How to Use Couple in a sentence with examples

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1. Couple definition is - two persons married, engaged, or otherwise romantically paired


2. Couple synonyms, Couple pronunciation, Couple translation, English dictionary definition of Couple


3. If you are hanging out with a Couple of friends, you are hanging out with two friends


4. As a verb, Couple means "to pair or match."


5. 41 synonyms of Couple from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 70 related words, definitions, and antonyms


6. Couple definition, two of the same sort considered together; pair

Couple, Considered

7. Find 45 ways to say Couple, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Couple, Com

8. Couple definition: If you refer to a Couple of people or things, you mean two or approximately two of them, Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


9. A Couple consists of two parallel forces that are equal in magnitude, opposite in sense and do not share a line of action

Couple, Consists

10. BUT, the resultant of a Couple is not zero; it is a pure moment.


11. Couple ( plural Couples or Couple ) A Couple; two people joined by a marital union or matrimony

Couple, Couples

12. Couple: ( kŭ'pl ), To copulate; to perform coitus; said especially of the lower animals.

Couple, Copulate, Coitus

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14. Like this video? Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! a Couple (of) fries short of a Happy Meal A derogatory phrase meaning not very intelligent or of questionable mental capacity

Couple, Capacity

15. The Couple's royal bath package does all that hard work for you and takes it to the next level


16. A Couple: Everyone seems to agree that “a Couple” means two


17. If you have a Couple of options, you can safely assume that you will have to choose between A and B, and only A and B

Couple, Can, Choose

18. A Texas Couple landed themselves a much needed night out with some friends but it was cut short after the restaurant they were dining at kicked them out for wearing face masks, which they say was

Couple, Cut

19. RHOBH Couple Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umanksy share sweet details about niece Paris Hilton's "heartfelt" wedding to Carter Reum and why Kyle lost her voice after the festivities.

Couple, Carter

20. New Couple pics get added to this collection often so you’re bound to find ‘the one’ for your project

Couple, Collection

21. A Couple is defined as two forces (coplanar) having the same magnitude, parallel lines of action, but opposite sense

Couple, Coplanar

22. Couples have pure rotational effectson the body with no capacity to translate the body in the vertical or horizontal direction

Couples, Capacity

23. (Because the sum of their horizontal and vertical components are zero) d, arm of the Couple

Components, Couple

24. Between is a mobile app for Couples in love! Chat, share photos and schedules in a private space just for two.<br>Start now and collect all the moments in your relationship.

Couples, Chat, Collect

25. A Couple is a pair of forces, equal in magnitude, oppositely directed, and displaced by perpendicular distance or moment


26. The simplest kind of Couple consists of two equal and opposite forces whose lines of action do not coincide

Couple, Consists, Coincide

27. Use "Couple of" if you assume Couple to be a noun, such as pair: "a Couple of apples" or "a pair of apples." Drop the "of" if you assume "Couple" to be an adjective, such as few: "a Couple apples" or "a few apples." tfneva Sep-11-2011


28. The Crossword Solver found 75 answers to the Couple crossword clue

Crossword, Couple, Clue

29. Take this quiz to find out what type of Couple YOU are! Couples Quiz

Couple, Couples

30. Couple (app), a mobile app which provides a mobile messaging service for two people


31. Couple (mechanics), a system of forces with a resultant moment but no resultant force


32. Couple (relationship), two people to whom each is the significant other of the other


33. ‘A Couple of rusty old bits of farm machinery lay slowly dissolving beneath the sky.’ ‘I'm back in for two days to finish off a Couple of bits for the last project I was working on.’ ‘Boil the liquid for a Couple of minutes and then reduce to a simmer.’


34. Couple in Physics is a twisting force that does not allow any kind of moment, turning effect throughout the entire process of force engagement


35. A Couple is dependent on certain other methods such

Couple, Certain

36. Examples from the Corpus Couple • And I've seen Fred a Couple of times in the last few years

Corpus, Couple

37. • It was a Couple of hours before I could get back to Eleanor Darcy

Couple, Could

38. • An elderly Couple was sitting on the park bench


39. • An entrepreneurial Couple we talked to had always wanted to run a bed-and-breakfast.


