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1. Out: [adverb] in a direction away from the inside or center

Out, Or

2. Out synonyms, Out pronunciation, Out translation, English dictionary definition of Out

Out, Of

3. In a direction away from the inside: went Out to hail a taxi


4. Away from the center or middle: The troops fanned Out

Or, Out

5. (NYSE: Out) announced today that its board of directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend on the Company's stock of $0.10 …

Out, Of, On

6. Charli XCX & Saweetie) [Official Video]Listen to 'Out Out' now: Joel Corry:htt

Official, Out, Outfollow

7. The Crossword Solver found 109 answers to the Out crossword clue


8. An Out file is a compiled executable file created by various source code compilers in Unix-like operating systems, such as Linux and AIX

Out, Operating

9. Out files have been largely replaced by the newer COFF (Common Object File Format) format.

Out, Object

10. Out definition, away from, or not in, the normal or usual place, position, state, etc.: Out of alphabetical order; to go Out to dinner

Out, Or, Of, Order

11. To conclude in a successful or pleasing manner; to work Out

Or, Out

12. I'm delighted with how that all panned Out! I hope this decision pans Out for him


13. Tom is panned Out on the sofa, if you're looking for him

Out, On

14. Would you mind fixing dinner tonight? I need to go pan Out for a


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16. $Out can take a string to specify only the Output collection (i.e

Out, Only, Output

17. Output to a collection in the same database): { $Out: "<Output-collection>"} // Output collection

Output, Out

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19. Set up an Out of office status and message to let your teammates know you're not working or on vacation

Out, Of, Office, Or, On

20. When teammates send you a chat message, they'll see your Out of office reply and know you're unavailable

Out, Of, Office

21. Your Out of office status will also sync with automatic replies in your Outlook calendar.

Out, Of, Office, Outlook

22. “WPR Reports: Mapped Out” is a limited-run Wisconsin Public Radio podcast abOut the 2011 fight over legislative redistricting in Wisconsin — how it was supposed to go, how it really happened, and how those decisions impact Wisconsinites today.

Out, Over

23. Forgot Username or Password?: Contact [email protected] using Your Official Out Email

Or, Out, Official

24. At Out & Out Original, we believe in a simple process

Out, Original

25. 591k Followers, 587 Following, 2,027 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Out Magazine (@Outmagazine)

Out, Outmagazine

26. The second-oldest LGBT organisation in SOuth Africa, Out provides stigma-free HIV, sexual health and other services to gay, bisexual and MSM communities

Oldest, Organisation, Out, Other

27. That's why in a world where food is often over-processed, prepackaged and frozen, In-N-Out makes everything the old fashioned way.

Often, Over, Out, Old

28. Out est un groupe de metal créé en 1995.Il a publié trois albums : Out, Xposition et Unik.


29. Out & Out Custard serves up exceptionally delicious fresh food fast


30. Tip: If you want to edit an Office document at the same time as other people (also called co-authoring), don’t check Out the document.Just open it and edit it

Office, Other, Out, Open

31. 🔥“Brain Out” is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers and different riddles testing challenge your mind😝

Out, Of

32. Out-of-network care and services; Costs above the allowed amount for a service that a provider may charge; The Out-of-pocket limit for Marketplace plans varies, but can’t go over a set amount each year

Out, Of, Over

33. For the 2022 plan year: The Out-of-pocket limit for a Marketplace plan can’t be more than $8,700 for an individual and $17,400 for a family.

Out, Of

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35. Out MetroWest builds communities where LGBTQ+ yOuth thrive.


36. A Way Out is an intense co-op adventure game where characters break Out of prison and continue beyond

Out, Op, Of

37. With a release, you can manage your app's Android App Bundle (or APK for apps created before August 2021) and then roll Out your app to a specific track.

Or, Out

38. Discover Tokyo's best restaurants, bars, films, gigs, clubs, things to do and places to see with Time Out Tokyo


39. If you have linked accounts, click Sign Out next to the account you’d like to sign Out of

Out, Of




OUT [out]

out (adverb)

Synonyms: .


Synonyms: .

out (adjective)

Synonyms: Away . Elsewhere . Absent .

out (noun) · outs (plural noun) · the outs (plural noun)

Synonyms: .

out (verb) · outs (third person present) · outed (past tense) · outed (past participle) · outing (present participle)

Synonyms: Uncover . Reveal . Show . Display . Exhibit . Disclose . Manifest . Unveil . Unmask . Discover . Bring to light . Unearth . Let out . Divulge . Denounce . Condemn . Detect . Find out . Catch out . Smoke out . Betray . Give away . Throw out . Bar . Ban . Debar . Drum out . Turn out . Oust . Remove . Get rid of . Reject . Dismiss . Blackball . Blacklist . Cashier . Admit . Welcome .


Synonyms: .

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