How to Use Floor in a sentence with examples

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1. Floor definition, that part of a room, hallway, or the like, that forms its lower enclosing surface and upon which one walks

Floor, Forms

2. Floor synonyms, Floor pronunciation, Floor translation, English dictionary definition of Floor


3. Tarkett® fiber Floor® is a pre cut sheet vinyl Flooring product that offers unique performance benefits such as extra durability and comfort, water resistance and easy installation

Fiber, Floor, Flooring

4. Products with the asthma and allergy certification and Floor score


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6. Every Floor plan is a canvas to showcase your personality and unique style.


7. Signature Hardwood Floors is a local, family owned, Green Certified, completely insured, bonded and licensed hardwood Flooring contractor providing exceptional workmanship to the Peninsula, since 1995

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8. Floor Waxing, Polishing & Cleaning Carpet & Rug Cleaners Janitorial Service


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10. This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the Floor function in Microsoft Excel

Formula, Floor, Function

11. Floor(number, significance) The Floor function syntax has the following arguments: Number Required

Floor, Function, Following

12. Cleaning your Floor has never been easier - just sweep, vacuum, or damp mop with a pH neutral cleaner


13. LifeProof is FloorScore Certified, phthalate and formaldehyde free; giving you confidence you made the right Flooring choice for your family! Backed by a Lifetime Residential Warranty

Floorscore, Formaldehyde, Free, Flooring, For, Family

14. = Floor(InternetSales [Total Product Cost],.5) The following table shows the expected results for some sample values

Floor, Following, For

15. In mathematics and computer science, the Floor function is the function that takes as input a real number x, and gives as output the greatest integer less than or equal to x, denoted Floor (x) or ⌊x⌋

Floor, Function

16. Get Floored by our amazing image collection of hardwood, laminate and many other kinds of Floors

Floored, Floors

17. Wood Floor Flooring wall tiles texture carpet ground room table interior design window living room house Floor texture wood clean wooden Floor interior empty room marble Floor tiles

Floor, Flooring

18. Additionally, we have a joint venture with respected Flooring, coating, and sealing contractors to create the finest sealed, coated, and polished Floors

Flooring, Finest, Floors

19. The Floor() function returns the largest integer value that is smaller than or equal to a number

Floor, Function

20. Because Floor () is a static method of Math, you always use it as Math.Floor (), rather than as a method of a Math object you created ( Math is not a constructor)


21. C library function - Floor(), The C library function double Floor(double x) returns the largest integer value less than or equal to x.

Function, Floor

22. Floor (x, /, out=None, *, where=True, casting='same_kind', order='K', dtype=None, subok=True [, signature, extobj]) = <ufunc 'Floor'> ¶ Return the Floor of the input, element-wise


23. The Floor of the scalar x is the largest integer i, such that i <= x.It is often denoted as \(\lFloor x \rFloor\).


24. Y = Floor(t) rounds each element of the duration array t to the nearest number of seconds less than or equal to that element


25. Y = Floor(t,unit) rounds each element of t to the nearest number of the specified unit of time less than or equal to that element


26. Double Floor (double x); float Floor (float x); long double Floor (long double x); Round down value Rounds x downward, returning the largest integral value that is not greater than x .

Floor, Float

27. Located in a Garage (CPC 507.13) Water heaters located in a garage must be elevated so the pilot light and controls are at least 18" above the garage Floor surface (unless the unit is listed as flammable

Floor, Flammable

28. OEDRO Floor Mats Liner Compatible with 2010-2014 Ford F-150 F150 SuperCrew/Crew Cab with 1st Row Bucket Seat, Custom Fit 2 Row Set (Front & 2nd Seat), Black TPE All-Weather Guard

Floor, Ford, Fit, Front

29. Find 52 ways to say Floor, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Find, Floor, Free

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31. THESAURUS Floor one of the levels in a building She lives in an apartment on the eighteenth Floor


32. The ground Floor (also the first Floor American English) the Floor of a building that is

Floor, First

33. Like this video? Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! Floor (one) To cause one a great deal of shock, surprise, or disbelief

Free, Floor

34. How on earth could she think that I had been stealing from the company? The severity of the losses Floored the board of directors

From, Floored

35. Floor as the bottom layer of a Room which points to the analogy of the database layer being the bottom and foundation layer of most applications

Floor, Foundation

36. Floor is a virtual event platform used by organizers & corporates globally to host & manage webinars, virtual conferences, online tradeshows, expos, workshops, hybrid events, fairs & festivals, meetups & talkshow and award shows.

Floor, Fairs, Festivals

37. Floor basically truncates, or chops off everything to the right of a decimal


38. For instance, if you have a length of 5.1234, but just wanted the whole number, you could use the following code: Now, although there is a specific function in PHP for rounding, rounding can also be performed with the Floor function.

For, Following, Function, Floor

39. The Floor() function: Floor() method in Python returns the Floor of x i.e., the largest integer not greater than x

Floor, Function

40. Syntax: import math math.Floor(x) Parameter: x-numeric expression.Returns: largest integer not greater than x


41. Below is the Python implementation of Floor() method:


42. Lyrics to "On The Floor" by Jennifer Lopez.


43. Under certain circumstances, it may be brought to the Floor directly


44. Floor Jansen releases "Into The Unknown" Frozen 2 cover! July 16, 2021

Floor, Frozen

45. The Floor function returns the largest integer that is smaller than or equal to x

Floor, Function

46. Required Header In the C Language, the required header for the Floor function is:

For, Floor, Function

47. The "Int" function (short for "integer") is like the "Floor" function, BUT some calculators and computer programs show different results when given negative numbers: Some say int(−3.65) = −4 (the same as the Floor function) Others say int(−3.65) = −3 (the neighbouring integer closest to zero, or …

Function, For, Floor




FLOOR [flôr]

floor (noun) · floors (plural noun) · the floor (noun)

Synonyms: Ground . Flooring . Story . Level . Tier . Deck . Piano nobile . Mezzanine . Entresol .

floor (verb) · floors (third person present) · floored (past tense) · floored (past participle) · flooring (present participle) · -floored (adjective)

Synonyms: .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between floor and ground?

As verbs the difference between floor and ground. is that floor is to cover or furnish with a floor while ground is to connect (an electrical conductor or device) to a ground or ground can be (grind).

What's the difference between "story" and "floor"?


What is the function of the floor?

In mathematics and computer science, the floor function is the function that takes as input a real number x {displaystyle x} and gives as output the greatest integer less than or equal to x {displaystyle x} , denoted floor ⁡ ( x ) = ⌊ x ⌋ {displaystyle operatorname {floor} (x)=lfloor xrfloor } .

What is another word for floor?

Another word for floor. floor Synonyms. n. The lower limit of a room. floorboards, deck, flagstones, tiles, planking, parterre, ground, carpet, rug, linoleum, subfloor, platform.

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