How to Use Certain in a sentence with examples

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1. Synonyms for Certain: anonymous, given, one, some, unidentified, unnamed, unspecified, assured; Antonyms for Certain: doubtful, dubious, unCertain, unsure, avoidable


2. Sure to come or happen; inevitable: Certain success

Come, Certain

3. Established beyond doubt or question; indisputable: What is Certain is that every effect must have a cause

Certain, Cause

4. Capable of being relied on; dependable: a quick and Certain remedy

Capable, Certain

5. Certain definition, free from doubt or reservation; confident; sure: I am Certain he will come

Certain, Confident, Come

6.Certain was a true partner at every step of development and execution, and empowered even smaller YWCAs with limited staffing to take on a technically complex project.” Paige Robar, Sr

Certain, Complex

7. Find 143 ways to say Certain, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Certain, Com

8. The Crossword Solver found 200 answers to the Certain crossword clue

Crossword, Certain, Clue

9. « Il est Certain que Certains d'entre vous ont fait une erreur

Certain, Certains

10. » J'étais en proie au doute sur l'accord en nombre de « Certain » lors de la rédaction d'une lettre


11. À cela s'ajoute la difficulté du double sens de « Certain » selon qu'on utilise ce mot en tant qu'adjectif ou pronom indéfini.

Cela, Certain, Ce

12. CertainTeed's Wall-to-Wall Solutions helps you design high-performance interior wall systems and help your customers see the difference our products make

Certainteed, Customers

13. Certain 'Certain' is a 7 letter word starting with C and ending with N Crossword clues for 'Certain' Clue Answer; Certain (4) SOME: Quite a (4) Four or five, say (4) An unspecified amount (4) An unspecified amount of (4) More than a few (4) Vague amount (4) Unspecified amount (4) Not all (4)

Certain, Crossword, Clues, Clue

14. When you raise your hand to give the answer, you feel Certain that you are correct.

Certain, Correct

15. Certain - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


16. 1300, "determined, fixed," from Old French Certain "reliable, sure, assured" (12c.), from Vulgar Latin *certanus, extended form of Latin certus "determined, resolved, fixed, settled," of things whose qualities are invariable, "established," also "placed beyond doubt, sure, true, proved; unerring, to be depended upon" (also source of Old French cert, Italian certo, Spanish

Certain, Certanus, Certus, Cert, Certo

17. Certain enables you to hit all of your pipeline creation, influence and engagement goals while providing an incredible experience for your prospects and customers

Certain, Creation, Customers

18. Peter is CEO of Certain and has led the Company’s drive to deliver measurable …

Ceo, Certain, Company

19. See: (as) Certain as death and taxes a (Certain type of person or thing) among (others) be Certain be Certain of (something) be Certain that (something will happen or is the case) Certain party Certain sure clock (someone or something) at (a Certain speed) come in come in a Certain position come out (a Certain way) on (something) dead Certain death and

Certain, Case, Clock, Come

20. A subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, the world's largest building products company, CertainTeed® is North America's leading brand of exterior and interior building products, including roofing, siding, fence, decking, railing, trim, insulation, gypsum, and ceilings

Company, Certainteed, Ceilings

21. Headquartered in Malvern, PA, CertainTeed and its affiliates proudly have a staff of


22. Certain definition: If you are Certain about something, you firmly believe it is true and have no doubt about Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


23. Certainty to, a Certain intent in general, is a greater degree of Certainty than the last, and means what upon a fair and reasonable construction may be called Certain, without recurring to possible facts which do not appear; 9 Johns.

Certainty, Certain, Construction, Called

24. 79 synonyms for Certain: sure, convinced, positive, confident, satisfied, assured, free from doubt

Certain, Convinced, Confident

25. " (looks, seems, sounds) " I became more Certain about my decision as time passed


26. " (became, grew) " This information has made me Certain of what to do


27. " (made me) Used with adverbs: " Success is very Certain


28. " (very, absolutely, quite, almost, fairly, pretty, reasonably) " This is by no means Certain


29. What does Certain mean? Sure (to happen, etc.); inevitable


30. Certain is empowering the learning healthcare system headquartered in Washington State


31. Focused on evaluating the effectiveness and value of healthcare and keeping the patient's voice central, Certain is a revolutionary approach to improving quality through actionable research.

