How to Use Prove in a sentence with examples

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1. The meaning of Prove is to establish the existence, truth, or validity of (as by evidence or logic)


2. Proved, Proved or prov·en (pro͞o′vən), prov·ing, Proves

Proved, Prov, Pro, Proves

3. To establish the truth or validity of (something) by the presentation of argument or evidence: The novel Proves that the essayist can write in more than one genre

Presentation, Proves

4. Synonyms for Prove: demonstrate, document, establish, substantiate, validate, come out, fall out, pan out; Antonyms for Prove: disProve, rebut, refute

Prove, Pan

5. Prove definition, to establish the truth or genuineness of, as by evidence or argument: to Prove one's claim


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7. Prove is the modern way for businesses to enable their customers to Prove their identities with just a phone

Prove, Phone

8. Prove offers phone-centric solutions that enable its customers to acquire new

Prove, Phone

9. Conjugate Prove in every English verb tense including present, past, and future.

Prove, Present, Past

10. Prove is a verb that either means to demonstrate one’s competence or to verify something


11. Proofread would be a better choice for these circumstances, clearing the way for you to use Prove as a verb

Proofread, Prove

12. Otro verbo que es muy parecido a Proveer, y que por ende también genera

Parecido, Proveer, Por

13. Hos er der på dansk og engelsk 30 videolektioner og 42 teoriprøver til bil


14. Prove is the modern way for businesses to enable their customers to Prove their identities with just a phone

Prove, Phone

15. Prove offers phone-centric solutions that enable its customers to acquire new consumers and engage with their existing consumers by removing friction while bolstering security, and enhancing consumer privacy and consumer choice.

Prove, Phone, Privacy

16. The state is stored in a file called .Prove (_Prove on Windows and VMS) in the current directory


17. Synonyms for Prove include demonstrate, show, substantiate, determine, establish, verify, attest, confirm, evince and validate


18. Note: `Prove' here means `to test by experiment or analysis' rather than `to establish as true'


19. What does Prove mean? To be shown to be such; turn out


20. (verb) A theory that Proved impractical in practice; a schedule that Proved to be too

Proved, Practice

21. If you say you love eating raw eggs, you may have to Prove it by chugging a few


22. When someone asks you to Prove something, you need evidence, also known as …


23. Proof complexity, computational resources required to Prove statements

Proof, Prove

24. To show that something is true by providing facts, information etc → proof You’re wrong, and I can Prove it

Providing, Proof, Prove

25. Prove (that) Tests have Proved that the system works

Prove, Proved

26. Prove something to somebody I knew he had done it, but there was no way I could Prove it to Eddie


27. Prove somebody’s guilt/innocence He claims the police destroyed records

Prove, Police

28. Irregular verb definition for 'to Prove', including the base form, past simple, past participle, 3rd person singular, present participle / gerund

Prove, Past, Participle, Person, Present

29. Verb past participle Proved, past participle Proven /ˈpruːv (ə)n/ /ˈprəʊv (ə)n/

Past, Participle, Proved, Proven, Pru, Pr

30. Prove something They hope this new evidence will Prove her innocence


31. ‘I know you're lying.’ ‘Prove it!’ He felt he needed to Prove his point (= show other people that he was right)

Prove, Point, People

32. Are you just doing this to Prove a point? What are you trying to Prove? I certainly don't have anything to …

Prove, Point

33. Prove definition: If something Proves to be true or to have a particular quality, it becomes clear after a Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Prove, Proves, Particular, Pronunciation

34. The aim of this test is to “Prove” that you have the skills and ability to use Microsoft Office at your new job without too much guidance or prep

Prove, Prep

35. Prove verb conjugation to all tenses, modes and persons

Prove, Persons

36. Search the definition and the translation in context for “ Prove ”, with examples of use extracted from real-life communication


37. 1200, prēven, pruven, Proven "to try by experience or by a test or standard; evaluate; demonstrate in practice," from Old French Prover, pruver "show; convince; put to the test" (11c., Modern French prouver), from Latin probare "to make good; esteem, represent as good; make credible, show, demonstrate; test, inspect; judge by trial" (source also of Spanish probar, Italian

Pr, Pruven, Proven, Practice, Prover, Pruver, Put, Prouver, Probare, Probar

38. Proves; Proved; Proved or chiefly US Proven / ˈ pruːvən/ ; proving

Proves, Proved, Proven, Pru, Proving

39. To test, evince, ascertain, or verify, as the correctness of any operation or result; thus, in subtraction, if the difference between two numbers, added to the lesser number, makes a sum equal to the greater, the correctness of the subtraction is Proved.


40. Prove is a past tense form of the verb Prove, which means to show evidence for something

Prove, Past

41. Proved is the simple past and past participle form of this verb, as you can see from the sentences below, Yesterday, Eric Proved his impressive skills by outselling the rest of the sales force combined.

Proved, Past, Participle

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43. 69 synonyms for Prove: turn out, come out, end up, be found to be, verify, establish, determine, show, evidence, confirm, demonstrate, justify, ascertain


44. The default threshold value is Prove:*default-slow-threshold*


45. You can change the test report formats by setting Prove:*default-reporter* to :list, :dot, :tap or :fiveam


46. Which players have the most to Prove against the New York Jets? It …

Players, Prove

47. Eating Disorders and Social Media Prove Difficult to Untangle


48. Children of God for Life gives you the full truth and the resources you need to Prove it! The fact that the Chickenpox, Hepatitis-A and MMR vaccines were developed using aborted fetal cell lines, MRC-5, and WI-38 has never been hidden from the public

Prove, Public

49. The quest to Prove the existence of life on Mars is currently stuck at level three, as scientists have yet to Prove that methane is being produced by biological sources

Prove, Produced

50. EU Is Out to Prove Saving the Planet Doesn’t Have to Hurt Growth

Prove, Planet




PROVE [pro͞ov]

prove (verb) · proves (third person present) · proved (past tense) · proving (present participle) · proven (past participle)

Synonyms: Demonstrate . Show . Manifest . Evince . Determine . Substantiate . Corroborate . Verify . Ratify . Validate . Authenticate . Attest . Certify . Document . Bear out . Confirm . Disprove .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between prove and show?

As verbs the difference between prove and show is that prove is to demonstrate that something is true or viable; to give proof for or prove can be (proove) while show is to display, to have somebody see (something). As a noun show is (countable) a play, dance, or other entertainment.

What is the definition of proved?

Definition of prove. transitive verb. 1 archaic : to learn or find out by experience. 2a : to test the truth, validity, or genuineness of the exception proves the rule prove a will at probate.

What does prove mean?

Prove verb. to take a trial impression of; to take a proof of; as, to prove a page. Prove verb. to make trial; to essay. Prove verb. to be found by experience, trial, or result; to turn out to be; as, a medicine proves salutary; the report proves false. Prove verb. to succeed; to turn out as expected.

What is the Bible definition of prove?

Encyclopedias - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - Prove. PROVE. proov (bachan, nacah; dokimazo, peirazo): Means (1) to test or try; (2) to establish, demonstrate; (3) to find by experience. It is for the most part in the first (original) sense that the word is found in Scripture.

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