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1. The meaning of Case is a set of circumstances or conditions

Case, Circumstances, Conditions

2. Case has released the Case Global Reporting Standards, which offers global guidance, has a digital subscription and six country-specific supplements for the first time since initial publication in 1982

Case, Country

3. I think Case gives members opportunities to learn and meet


4. Case sells and supports a full line of construction equipment around the world, including backhoe loaders, excavators, wheel loaders, dozers, skid steer loaders, compaction equipment, forklifts, motor graders and tractor loaders

Case, Construction, Compaction

5. Through Case Construction Equipment dealers, customers have access to a true professional partner with world-class equipment and aftermarket support, industry-leading

Case, Construction, Customers, Class

6. With over 175 years in the field, Case IH is a global leader in agriculture and farm equipment


7. By teaming with customers, Case IH offers equipment for producers designed by producers.

Customers, Case

8. Case: With Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttir, Magnús Jónsson, Birna Rún Eiríksdóttir, Elma Stefania Agustsdottir


9. Case Western Reserve University: the top-ranked private research university in Ohio and one of the best in the U.S


10. Displaying 1 thru 1 of 1 records returned for Case 2146-CR01347 : Version 5.14.24 Return to Top of Page: Released 09/07/2021


11. Buy Case XX Knives online including limited editions at Case Knife Outlet - Pocketknives, hunting knives, collector and Commemorative knives, Kitchen Cutlery, gift sets and accessories.

Case, Collector, Commemorative, Cutlery

12. The following information relates to the primary Case only


13. Case synonyms, Case pronunciation, Case translation, English dictionary definition of Case


14. An instance or occurrence of a particular kind or category: a Case of mistaken identity

Category, Case

15. offers the best selection of premium Cases and covers

Cases, Com, Covers

16. Find your perfect Case from our catalog of functional, protective, yet classy products.

Case, Catalog, Classy

17.Caseを制す企業が2020年代以降の自動車業界を制す」と言っても過言ではないほど、重要度が増してきたCase。この記事ではCaseという用語について解説しながら、業界の動向を探ってみ …


18. Synonyms for Case: armor, capsule, casing, cocoon, cover, covering, enCasement, housing; Antonyms for Case: fantasy, fiction, illusion, answer, solution

Case, Capsule, Casing, Cocoon, Cover, Covering


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Class, Clearfix, Cash, Cases, Covers, Community

20. All of our iPhone Cases provide optimal protection to your iPhone 24/7, cause we know how precious this baby is to you

Cases, Cause

21. Case(predicate_1, then_1, predicate_2, then_2, predicate_3, then_3, else) Arguments


22. BENTOBEN Case for iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 7 Plus, 3 Layer Hybrid Hard PC Soft Rubber Heavy Duty Rugged Bumper Shockproof Anti Slip Full-Body Protective Phone Cover for iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus, Wine Red

Case, Cover

23. The Case statement goes through conditions and returns a value when the first condition is met (like an if-then-else statement)

Case, Conditions, Condition

24. Case definition, an instance of the occurrence, existence, etc., of something: Sailing in such a storm was a Case of poor judgment


25. See 23 authoritative translations of Case in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

Case, Conjugations

26. Dr Dolor Entertainment presents the official video for "Case" by star artist TENI.Audio produced by Jaysynths and video directed by DK.Download: https://itun


27. Find iPhone Cases and screen protectors to defend your phone against water, dust, and shock


28. Your Case IH dealer has what it takes to protect your equipment investment


29. Only genuine Case IH parts are made for your machine and designed for peak performance


30. Find 87 ways to say Case, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Case, Com

31. Case: Animatronics is a truly scary and challenging first-person stealth horror

Case, Challenging

32. Case Logic Compact System/Hybrid/Camcorder Kit Bag Case Logic SLR Camera Sling Case Logic SLR Camera Backpack OTHER CaseS

Case, Compact, Camcorder, Camera, Cases

33. View all Case Logic 32 Capacity CD Wallet Case Logic 72 Capacity CD Wallet Case Logic 100 Capacity CD Wallet Case Logic 224 Capacity CD Wallet

Case, Capacity, Cd

34. If that is the Case please open the document on your computer to verify it is formatted correctly

Case, Computer, Correctly

35. If that is not the Case or you believe that you have been directed to this page in error, contact the Office of State Courts Administrator Help Desk at 888.541.4894.

Case, Contact, Courts

36. Case built their first steam engine in 1869 which was moved around by horses


37. Case & Sons Cutlery has established a legacy as an American knife maker of high quality, extremely collectible handmade knives

Case, Cutlery, Collectible

38. Their one-of-a-kind tang stamp dating system hasn’t changed since the 1800s, making Case knives some of the most collectible on the market.

