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1. Full: [adjective] containing as much or as many as is possible or normal.


2. Synonyms for Full: brimful, brimming, bursting, chockablock, chock-Full, crammed, crowded, fat; Antonyms for Full: bare, blank, devoid, empty, stark, vacant, void, least

For, Full, Fat

3. Full definition, completely filled; containing all that can be held; filled to utmost capacity: a Full cup

Full, Filled

4. Full synonyms, Full pronunciation, Full translation, English dictionary definition of Full


5. Containing all that is normal or possible: a Full pail


6. Find 148 ways to say Full, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Find, Full, Free

7. Full Beauty always wants you to feel as good as you look

Full, Feel

8. Home of the official Full SEND by NELK BOYS merchandise website


9. Shop NELK and Full SEND merch, apparel, accessories & more.


10. To make Start Full screen and see everything in one view, select the Start button, then select Settings > Personalization > Start , and then turn on Use Start Full screen.


11. If your glass is Full of root beer, it's up the brim — no more root beer will fit inside it.

Full, Fit

12. Beat for the purpose of cleaning and thickening; "Full the cloth"

For, Full

13. Having the normally expected amount; "gives Full measure"; "gives good measure"; "a good mile from here"

Full, From

14. Complete in extent or degree and in every particular; "a Full game"; "a total eclipse"; "a total disaster".


15. 169 synonyms for Full: filled, stocked, brimming, replete, complete, entire, loaded, sufficient, intact, gorged, saturated, bursting at the seams, brimful

For, Full, Filled

16. Log into Full Sail University's learning management system for access to your classes, grades, and assignments.

Full, For

17. Full Slate is the easiest way to fill your appointment book and take the stress out of scheduling

Full, Fill

18. While you focus on providing great service, Full Slate works in the background to fill up your schedule

Focus, Full, Fill

19. Full翻譯:容納很多的, (容器或空間)裝滿的,充滿的, 充滿…的;有很多…的, 安排滿的;有大量活動的, 完全的, 完整的;全部的;整個的, 可能最大的, 最大的;最大量的;最高級的, 食物, 吃飽 …


20. See: (as) Full as a goog (as) Full as a tick (as) nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room Full of rocking chairs (at) Full pelt (at) Full steam (at) Full throttle (at) Full tilt (in) Full rig (one) is not playing with a Full deck (one's) dance card is Full (one's) hands are Full a few bricks short of a (Full) load a few cards short of a (Full) deck a few

Full, Few

21. The Fullscreen API adds methods to present a specific Element (and its descendants) in Full-screen mode, and to exit Full-screen mode once it is no longer needed

Fullscreen, Full

22. This makes it possible to present desired content—such as an online game—using the user's entire screen, removing all browser user interface elements and other applications from the screen until Full-screen mode …

From, Full

23. Full is the perfect blend of scriptural truths and practical applications exposing the mental battle we are engaged in


24. By combining the quantitative and qualitative in real time, FullStory’s platform eliminates the blind spots in your data


25. With FullStory, we are able to walk stakeholders through the actual pain points shoppers are facing.

Fullstory, Facing

26. Welcome to Full Compass Systems, your Pro Audio, Video, Lighting and Musical Instrument experts


27. Founded by and for industry professionals in 1977, Full Compass has remained committed to making a Full assortment of professional audio, video, lighting and musical instruments accessible and affordable to customers nationwide

Founded, For, Full

28. FullScreenMario is a free HTML5 remake of Nintendo's original Super Mario Bros

Fullscreenmario, Free

29. A standard double of Full-size bed has a mattress that is 200 cm long and 135 cm wide


30. Watch 2A Gun Videos & Outdoor Sports Videos on

31. The Full variant of the codec pack contains a few extras compared to the Standard variant of the codec pack

Full, Few

32. Watch Full movie streaming & trailers of all your favourite Bollywood, Hollywood and Regional films online at Disney+ Hotstar - the online destination for popular movies.

Full, Favourite, Films, For

33. A Full stack web developer is a person who can develop both client and server software


34. Full Sail University's Associates, Bachelors, and Masters catalog for both our campus and online degree programs.

Full, For

35. Search and find the latest movies, tv series anywhere and anytime at Free Full Movies

Find, Free, Full

36. Full reference for color properties and color values

Full, For

37. - Full summer (of sound) having marked deepness and body Examples - a Full voice - Full tones; filled to satisfaction with food or drink Synonyms : replete Example - a Full stomach; adverb

Full, Filled, Food

38. To the greatest degree or extent; completely or entirely; (`Full' in this sense is used as a combining form) Synonyms : Fully, to the Full Examples - Full

Full, Form, Fully

39. This includes part of the transaction log so that the Full database can be recovered after a Full database backup is restored


40. Full database backups represent the database at the time the backup finished.

Full, Finished

41. Definition and synonyms of Full from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Full, From

42. This is the British English definition of Full.View American English definition of Full.


43. Twitter: @somosFull Management y contratación: Antonio Romero - [email protected] - 689 348 871




FULL [fo͝ol]

full (adjective) · fuller (comparative adjective) · fullest (superlative adjective)

Synonyms: Filled . Brimming . Brimful . Overflowing . Crowded . Packed . Crammed . Cramped . Congested . Crushed . Overfull . Teeming . Swarming . Overcrowded . Thronged . Mobbed . Occupied . Taken . Engaged . Unavailable . Loaded . Burdened . Stuffed . Stacked . Empty . Full up . Replete . Satisfied . Well fed . Sated . Satiated . Full up . Gorged . Glutted . Cloyed . Satiate . Surfeited . Hungry .

full (adverb)

Synonyms: Directly . Right . Straight . Squarely . Square . Just . Dead . Point-blank . Indirectly . Very . Perfectly . Quite . Extremely . Entirely . Right .


Synonyms: .

full (verb) · fulls (third person present) · fulled (past tense) · fulled (past participle) · fulling (present participle)

Synonyms: .

full (verb) · fulls (third person present) · fulled (past tense) · fulled (past participle) · fulling (present participle)

Synonyms: .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of full?

Definition of full. 1 : containing as much or as many as is possible or normal a full hamper —often used with of a bin full of corn 2 a : complete especially in detail, number, or duration...

What is the word full?

full word. (especially in Chinese grammar) a word that has lexical meaning rather than grammatical meaning; a word or morpheme that functions grammatically as a contentive.

What is the full meaning?

1. containing as much or as many as is possible or normal. 2. constituting the full quantity or extent; complete. 3. complete in extent or degree and in every particular. 4. filled to satisfaction with food or drink.

What is the definition of whole?

Definition of whole. 1 : a complete amount or sum : a number, aggregate, or totality lacking no part, member, or element. 2 : something constituting a complex unity : a coherent system or organization of parts fitting or working together as one.

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