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1. Head: [noun] the upper or anterior division of the animal body that contains the brain, the chief sense organs, and the mouth.


2. Head definition, the upper part of the body in humans, joined to the trunk by the neck, containing the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth

Head, Humans

3. Giving great Head like every other thing in life, is a work of passion


4. I’m not ashamed to declare that I love giving Head — here’s why: 1

Head, Here

5. You need to add a lot of saliva to the equation (not over the top but well lubricated) Don’t give Head with dry mouth.


6. If you are giving him Head with dry mouth, the friction causes pain

Him, Head

7. How to instructional video for women, on giving Head

How, Head

8. Watch the cartoon video of how god punished ramesh by giving him two Heads

How, Him, Heads

9. Kuala Kangsar polls: Village Head gives late MP a thumbs up


10. Reported wrong-way driver crashes Head-on into Greyhound bus in Goodyear on I-10


11. Boy, 6, rescued after getting his Head caught in stairs

His, Head

12. Caught Getting Head Prank On Mom (Gone Wrong) (Knife Pulled Out) Theodoreesterlund52.


13. Head: the upper or front part of the body that contains the brain, the major sense organs, and the mouth


14. Er, grabbing the back of my Head may seem sexy but I’d rather not choke to death, thanks


15. The HTTP Head method requests the Headers that would be returned if the Head request's URL was instead requested with the HTTP GET method

Http, Head, Headers

16. For example, if a URL might produce a large download, a Head request could read its Content-Length Header to check the …

Head, Header

17. The <Head> tag contains technical information about the web page, referred to as metada


18. The Head: Created by David Pastor, Àlex Pastor, David Troncoso


19. Head, in human anatomy, the upper portion of the body, consisting of the skull with its coverings and contents, including the lower jaw

Head, Human

20. Head is on a mission to bring high-performance gear to every athlete, professional and amateur, to allow them to be the best they can be in racquet sports, winter sports, or swimming

Head, High

21. Game, Set, Match! Head is with you on all the world’s courts


22. Major sensory organs located in the Head include: Ears: The outer, middle, and inner ear are responsible for collecting auditory information


23. Head (n.) Old English heafod "top of the body," also "upper end of a slope," also "chief person, leader, ruler; capital city," from Proto-Germanic *haubid (source also of Old Saxon hobid, Old Norse hofuð, Old Frisian haved, Middle Dutch hovet, Dutch hoofd, Old High German houbit, German Haupt, Gothic haubiþ "Head"), from PIE root *kaput-"Head."

Head, Heafod, Haubid, Hobid, Hofu, Haved, Hovet, Hoofd, High, Houbit, Haupt, Haubi

24. If you discover any rendering problems in this HTML version of the page, or you believe there is a better or more up-to-date source for the page, or you have corrections or improvements to the information in this COLOPHON (which is not part of the original manual page), send a mail to [email protected] GNU coreutils 8.32 March 2020 Head(1)

Html, Have, Head

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26. I was hoping I'd get some Head at least, but my date wouldn't even kiss me at the end of the night

Hoping, Head

27. Head synonyms, Head pronunciation, Head translation, English dictionary definition of Head


28. What is "Head" in Git? When working with Git, only one branch can be checked out at a time - and this is what's called the "Head" branch


29. Git makes note of this current branch in a file located inside the Git repository, in .git/Head


30. Training Head 26"-28" Mannequin Head Hair Styling Manikin Cosmetology Doll Head Synthetic Fiber Hair Hairdressing Training Model Free Clamp (1711LB0220) 4.2 out of 5 stars

Head, Hair, Hairdressing

31. Headのスキー、スノーボード、テニスなどのギア商品へのリンクとスポーツウェア、カジュアルウェアなどのアパレル商品へのリンク。Head a lineへのリンク


32. Head (linguistics) In linguistics, the Head or nucleus of a phrase is the word that determines the syntactic category of that phrase


