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1. Synonyms for Ok: agreeable, all right, alright, copacetic, ducky, fine, good, hunky-dory; Antonyms for Ok: disagreeable, unsatisfactory, deficient, inadequate


2. Ok definition, all right; proceeding normally; satisfactory or under control: Things are Ok at the moment

Ok, Or

3. Check out the brandnew single „Alane“ with Wes - Video out now Get "Ok" here: Preorder the album

Out, Ok, Okay

4. BINZ - Ok (Official Music Video)Độc quyền audio: Follow Binz: Fanpage :

Ok, Official, Officialb

5. Okay and Ok are two acceptable spellings of the same word

Okay, Ok, Of

6. The older term, Ok, (possibly) derived from an abbreviation for an intentional misspelling of “all

Older, Ok, Of

7. The "Ok" hand gesture, commonly seen as a way of indicating that all is well, has now been classified as something else: a symbol of hate

Ok, Of

8. OkCupid is the only dating app that matches you on what matters to you

Okcupid, Only, On

9. Celebrity news and the latest showbiz, TV and soap spoilers from Ok! Magazine


10. About Oklahoma Scenic beauty, a moderate climate, a culture rich in history and the arts, and world-class sports and recreational opportunities make Oklahoma an exceptional place to live and do business

Oklahoma, Opportunities

11. Ok updated: • The new player for audio messages! You can accelerate, pause or rewind it

Ok, Or

12. Ok al día; Economía; El Corte Inglés rebaja a precios de locos el producto con el que parecerás recién salida de la peluquería


13. Ok synonyms, Ok pronunciation, Ok translation, English dictionary definition of Ok

Ok, Of

14. Satisfactory or agreeable; acceptable: Was everything Ok with your stay?

Or, Ok

15. The Council on Judicial Complaints was created by statute to receive and investigate complaints concerning the alleged misconduct of Oklahoma Judges and Judicial Officers

On, Of, Oklahoma, Officers

16. Represents “I’m Okay” or “yes, that’s correct / good”

Okay, Or

17. Get the latest breaking news, sports, entertainment and obituaries in Oklahoma City, Ok from

Obituaries, Oklahoma, Ok, Oklahoman

18. Colcord Center 421 NW 13th St, Suite 210/220 Oklahoma City, Ok 73103 Office hours: 8 a.m

Oklahoma, Ok, Office

19. Most of them are pure speculation.It does not seem at all likely, from the linguistic and historical evidence, that it comes from the Scots expression och aye, the Greek ola kala ('it is good'), the Choctaw Indian Oke or Okeh ('it is

Of, Och, Ola, Oke, Or, Okeh

20. Emoji Meaning The letters Ok, shown enclosed in a square


21. Emoji Meaning The female version of the 🙆 Face With Ok Gesture emoji.

Of, Ok

22. 524 OkC, Ok 73106 TEL: 405.962.1800 FAX: 405.962.1821

Okc, Ok

23. Find 242 ways to say Ok, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


24. Ok first appeared as an abbreviation for “Oll Korrect,” printed in a satirical article about grammar, the Economist continues

Ok, Oll

25. The Official Website of the Oklahoma Lottery Commission

Official, Of, Oklahoma

26. The mission of the Oklahoma Lottery Commission is to maximize revenues for public education through the creation and marketing of fun and entertaining products consistent with the highest levels of service, integrity and public accountability.

Of, Oklahoma

27. The Ok Corral, Livery and Feed Stable in Tombstone, Arizona, became world-famous in 1881 after the legendary gunfight that included Doc Holliday …


28. Follow us on twitter @OkMagazine and Instragram @OkMagazine!

On, Okmagazine

29. Ok Kosher Certification maintains one of the most instantly recognizable kosher symbols in the history of kosher certification

Ok, One, Of

30. With hundreds of man-made lakes, state parks, casinos, museums and nightlife and dining opportunities in revitalized downtown areas in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, there is a lot to see and do in the Sooner State

Of, Opportunities, Oklahoma

31.Ok, I'll pass on your message’ ‘Ok, Ok, I give in’ ‘The city hits you with permit fees - Okay, fine.’ ‘Hope to see you all - Okay, not all, as there isn't a bar big enough to fit everyone, but lots of you - on the 9th.’ ‘I hope my labours (and, Okay, those of the musicians) are enjoyed by the ne'er-do-wells.’