40. What does Couple mean? Couple means to link together or to pair up


41. (verb) An example of to Couple is to put students in groups of two.


42. Adele’s ‘One Night Only’ performance sees Couple get engaged, serenaded by singer in 'opportunity from God' Quentin Brunson, 31, dropped down on one knee and popped the question to his


43. The Couple, who rescued dogs and fostered kittens awaiting adoption, met at Southern Illinois University and had been married for nearly five years, the lawsuit said.


44. When purchasing as a spouse / de facto Couple, both borrowers must be at least 18 years of age


45. The Couple's YouTube channel appears to have been taken down, but one of their last videos was reposted to the channel "Vaxx Mann." The channel belongs to the website, a site

Couple, Channel, Com

46. Louis Couple caught on video brandishing guns in the front yard of their home while protesters passed through their private neighborhood are being investigated by local law enforcement.

Couple, Caught

47. At Adele's first concert in more than four years, the singer invited one Couple to have a special moment at the event

Concert, Couple

48. 2.7m Followers, 20 Following, 4,964 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Couple by 9GAG (@Couple)


49. Couple Quizzes: Take these Couple quizzes to know all about how good a Couple you are


50. Play the quizzes to determine if you and your partner are a happy Couple meant to be together.


51. The Couple has been in touch with their insurance agent, tasked with the responsibility of phone calls and paperwork, as they navigate this uncharted, unwelcomed new territory, wondering if they'll be further victimized

Couple, Calls

52. The Couple prepared 1,400 seedlings to give away as living souvenirs of their special day, including 400 more golden trumpet saplings, as well as a wide variety of flowers and fruiting plants


53. The Couple had experienced 19 miscarriages while trying to grow her family


54. Welcome to the Official Facebook page for TLC's The Little Couple!


55. Couple noun; a Couple determiner; a Couple pronoun; Couple up ; happy Couple noun; power Couple noun; Couple up (with somebody) in a Couple of shakes; kill an hour, a Couple of hours, etc


56. In a Couple of shakes; kill an hour, a Couple of hours, etc.





COUPLE [ˈkəpəl]

couple (noun) · couples (plural noun)

Synonyms: Pair . Duo . Duology . Twosome . Match . Doublets . Twins . Brace . Span . Yoke . Two . Two of a kind . Duplet . Dyad . Doubleton . Twain . Twosome . Newlyweds . Partners . Lovers . Cohabitees .

couple (verb) · couples (third person present) · coupled (past tense) · coupled (past participle) · coupling (present participle)

Synonyms: Combine . Integrate . Mix . Incorporate . Accompany . Link . Team . Associate . Connect . Ally . Add to . Conjoin . Divorce . Harness . Hitch . Tether . Fasten . Attach . Join . Team . Unhitch . Connect . Attach . Join . Fasten . Fix . Link . Secure . Tie . Bind . Strap . Rope . Tether . Truss . Lash . Hitch . Yoke . Chain . Stick . Tape . Glue . Bond . Cement . Fuse . Weld . Solder . Pin . Peg . Screw . Bolt . Rivet . Clamp . Clip . Hook (up) . Add . Append . Annex . Subjoin . Concatenate . Separate . Mate . Breed . Make love . Sleep together . Possess . Swive . Know .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if you say a couple?

Couple is now understood primarily to refer to two when used as a bare noun ("they make a nice couple"), but is often used to refer to a small indeterminate of two or more when used in the phrase a couple of ("I had a couple of cups of coffee and now I can't sleep.").

Does 'a couple' always mean two?

Excellent question! The short (and rather unhelpful) answer is that while technically, "a couple" does in fact mean two, it is not always used that way in practice and if you ask several native speakers you're likely to get different responses. "A couple", "a few", "several"...

What is the difference between a couple and a few?

The main difference between a couple and a few is that a couple is used to indicate a small number or amount of something, but usually at least two or more (generally, not more than 5) whereas a few may indicate a small number ranging from minimum 3 to even 10. A couple and a few are quantifiers we use to specify amounts of certain things.

What is mean by couples?

A couple is a pair of forces, equal in magnitude , oppositely directed, and displaced by perpendicular distance or moment. The simplest kind of couple consists of two equal and opposite forces whose lines of action do not coincide.

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