How to Use Difficult in a sentence with examples

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1. Difficult: [adjective] hard to do, make, or carry out : arduous.

Difficult, Do

2. Synonyms for Difficult: arduous, Augean, backbreaking, challenging, demanding, effortful, exacting, formidable; Antonyms for Difficult: cheap, easy, effortless

Difficult, Demanding

3. Difficult synonyms, Difficult pronunciation, Difficult translation, English dictionary definition of Difficult

Difficult, Dictionary, Definition

4. Requiring considerable effort or skill; not easy to do or accomplish: "To entertain is far more Difficult than to enlighten"

Do, Difficult

5. Difficult: 1 adj not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure “a Difficult task” “nesting places on the cliffs are Difficult of access” “ Difficult times” Synonyms: hard demanding requiring more than usually expected or thought due; especially great patience and effort and skill ambitious ,

Difficult, Demanding, Due

6. Find 155 ways to say Difficult, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


7. Difficult definition, not easily or readily done; requiring much labor, skill, or planning to be performed successfully; hard: a Difficult job

Difficult, Definition, Done

8. 106 synonyms for Difficult: hard, tough, taxing, demanding, challenging, painful, exacting

Difficult, Demanding

9. Most of the world’s cultures have expressions that describe people who are Difficult to get along with

Describe, Difficult

10. Chelsea Sleep and her colleagues at the University of Georgia now believe they can scientifically quantify the seven elements that constitute a Difficult person.


11. The Crossword Solver found 200 answers to the Difficult crossword clue


12. Difficult definition: Something that is Difficult is not easy to do, understand, or deal with

Difficult, Definition, Do, Deal

13. Difficult adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (full of problems) ( plein de problèmes ) difficile, délicat adj adjectif : modifie un nom

Difficult, Describes, De, Difficile

14. Difficult 'Difficult' is a 9 letter word starting with D and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Difficult'


15. Some Difficult words in English can be a pest for everyone, whether it be a native speaker or a new learner


16. What does Difficult mean? The definition of Difficult is something that is hard to understand or do and is a person that is hard to get along with

Does, Difficult, Definition, Do

17. Kristen said that she liked him, that she did not think he was Difficult

Did, Difficult

18. All things are Difficult before they are easy proverb Everything becomes easier over time, as we become more familiar with or adept at it


19. I know you're stressed about this new project, but just remember—all things are Difficult before they are easy


20. I keep reminding myself that all things are Difficult before they are easy, but starting my new job


21. Get ready to think! These are the Difficult riddles that require your brain thrusters to be at maximum capacity! Some are harder than others so


22. Difficult Sudoku is for advanced players! Hard Sudoku is characterized by the fact that cells contain much fewer numbers than simple or medium ones


23. However, it’s easy to learn the Difficult English words to pronounce


24. Let’s take a look at the most Difficult words in English and their explanation


25. English Grammar Quizzes - Difficult Levels 1 & 2 Levels 3 & 4 Levels 5 & 6 Level Unsorted


26. He's Difficult to get on with no es fácil llevarse bien con él


27. You're just being Difficult no estás siendo razonable


28. To make life Difficult for somebody complicarle la vida a alguien


29. To make things Difficult for somebodyponer las cosas difíciles a alguien.

Difficult, Dif

30. Difficult not easy; needing effort or skill to do or to understand:

Difficult, Do

31. Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Difficult products on Steam New & Trending Top Sellers What's Popular Top Rated Upcoming Results exclude some products based on your preferences

Discounted, Difficult

32. It’s Difficult to see how more savings can be made


33. Difficult (for somebody) to understand/find/obtain etc That’s rather Difficult for me to explain


34. Involving a lot of problems and causing a lot of trouble or worry a Difficult situation Things are a bit Difficult at home at the moment.


35. Words that are Difficult for a native French speaker to pronounce may look vastly different from words that a native Mandarin speaker might struggle with

Difficult, Different

36. Difficult people are found in every single workplace


37. Difficult people come in every variety that you can imagine


38. But, how Difficult a person is for you to deal with depends a lot on such factors as your self-esteem, your self-confidence, how closely you must work with them on a daily basis, and your professional courage.

Difficult, Deal, Depends, Daily

39. Miles better / more Difficult / too long etc phrase


40. For Texans who want child but have Difficult pregnancies, abortion law made journey harder


41. Not easily or readily done; requiring much labor, skill, or planning to be performed successfully; hard; a Difficult job

Done, Difficult

42. 2123606 It's Difficult.CK 1 2248818 It was Difficult.CK 1 2202755 Tom is Difficult.CK 1 2202756 You're Difficult.CK 1 869091 This is Difficult


43. Alexmarcelo 1 2235601 Was Tom Difficult?CK 1 2245298 Don't be Difficult.CK 1 2248959 It'll be Difficult.CK 1 2249116 It's not Difficult.CK 1 280805 It's too Difficult.CK 1 2250939 That was Difficult.CK 1 2739215 French is Difficult.

Difficult, Don

44. And a Difficult person is one who has lower levels of agreeableness compared to others


45. The problem is a very Difficult one and cannot be regarded as definitely settled, but it is Difficult to understand why all this additional complexity in the division of the nucleus should be necessary if the final result is only a quantitative separation of the chromatin.

Difficult, Definitely, Division

46. Synonyms for make Difficult in English including definitions, and related words.

Difficult, Definitions

47. All you have to do to find out whether or not you're Difficult to get along with is say whether you agree to disagree with the 35 statements within the test

Do, Difficult, Disagree




DIFFICULT [ˈdifəkəlt]

difficult (adjective)

Synonyms: Hard . Strenuous . Arduous . Laborious . Heavy . Tough . Onerous . Burdensome . Demanding . Punishing . Grueling . Grinding . Back-breaking . Painful . Exhausting . Tiring . Fatiguing . Wearing . Wearying . Wearisome . Toilsome . Exigent . Problematic . Puzzling . Baffling . Perplexing . Confusing . Mystifying . Mysterious . Complicated . Complex . Involved . Intricate . Knotty . Thorny . Ticklish . Obscure . Abstract . Abstruse . Recondite . Enigmatic . Impenetrable . Unfathomable . Wildering . Involute . Involuted . Easy . Straightforward . Simple . Inconvenient . Awkward . Unfavorable . Unfortunate . Inappropriate . Unsuitable . Untimely . Ill-timed . Inopportune . Inexpedient . Disadvantageous . Unseasonable . Bad . Tough . Grim . Terrible . Awful . Dreadful . Nightmarish . Dark . Black . Hard . Adverse . Unpleasant . Unwelcome . Disagreeable . Distressing . Harrowing . Straitened . Hard-pressed . Direful . Parlous . Convenient . Happy . Troublesome . Tiresome . Trying . Exasperating . Demanding . Unmanageable . Intractable . Perverse . Contrary . Recalcitrant . Obstreperous . Refractory . Fractious . Unaccommodating . Unhelpful . Uncooperative . Unamenable . Unreasonable . Disobliging . Stubborn . Obstinate . Bull-headed . Pigheaded . Fussy . Particular . Fastidious . Perfectionist . Critical . Hypercritical . Finicky . Awkward . Thrawn . Choosy . Picky . Contumacious . Froward . Contrarious . Finical . Accommodating .

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