Ok, On, Okay, Of

32. Foreign Animal Disease Southern Agriculture Functional Exercise (FAD SAFE) Regional 3 day exercise that will focus on FMD response between the southern states (Ok, TX, LA, MS,…

On, Ok

33. November 26 – December 4, 2021 Oklahoma State Fair Park OkC

Oklahoma, Okc

34. Discover Oklahoma is Oklahoma's favorite weekly travel program, helping you find tucked away attractions, roadside eateries and grand adventures. Oklahoma Today


35. Read. Oklahoma Today magazine brings the best of Oklahoma's people, places, travel, culture, food and outdoors to its readers. Oklahoma Film + Music.

Oklahoma, Of, Outdoors

36. Welcome to the Board of Licensed Architects, Landscape Architects, and Registered Interior Designers! Our mission is to protect the citizens of Oklahoma by regulating and promoting quality practice in the professions of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design.

Of, Our, Oklahoma

37. Oklahoma choose the site nearest you: fort smith, AR; lawton


38. My.Ok.GOV is your one-stop-shop for a digital service delivery

Ok, One

39. Ok Produce believes fresh produce isn’t exclusive, and everyone should have access to the freshest fruits and vegetables


40. Welcome to your Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODOL) website

Oklahoma, Of, Odol

41. We endeavor to make Oklahoma a safe and healthy place to live and work


42. Through its various divisions, ODOL touches almost everyone in Oklahoma, from boiler and elevator safety, to workplace safety and health, to protecting employee wages and rights.

Odol, Oklahoma

43. LoOking for online definition of Ok or what Ok stands for? Ok is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

Online, Of, Ok, Or

44. Oklahoma Insurance Department 400 NE 50th Street, Oklahoma City, Ok 73105 405.521.2828 Business Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM About Policies Accessibility Follow us on :

Oklahoma, Ok, On

45. The Ok hand emoji has a range of meanings: It can stand in for the word Ok, (or the Ok hand gesture) communicate strong approval, mark sarcasm, or combine with other emoji to represent sex

Ok, Of, Or, Other

46. Important context: While the Ok hand emoji has many harmless meanings, it was co-opted as a white supremacist symbol in the late 2010s.

Ok, Opted

47. Established under the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma in 1907, the Oklahoma State Election Board is the administrative agency for the conduct of state elections and the oversight of the state's 77 county election boards

Of, Oklahoma, Oversight




OK [ˌōˈkā]


Synonyms: All right . Right . Very well . Yes . Fine . Agreed . Achcha .

OK (adjective) · okay (adjective)

Synonyms: Satisfactory . All right . Fine . In order . Acceptable . Up to scratch . Up to the mark . Up to par . Competent . Adequate . Tolerable . Passable . Reasonable . Fair . Decent . Not bad . Average . Middling . Moderate . Unremarkable . Unexceptional . Unsatisfactory . Unacceptable . Inadequate . Fine . All right . Well . Fit . Healthy . As fit as a flea . Up to snuff . Ill . Unwell . Permissible . Allowable . Acceptable . All right . In order . Permitted . Fine . Fitting . Suitable . Appropriate .

OK (adverb) · okay (adverb)

Synonyms: All right . Fine . Well . Well enough . Satisfactorily . Passably . Tolerably . Acceptably .

OK (noun) · OKs (plural noun) · okay (noun) · okays (plural noun)

Synonyms: Authorization . Approval . Seal of approval . Agreement . Consent . Assent . Permission . Endorsement . Ratification . Sanction . Approbation . Acquiescence . Confirmation . Blessing . Leave . Imprimatur . Refusal . Denial .

OK (verb) · OK's (third person present) · OK'd (past tense) · OK'd (past participle) · OK'ing (present participle) · okay (verb) · okays (third person present) · okayed (past tense) · okayed (past participle) · okaying (present participle) · OKs (third person present) · OKed (past tense) · OKed (past participle) · OKing (present participle)

Synonyms: Authorize . Approve . Sanction . Pass . Ratify . Endorse . Allow . Rubber-stamp . Refuse . Forbid . Veto .


Synonyms: .

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