Blue KC members have been notified by mail and can obtain additional information online or by calling 833-664-2014.

Blue, Been, By




BLUE [blo͞o]

blue (adjective) · bluer (comparative adjective) · bluest (superlative adjective)

Synonyms: Sky blue . Azure . Cobalt (blue) . Sapphire . Cerulean . Navy (blue) . Ultramarine . Lapis lazuli . Indigo . Aquamarine . Turquoise . Teal (blue) . Cyan .

blue (noun) · blues (plural noun) · Blue (noun) · the blue (noun)

Synonyms: .

blue (verb) · blues (third person present) · blued (past tense) · blued (past participle) · blueing (present participle) · bluing (present participle)

Synonyms: .


Synonyms: .

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