How to Use Long in a sentence with examples

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1. Long: [adjective] extending for a considerable distance


2. Synonyms for Long: eLongate, extended, king-size, lengthy, far, great, Long-drawn-out, Long-lived; Antonyms for Long: brief, curt, short, shortish, little, mini

Long, Lengthy, Lived, Little

3. Long synonyms, Long pronunciation, Long translation, English dictionary definition of Long


4. Long definition, having considerable linear extent in space: a Long distance; a Long handle

Long, Linear

5. Find 100 ways to say Long, aLong with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


6.Long understands and recognizes the challenges of HVAC’s, Controls and BAS which is an essential requirement for their organization to successfully provide services to their clients


7. The Long class wraps a value of the primitive type Long in an object


8. An object of type Long contains a single field whose type is Long.


9. In addition, this class provides several methods for converting a Long to a String and a String to a Long, as well as other constants and methods useful when dealing with a Long.


10. Long ton, also known as the imperial ton or displacement ton, is the name for the unit called the "ton" in the avoirdupois system of weights or Imperial system of measurements


11. It is used in the United Kingdom and several other Commonwealth of Nations countries aLongside the mass-based metric tonne defined in 1799, as well as in the United States

12. Long double: Real floating-point type, usually mapped to an extended precision floating-point number format


13. If you find yourself in need of a good nasal poking, definitely look into testing at Long's

Look, Long

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Lij, Longjunior

15. Long, (Chinese: “dragon”) in Chinese mythology, a type of majestic beast that dwells in rivers, lakes, and oceans and roams the skies

Long, Lakes

16. The Long group is employing new design motifs and architectures precisely chosen to enhance operating temperatures, focusing primarily on the synthesis of multinuclear, radical-bridged molecules incorporating the late trivalent lanthanides and low-coordinate, mononuclear complexes of the transition metals.

Long, Late, Lanthanides, Low

17. See: (as) happy as a clam (as) happy as Larry (as) happy as the day is Long (as) honest as the day is Long (as) nervous as a Long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs (one's) Long home a creaking door hangs Longest a creaking gate hangs Longest a face as Long as a fiddle a hard row to hoe a list as Long as your arm a little bit (of something

Larry, Long, Longest, List, Little

18. Among the Long classic prom gowns, you will also find chic two-piece Long formal dresses, contemporary off-the-shoulder evening dresses, charming high-low styles, and delicate Long lace formal evening gowns with corset backs

Long, Low, Lace

19. Bring out your personal style in a Long dress from Simply Dresses


20. Long es un término alternativo para quadruple whole


21. Long variables are extended size variables for number storage, and store 32 bits (4 bytes), from -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647


22. If doing math with integers at least one of the values must be of type Long, either an integer constant followed …

Least, Long

23. Long® Fence does all types of repairs, even if we did not install the original job


24. To reach one of our office locations 1-800-917-Long (1-800-917-5664)

Locations, Long

25. $314,000 120 Long Beach Boulevard Clarksville, VA 23927


26. Long & McQuade is Canada`s biggest music store offering a huge selection of musical instruments and music lessons across Canada

Long, Lessons

27. Long ( comparative Longer, superlative Longest ) Having much distance from one terminating point on an object or an area to another terminating point (usually applies to horizontal dimensions; see Usage Notes below)

Long, Longer, Longest

28. A Long vowel is a vowel sound that is pronounced the same way as the name of the letter itself

Long, Letter

29. For example, the Long U sound is pronounced like "yoo," as would be the case in words like "lure" and "tube." By contrast, the short U sound is pronounced more like "uh," as in words like "cub" and "tub."

Long, Like, Lure

30. Returns the bitwise OR of this Long and the specified


31. Long# shiftLeft / shl (numBits: Long number string ): Long


32. Returns this Long with bits shifted to the left by the given amount

Long, Left

33. Long# shiftRight / shr (numBits: Long number string ): Long.


34. To desire greatly or yearn for something, especially something that is difficult or impossible to obtain: I Long for the carefree days of my youth.


35. What does Long mean? The definition of Long is an extended distance or an extended period of time


36. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music GroupLong, Long, Long (Remastered 2009) · The BeatlesThe Beatles℗ 2009 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of

Long, Limited

37. Long Multiplication is a special method for multiplying larger numbers.

Long, Larger

38. As Long as synonyms, as Long as pronunciation, as Long as translation, English dictionary definition of as Long as


39. During the time that: I'll stay as Long as you need me

Ll, Long

40. Rocky Thermal Underwear for Women (Thermal Long Johns Set) Shirt & Pants, Base Layer w/Leggings/Bottoms Ski/Extreme Cold 4.3 out of 5 stars 4,325 $29.99 $ 29

Long, Layer, Leggings

41. Sporting Long ball is from 1744, originally in cricket


42. Long jump as a sporting event is attested from 1864


43. A Long face, one drawn downward in expression of sadness or solemnity, is from 1786.


44. The Nevada State Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (LTCOP) is authorized by the federal Older American’s Act

Long, Ltcop

45. Federal law requires each state have a Long Term Care (LTC) Ombudsman Program managed by a State Long Term Care Ombudsman

Law, Long, Ltc

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Learn, Long

48. Shop today at Long & McQuade, the largest chain of musical instrument retailers in Canada with over 70 stores.

Long, Largest






Synonyms: .

long (adjective) · longer (comparative adjective) · longest (superlative adjective)

Synonyms: Lengthy . Extended . Prolonged . Extensive . Long-lasting . Lasting . Short . Lengthways . Lengthwise . Prolonged . Protracted . Lengthy . Overlong . Extended . Long-drawn-out . Drawn-out . Lingering . Interminable . Tedious . Boring . Wearisome . Short . Brief .

long (noun) · longs (plural noun)

Synonyms: Soon . Shortly . Presently . In a moment . In the twinkling of an eye . In (less than) no time . By and by . Anon .

long (adverb) · longer (comparative adverb) · longest (superlative adverb)

Synonyms: .

long (verb) · longs (third person present) · longed (past tense) · longed (past participle) · longing (present participle)

Synonyms: Yearn . Pine . Ache . Wish . Burn . Hunger . Thirst . Itch . Pant . Hope . Crave . Need . Set one's heart on . Covet . Want . Desire . Set one's sights on .


Synonyms: .

Frequently Asked Questions

Is long a verb?

The verb ‘to long’ and the noun ‘longing’ take the structures ‘long for somebody/something’, ‘long for somebody/something to do something’, and ‘long to do something’. Here are examples using specifically the verb form ‘longing’: Janet was longing for the holidays. She was longing for the school year to finish.

What does so long as mean?

Definition of so long as. 1. : during and up to the end of the time that : while. so long as you are here, I'm fine.

What is a word for too long?

The phrase too long means excessively lengthy. Too is an adverb that means more than is desirable. Long means either taking a large amount of time or a measurement of distance. For example, The meeting was much too long; it was only supposed to last one hour but lasted almost two.

What does the long '?

1. having considerable or greater than usual linear extent in space. 2. having considerable or greater than usual duration in time. 3. extending, lasting, or totaling a number of specified units: eight miles long; eight hours long. 4. containing many items or units: a long list.

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