33. For example, the Head of the noun phrase boiling hot water is the noun water

Head, Hot

34. Analogously, the Head of a compound is the stem that determines …


35. Find 229 ways to say Head, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


36. Head: Return the First or Last Part of an Object Description


37. Since Head() and tail() are generic functions, they may also have been extended to other classes.

Head, Have

38. Usage Head(x, …) # S3 method for default Head(x, n = 6L, …)


39. Watch videos from Super Simple in the Super Simple App for iOS! Shoulders Knees & Toes (Speeding Up) from Super Simple Song


40. Elasticsearch-Head will add basic auth Headers to each request if you pass in the correct url parameters You will also need to add http.cors.allow-Headers: Authorization to the elasticsearch configuration

Head, Headers, Http

41. The dish has a radius that equals the diameter of the cylinder it is attached to (=).The knuckle has a radius that equals a tenth of the diameter of the cylinder (=), hence its alternative designation "decimal Head".Also other sizes are: , (page13) rest of height =

Has, Hence, Head, Height

42. This is a torispherical Head also named Semi ellipsoidal Head


43. Head injuries are damage to the scalp, skull, or brain caused by trauma


44. There are six types of Heads: player, zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton, creeper, and dragon


45. A mob Head can be broken using anything and drops itself when broken


46. If a Head is pushed by a piston or comes in contact with water or lava, it breaks off as an item


47. HTML Head tag - represents the Head section of the HTML document.

Html, Head

48. The following example is a basic HTML page template that helps demonstrate where the Head section of the code is placed when creating a web page.As shown below, the Head section and its contents are in bold.

Html, Helps, Head

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50. I'm nervous about having to make a presentation to the entire board, but it is a challenge I will meet Head-on

Having, Head

51. It was a Head-on collision—that's why my windshield is cracked


52. Head acoustics succeeded in the standardization of the newly developed artificial ear with human-like ear canal (HEC) in ITU-T

Head, Human, Hec

53. The Head acoustics HEC artificial ear not just fulfills the Type 4.4 artificial ear requirements, even more it is the….

Head, Hec

54. Head massages are a great way to relax, as they can help release the tension of the day

Head, Help

55. When giving a Head massage, start with a few basics to relax the person, such as applying wet heat, …

Head, Heat




HEAD [hed]

head (noun) · heads (plural noun)

Synonyms: Skull . Cranium . Crown . Pate . Costard . Crumpet . Brain . Brains . Brainpower . Intellect . Intelligence . Wit . Wits . Wisdom . Mind . Sense . Reasoning . Rationality . Mentality . Understanding . Common sense . Aptitude . Faculty . Flair . Talent . Gift . Capacity . Ability . Knack . Bent . Mind . Brain . Migraine . Neuralgia .

head (adjective)

Synonyms: Chief . Principal . Leading . Main . First . Front . Prime . Premier . Foremost . Top . Topmost . Highest . Supreme . Preeminent . High-ranking . Ranking . Subordinate .

head (verb) · heads (third person present) · headed (past tense) · headed (past participle) · heading (present participle)

Synonyms: Lead . Lead the way .


Synonyms: -hood .


Synonyms: .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does head stand for?

HEADS stands for Home Education Activities Drugs Sexual Activity (adolescent risk assessment) Suggest new definition. This definition appears somewhat frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Science, medicine, engineering, etc.

What is the meaning of the word head?

Definition of head. (Entry 1 of 3) 1 : the upper or anterior division of the animal body that contains the brain, the chief sense organs, and the mouth nodded his head in agreement. 2a : the seat of the intellect : mind two heads are better than one.

What does the name head mean?

Head is a locality name meaning 'at the head', from a person who lived at the head of a mountain or valley.

What does have a head for mean?

A head is the part of an organism which usually includes the ears, brain, forehead, cheeks, chin, eyes, nose, and mouth, each of which aid in various sensory functions such as sight, hearing, smell, and taste, respectively. Some very simple animals may not have a head, but many bilaterally symmetric forms do, regardless of size.

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