Changed, Case, Collectible

39. Interested in studying at Case Western Reserve University? With top-ranked programs in arts and sciences, dentistry, engineering, law, management, medicine, nursing and social work, you'll find your place here


40. The Case certified training program is developed concurrently to prepare software professionals with the necessary capabilities that are expected by employers and academia globally.It is designed to be a hands-on, comprehensive application security course that …

Case, Certified, Concurrently, Capabilities, Comprehensive, Course

41. The MultiWayIf extension lets you write code similar to a Case of _ form, using only the word if.To enable it, add {-# LANGUAGE MultiWayIf #-} to the top of a .hs file, run ghci with ghci -XMultiWayIf, or add MultiWayIf to the default-extensions in your .cabal file.

Code, Case, Cabal

42. Case's 1st release from his album "Conversation"

Case, Conversation

43. The Case statement can be used in SQL Server (Transact-SQL)

Case, Can

44. You could use the Case statement in a SQL statement as follows: (includes the expression clause) Or you could write the SQL statement using the Case statement like this: (omits the expression clause) One thing to note is that the ELSE condition within the Case statement is optional.

Could, Case, Clause, Condition

45. A use Case is a methodology used in system analysis to identify, clarify and organize system requirements

Case, Clarify

46. The use Case is made up of a set of possible sequences of interactions between systems and users in a particular environment and related to a particular goal.


47. Despite the VCA, Case continues to receive consumer complaints against Organic Salon

Case, Continues, Consumer, Complaints

48. In view of the non-compliance of the VCA, Case has referred Organic Salon to the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (“CCCS”) for investigation

Compliance, Case, Competition, Consumer, Commission, Cccs

49. Case (เคส) silverstone fara r1 pro argb (white) (sst-far1w-pro) • Dimension : 207 x 446 x 390 mm • Maximum CPU Cooler Height : 165 mm • 3.5" Bay x 1 • 2.5" Bay x 4 ส่งฟรี

Case, Cpu, Cooler

50. Looking for the definition of Case? Find out what is the full meaning of Case on! 'Computer-Aided Software Engineering' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

Case, Com, Computer

51. The Microsoft Excel Case statement has the functionality of an IF-THEN-ELSE statement


52. The Case statement is a built-in function in Excel that is categorized as a Logical Function.It can be used as a VBA function (VBA) in Excel.

Case, Categorized, Can

53. NOTE: A surveillance Case definition is a set of uniform criteria used to define a disease for public health surveillance

Case, Criteria

54. Surveillance Case definitions enable public health officials to classify and count Cases consistently across reporting jurisdictions

Case, Classify, Count, Cases, Consistently

55. Surveillance Case definitions are not intended to be used by healthcare providers for making a clinical diagnosis or determining how to

Case, Clinical

56. The Pixel 6 Case highlights the phone’s design while keeping it protected – all at a great price





CASE [kās]

case (noun) · cases (plural noun)

Synonyms: Instance . Occurrence . Occasion . Manifestation . Demonstration . Exhibition . Exposition . Expression . Example . Illustration . Specimen . Sample . Exemplification . Type . Prototype . Plight . Predicament . Event . Contingency . Circumstances . Conditions . Facts .

case (noun) · cases (plural noun)

Synonyms: Container . Box . Canister . Cassette . Cartridge . Receptacle . Holder . Vessel . Repository . Etui . Cabinet . Cupboard . Chiffonier . Bureau . Sideboard . Casing . Covering . Sheath . Sheathing . Wrapper . Wrapping . Cover . Envelope . Sleeve . Housing . Jacket . Capsule . Folder . Integument . Suitcase . Bag . Valise . Grip . Portmanteau . Briefcase . Attaché case . Gladstone bag . Trunk . Chest . Luggage . Baggage . Holdall . Crate . Box . Pack . Bin . Coffer . Casket . Chest . Basket . Hamper . Uppercase . Lowercase .

case (verb) · cases (third person present) · cased (past tense) · cased (past participle) · casing (present participle)

Synonyms: Cover . Surround . Coat . Encase . Sheathe . Wrap . Envelop . Cover . Surround . Coat . Encase . Sheathe . Wrap . Envelop . Reconnoiter . Inspect . Investigate . Examine . Scrutinize . Survey . Scout . Explore .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 'case' mean?

b (1) : a situation requiring investigation or action (as by the police) Her disappearance is a case for the police. (2) : the object of investigation or consideration The child's case was turned over to state authorities.

What is the meaning of case?

Definition of 'case'. case in instances and other abstract meanings. A particular case is a particular situation or incident, especially one that you are using as an individual example or instance of something. Surgical training takes at least nine years, or 11 in the case of obstetrics.

What is the definition of case?

A case is a particular instance of something. In a business context, a case is a collection of information about a particular instance of something, such as a person, company, incident or problem.

What does cases mean?

n. 1. An instance or occurrence of a particular kind or category: a case of mistaken identity. 2. An occurrence of a disease or disorder: a mild case of flu. 3. A set of circumstances or a state of affairs; a situation: It may rain, in which case the hike will be canceled.

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