How to Use Both in a sentence with examples

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1. Both: [pronoun, plural in construction] the one as well as the other.


2. Both synonyms, Both pronunciation, Both translation, English dictionary definition of Both


3. The two; not only one: Both shows were canceled Not to be confused with: each – every one of two or more persons or things: take two books each; every one

Both, Be, Books

4. Both definition, one and the other; two together: He met Both sisters


5. Both: 1 adj (used with count nouns) two considered together; the two “ Both girls are pretty” Synonyms: some quantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns to indicate an unspecified number or quantity


6. Both footwear’s 2021 SS collection, “Pink Violence,” draws inspiration from the rich archives of Japanese art, style, and street culture


7. In this latest offering, Both enhances its contemporary design philosophy by paying tribute to the

Both, By

8. Gucci Mane - Both feat. Drake from The Return of East Atlanta SantaDownload/stream 'The Return Of East Atlanta Santa': Atla


9. No matter which version, Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Both have the same price, $59.99 USD

Brilliant, Both

10. There's also a Double Pack that includes Both copies for $119.99 USD


11. What does Both mean? The definition of Both is one and the other one


12. (adjective) An example of Both used as an adjective is in the sentence,


13. Find 5 ways to say Both, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


14. Synonyms for Both include the pair, the duo, the two, the couple, the twins, the twosome, one and the other, twain, either and each


15. If "Both" is the subject of the verb, the verb must be plural

Both, Be

16. (Unless, as the previous poster noted, you are talking about the word itself: "If 'Both' is the subject of the verb…") I


17. • When we use Both and Both of before a noun with determiner, there is no difference between them

Both, Before, Between

18. Another way to say Both? Synonyms for Both (other words and phrases for Both)


19. 134 other terms for Both- words and phrases with similar meaning


20. When Both is a pronoun or an adjective you can usually translate it using los/las dos: We're Both climbers, Both of us are climbers Los dos somos alpinistas


21. Both (of the) sisters were blind Las dos hermanas eran ciegas.

Both, Blind

22. Both men felt the old man had probably killed him, but Westlake's brief disclosure was insufficient to pursue the matter and as Both men were dead, there was little incentive to do so

Both, But, Brief

23. Both or Both of can be used without a difference in meaning though Both of is more common in the United States

Both, Be

24. You can use Both or Both of before a determiner (my, his, these, the etc.) and a plural noun

Both, Before

25. On “Both,” Gucci and Drake collaborate for the second time in 2016


26. Both/And is a moving portrait of a woman who—no matter how overwhelming the challenge or uniquely high the stakes—rises to each occasion with compassion, wisdom, and astounding bravery

Both, Bravery

27. See: (Both) feet on the ground; a foot in Both camps; a plague on Both your/their houses; bat for Both sides; bat for Both teams; be speaking out of Both sides of (one's) mouth; b

Both, Bat, Be

28. Both definition: You use Both when you are referring to two people or things and saying that something is Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


29. Both / Both of / neither / neither of / either / either


30. You can use these words with a noun (Both books, neither book etc.)

Both, Books, Book

31. As a determiner (followed by a noun, but not by a pronoun): Both children are at school

By, But, Both

32. As a predeterminer (followed by a word such as ‘the’, ‘this’, ‘his’ etc): I like Both these pictures.Both her children are boys

By, Both, Boys

33. Both (adj., pron.) "the two, the one and the other," there are several theories, all similar, and deriving the word from the tendency to say "Both the." One is that it is Old English begen (masc.) "Both" (from Proto-Germanic *bai, from PIE *bho "Both") + -þ extended base

Both, Begen, Bai, Bho, Base

34. " " Both teams were disqualified for fighting


35. " " I like Both ideas, but I have to choose one

Both, But

36. " " Both parents are coming to the piano recital


37. Both boys and girls spend the bulk of their free time with friends

Both, Boys, Bulk

38. Both1 /bəʊθ $ boʊθ/ S1 W1 determiner, predeterminer, pronoun 1


39. Used to talk about two people, things etc together, and emphasize that each is included → either Both Helen’s parents are doctors


40. Both houses Both of the houses Both (of) my brothers are tall

Both, Brothers

41. Both of us, Both of you, either of them, neither of them, etc


42. Both of those houses, neither of my brothers, Both of John's sisters, either of the cinemas

Both, Brothers

43. Both Illinois' and Penn State's eventual starting quarterbacks will face formidable defenses


44. A single transcription factor promotes Both yield and immunity in rice Science


45. (Kitco News) - Once again Both gold and silver are heading into the European session higher


46. Test yourself with our free English language exercise about 'Both, Either & Neither'


47. “Becoming part of Okta was a transformational milestone for Both companies, as well as the identity industry as a whole,” said Eugenio Pace, CEO and co-founder, Auth0.

Becoming, Both

48. Both White and Obear agreed that allowing the defense to call an expert on the use of force is a "huge win" for Rittenhouse


49. Printing on Both sides of paper is called duplex printing


50. Most printers offer the option of automatically printing on Both sides of a sheet of paper (automatic duplex printing)


51. Because Both sides have accepted it, it has become the right judgement," the former finance minister said

Because, Both, Become

52. But you can't do, you can't do Both You can't do, you can't do Both So why do you text me saying you miss me? Staying in my place, it's kinda confusing You're blurring the lines, you're playing two sides Just make up your mind Submit Corrections

But, Both, Blurring

53. You have instructed your reader to take a different parse in which there is a simple subject Both (meaning "Both parties") followed by a compound appositive "A and B" renaming the two parties

Both, By

54. I expect this would jar readers who expect Both and the proximate and to form a conjunction.


55. Having a structure that makes Both the council and mayor actually accountable for what happens is the best path we have for achieving the safety, justice and elimination of systemic racism that

Both, Best






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both (adverb)

Synonyms: .

Frequently Asked Questions

Does both mean the same?

Learners of English quite often confuse the words "both" and "either", probably because these tend to be translated using a single word into their mother tongue. The meaning of "both" is usually quite clear. It means "the one as well as the other"; for example, when you speak about two restaurants, you can say: Both restaurants are good.

Is both or are both?

Both is used to talk about two people or things. Both cats and dogs are pet animals. Before a noun with a determiner (the, my, this etc.), both and both of are both possible. Both of my parents are teachers. OR Both my parents are teachers. You can take both of the shirts. OR You can take both the shirts.

Does either mean both?

In general, it turns out that sometimes either is distributive, essentially meaning both or all, and sometimes it is exclusionary and so applies to just one out of the set. Your question is whether it would be understood to mean just one or if it would mean two in the sentence: Either of these options will do.

Does or mean both?

Both means the one and the other one. An example of both used as a pronoun is in the sentence, "The children played outside; both had an excellent time," which means that the children had an excellent time.

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