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1. The meaning of Individual is of, relating to, or existing as just one member or part of a larger group

Individual, Is

2. Synonyms for Individual: baby, being, bird, bod, body, character, cookie, creature; Antonyms for Individual: general, generic, popular, public, shared, universal


3. Individual synonyms, Individual pronunciation, Individual translation, English dictionary definition of Individual


4. Individual definition, a single human being, as distinguished from a group


5. Individual: 1 adj being or characteristic of a single thing or person “ Individual drops of rain” “please mark the Individual pages” “they went their Individual ways” Synonyms: single idiosyncratic peculiar to the Individual Individualist , Individualistic marked by or expressing Individuality man-to-man , one-on-one being a system of play in

Individual, Idiosyncratic, Individualist, Individualistic, Individuality, In

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7. ADHS Individual Licensing Portal The ADHS marijuana licensing portals will be down for scheduled maintenance beginning at 10:30pm on October 18th, 2021; the form will be back online the morning of October 19th, 2021.


8. Individual FoodService, located in Bell, California, has over 90 years of experience providing quality goods to clients large and small

Individual, In

9. In operation since 1926, Individual FoodService is Southern California’s premier distributor of food, paper, plastic, packaging, janitorial, and smallwares products.

In, Individual, Is

10. Individual (n.) "single object or thing," c


11. Latin individuum as a noun meant "an atom, indivisible particle," and in Middle English individuum was used in sense of "Individual member of a

Individuum, Indivisible, In, Individual

12. Of or relating to an Individual, especially a single human: Individual consciousness


13. By or for one person: Individual work; an Individual portion


14. Existing as a distinct entity; separate: Individual drops of rain


15. Synonyms for Individual include single, distinct, separate, specific, independent, particular, respective, distinctive, unique and distinguished

Individual, Include, Independent

16. Anaconda Individual Edition is the world’s most popular Python distribution platform with over 25 million users worldwide

Individual, Is

17. Need abbreviation of Individual? Short forms to Abbreviate Individual


18. 11 popular forms of Abbreviation for Individual updated in 2021

Individual, In

19. Individual definition: Individual means relating to one person or thing, rather than to a large group


20. The relation between Individual and society is very close

Individual, Is

21. Society does not exist independently without Individual

Independently, Individual

22. The Individual lives and acts within society but society is nothing, in spite of the

Individual, Is, In

23. What does Individual mean? The definition of an Individual is a single person or thing

Individual, Is

24. Individual - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


25. Each of these parameters are fundamental, even if a range of versions still technically count as UBI (a universal, unconditional, Individual, regular and cash payment).

If, Individual

26. A person, considered separately from the rest of the group or society that they live in the rights of the Individual Each Individual receives two genes, one inherited from each parent

In, Individual, Inherited

27. Most churches were built with donations from private Individuals (=ordinary people, rather than the government or companies)


28. 91 synonyms for Individual: separate, single, independent, isolated, lone, solitary, discrete

Individual, Independent, Isolated

29. Or for EyeMed Individual sales and service only call 844-225-3107


30. Individuality (or selfhood) is the state or quality of being an Individual; a person separate from other persons and possessing his or her own needs or goals.Being self expressive, independent

Individuality, Is, Individual, Independent

31. From the 15th century and earlier, and also today within the fields of statistics and metaphysics, Individual meant "indivisible", typically describing

Individual, Indivisible

32. Google Workspace Individual makes it easy to connect and engage with people wherever they are, so you can spend less time on everyday tasks and more time with customers

Individual, It

33. Matrix Insurance Agency is an independent full service insurance agency helping small to mid-sized business in Northern California with Group Benefits, Commercial Insurance as well as serving the Individual and family market.

Insurance, Is, Independent, In, Individual

34. Individual: adjective detached , deviating , different , differentiated , discrete , disjoined , disjunct , distinct , distinguishable , exceptional , extracted


35. CM 535566 He's a rather rare Individual.FeuDRenais 2474280 Tom is a hot-blooded Individual

Individual, Is

36. Sharptoothed 27663 Each Individual paid 1,000 dollars


37. Adjusting 239818 We must respect Individual liberty


38. CM 403368 You're one narrow minded Individual.Grayster 247585 Changes in society come from Individuals.

Individual, In, Individuals

39. 2021 Individual Income Tax Booklet Including forms, instructions, tables, and additional information

Individual, Income, Including, Instructions, Information

40. 2021 Nebraska Schedules I, II, and III (all three schedules are on one form) 2021 Individual Income Tax Conversion Chart for Nebraska Schedule II, Lines 2 and 5

Ii, Iii, Individual, Income

41. Personality and Individual Differences is primarily devoted to the publication of articles (experimental, correlational, theoretical, expository/review) which enhance our understanding of the structure of personality and other forms of Individual differences, the processes which cause these …

Individual, Is

42. Welcome, Individual Investors! This part of the website addresses U.S

Individual, Investors

43. MDS / ePOC / PBJ Individual User Account Maintenance Request (Only use this form to remove Individual accounts or request additional users.)


44. CMSNet Access Request Form (Only use this form to remove Individual access or request access if online registration is unavailable) Instructions: How to Complete and Save a PDF Form Electronically

Individual, If, Is, Instructions

45. Individual Estimated Tax Payments How will I know if I need to make an estimated payment? If you are required to file a tax return and your Virginia income tax liability, after subtracting income tax withheld and any allowable credits, is expected to be more than $150, then you must make estimated tax payments or have additional income tax

Individual, If, Income, Is

46. A process by which an Individual increase its knowledge

Individual, Increase, Its

47. Learn more in: Information Technologies' Impact on Individual Learning Process: The Case of a Community of Practice

In, Information, Impact, Individual

48. An instruction method in which students work Individual ly at their own level and rate toward an academic goal.

Instruction, In, Individual

49. This page contains information about policies, guidance, and publications of the FEMA Individual Assistance Program, including the FEMA Individual Assistance Program and Policy Guide

Information, Individual, Including

50. FEMA Individual Assistance Program and Policy Guide (IAPPG) The IAPPG consolidates information on Individual Assistance (IA) programs offered by FEMA to a state, local, territorial, or tribal government

Individual, Iappg, Information, Ia

51. Opposite of distinct or special to a specific Individual, thing or circumstance





INDIVIDUAL [ˌindəˈvij(o͞o)əl]

individual (adjective)

Synonyms: Single . Separate . Discrete . Independent . Sole . Lone . Solitary . Isolated .

individual (noun) · individuals (plural noun)

Synonyms: .

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