Central, Certain

32. From Longman Business Dictionary Certain cer‧tain / ˈsɜːtnˈsɜːrtn / adjective a sum Certain LAW an amount of money that cannot be changed or have anything added to it a written order requiring the importer to pay a sum Certain in the exporter’s domestic currency Origin Certain 1 (1200-1300) Old French Vulgar Latin certanus, from Latin

Certain, Cer, Cannot, Changed, Currency, Certanus

33. Event Automation Platform Certain® provides the leading enterprise event automation solution that helps both data-driven marketers and event professionals


34. FS-2021-12, September 2021 — To help reduce burden for the tax community, the IRS allows taxpayers to use electronic or digital signatures on Certain paper forms they cannot file electronically

Community, Certain, Cannot

35. ‘Mr Brown was Certain to win the seat, the only question was the size of the majority.’ ‘It acts as a Certain guarantee for the freedoms a writer needs, such as the air to breathe.’ ‘There's no more sure and Certain indication that you're not in control than this.’

Certain, Control

36. Pod: pod2 Server: Version:

Certainaws, Com

37. Certain licensed biological products in determining which reporting category is appropriate for a change in chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) information to an approved biologics

Certain, Category, Change, Chemistry, Controls, Cmc

38. Another word for Certain: sure, convinced, positive, confident, satisfied Collins English Thesaurus

Certain, Convinced, Confident, Collins

39. An annuity Certain is an investment that provides a series of regular payments for a set period of time to the investor or the investor's beneficiary.


40. It’ll definitely be an exhibition fight with Certain rules so Logan doesn’t die.


41. For Certain personal reasons I shall not be able to attend


42. You can choose to only watch Certain kinds of movies

Can, Choose, Certain

43. They refused to release their hostages unless Certain conditions were met

Certain, Conditions

44. The president can under Certain circumstances dissolve parliament.

Can, Certain, Circumstances

45. Certain knowledge n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc


46. (Certainty) βεβαιότητα ουσ θηλ ουσιαστικό θηλυκό: Αναφέρεται σε πρόσωπο, ζώο ή πράγμα θηλυκού γένους


47. The Certain knowledge that their children were safe was a relief to the parents.

Certain, Children

48. Food and Drug Administration along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are advising consumers to avoid purchasing Certain onions due to …

Centers, Control, Consumers, Certain

49. In an interview with BIRN, Gokce Gokcen, 30, Vice President of Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party, CHP, said that she is Certain that the opposition led by the CHP will soon

Chp, Certain


Certain, Court

51. I’m not absolutely Certain, but I think I’m right


52. Certain (that): You can be pretty Certain she’s not going to like it

Certain, Can

53. Certain who: We still can’t be Certain who is going to win.

Certain, Can

54. Finally, the IPsec policy can be updated to give Certain IP addresses or network subnets access to the blocked RPC ports and to exclude all others

Can, Certain

55. Certain of the new CARES programs (e.g., PRF and select sub-programs of ESF) allow for the reimbursement of lost revenue

Certain, Cares

56. Search Certain people and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso


57. You can complete the definition of Certain people given by the English Definition dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, Merriam Webster

Can, Complete, Certain, Cambridge, Chambers, Collins




CERTAIN [ˈsərtn]

certain (adjective)

Synonyms: Unquestionable . Sure . Definite . Beyond doubt . Unequivocal . Indubitable . Undeniable . Irrefutable . Indisputable . Incontrovertible . Incontestable . Obvious . Patent . Manifest . Evident . Plain . Clear . Transparent . Palpable . Unmistakable . Conclusive . Recognized . Confirmed . Accepted . Acknowledged . Undisputed . Undoubted . Unquestioned . Unchallenged . Uncontested . Bound . Destined . Predestined . Fated . Trusted . Inevitable . Assured . Reliable . Unavoidable . Inescapable . Automatic . Unpreventable . Inexorable . Ineluctable . Predictable . Necessary . Dependable . Trustworthy . Sound . Foolproof . Tested . Tried and tested . Effective . Efficacious . Guaranteed . Unfailing . Infallible . Unerring . Sovereign . Unthinkable . Doubtful . Possible . Unlikely . Unreliable . Sure . Confident . Positive . Convinced . Satisfied . Assured . Persuaded .


Synonyms: .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does certain means?

Definition of certain. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : fixed, settled a certain percentage of the profit. 2 : of a specific but unspecified character, quantity, or degree the house has a certain charm.

What is the definition of certain?

Use certain in a sentence. adjective. The definition of certain is being absolutely sure of something, or something you are confident about, or to identify someone ("that certain person") who isn't explicitly named. An example of certain is when you are confident that you let the dogs in earlier.

What is the antonym of certain?

certain, sure(adj) exercising or taking care great enough to bring assurance. "be certain to disconnect the iron when you are through"; "be sure to lock the doors". Antonyms: fluky, indefinite, chancy, iffy, undependable, careless, up in the air, unreliable, contingent, flukey, uncertain.

What does certainty mean?

Definition of certainty 1 : something that is certain 2 : the quality or state of being certain especially on the basis of evidence 1 : something that is sure Victory was a certainty. 2 : the quality or state of being sure She answered with certainty.

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