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1. Result: [verb] to proceed or arise as a consequence, effect, or conclusion


2. Synonyms for Result: aftereffect, aftermath, backwash, child, conclusion, consequence, corollary, development; Antonyms for Result: antecedent, causation, cause


3. Result definition, to spring, arise, or proceed as a consequence of actions, circumstances, premises, etc.; be the outcome


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Result, Related

5. Result 'Result' is a 6 letter word starting with R and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Result' Clue Answer; Final score (6) Result: Final score in a game (6) Test outcome (6) Bottom line (6) Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Result

Result, Related

6. The Result of that was the birth of kittens two months later


7. The Result was the birth of kittens two months later


8. A Google search for combinations with Result or Results produced the following Results

Result, Results

9. "Result of" = 5,480,000 "Results of" = 5,210,000 "Result in" = 5,440,000 "Results in" = 4,650,000

Result, Results

10. Find any Result online, find exams Results of any class, any education board and university of Pakistan

Result, Results

11. Complete database of every latest and old Result of Primary


12. The Result type is typically used in monadic error-handling, which is often referred to as Railway-oriented Programming within the F# community

Result, Referred, Railway

13. A Result is something that occurs as a consequence of some action


14. The Result of your practical joke is a puddle of water on the floor and a lump on your cousin's head where the bucket hit him.


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16. 107 synonyms for Result: consequence, effect, outcome, end Result, issue, event, development, product


17. Result : Odd / Even Semester Result : 2020 & 2021 : Regular/ Private/ Professional Courses Result : 2020 & 2021 : Declared Result Notice : 2020 & 2021

Result, Regular

18. Lottery USA has the latest lottery numbers and Results for over 240 state lottery games


19. The iterator will either produce a single value (when the Result is Ok), or produce no values (when the Result is Err).For example, into_iter acts like once(v) if the Result is Ok(v), and like empty() if the Result is Err


20. Iterators over Result<T, E> come in three types:


21. Maps a Result<T, E> to Result<U, E> by applying a function to a contained Ok value, leaving an Err value untouched.


22. This function can be used to compose the Results of two functions


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Result, Resultbharat, Results, Railway

24. The Result is a JavaScript ArrayBuffer containing binary data


25. ReadAsBinaryString() The Result contains the raw binary data from the file in a string

Readasbinarystring, Result, Raw

26. ReadAsDataURL() The Result is a string with a data: URL representing the file's data

Readasdataurl, Result, Representing

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29. All Class Result 2021 Matric, Inter, Bachelor, Master, 5th, 8th


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Result, Results

31. (verb) Damage that Resulted from the storm; charges that Resulted from the investigation.


32. Get all Bangladesh education board Result, Job Admit Card 2022, Exam Routine 2022, National University Result, SSC Result 2021, Dakhil Result 2021, HSC Result 2022, HSC Admission Result, University, School Admission Circular and education news from

Result, Routine

33. Result in synonyms, Result in pronunciation, Result in translation, English dictionary definition of Result in


34. Phrasal verb Result in To be the cause of: bring, bring about, bring on, cause, effect, effectuate,



Recruitment, Regular, Result

36. CRPD/SCO/2021-22/14) Download Advertisement (English/Hindi)Final Result


37. Returns the encapsulated Result of the given transform function applied to the encapsulated value if this instance represents success or the original encapsulated Throwable exception if it is failure

Returns, Result, Represents

38. Result in (something) To cause or bring about some particular action or outcome; to end in some particular manner or fashion


39. The heated argument Resulted in tragedy when one of the men pushed the other into an oncoming car


40. We're hoping that this investment Results in a lucrative and sustainable revenue stream

Re, Results, Revenue

41. The motivation behind std::Result_of is to determine the Result of invoking a Callable, in particular if that Result type is different for different sets of arguments


42. As such, std::Result_of suffers from several quirks that led to its deprecation

43. Your Result will normally be available in 2 to 21 days, depending on several factors including the number of sections requested for re-mark

Result, Requested, Re

44. Something that happens or exists because of something that happened before → consequence Result of Accidents are the inevitable Result of driving too fast


45. High unemployment is a direct Result of the recession

Result, Recession

46. End/final/net Result (=the Result at the end of a long process) The net Result of all these changes is that schools should be


47. Result from (something) To exist, emerge, or occur as a direct consequence or outcome of something


48. A dream job as an artistic designer on my favorite film franchise Resulted from spending my spare time drawing fan art and sharing it online


49. In the end, very little actually Resulted from all the heated debate surrounding the issue


50. SSC Result 2021 Publish Date : It is the most Popular Question that when will the Result will Publish


51. Till now, a lot of People ask us about the SSC Result publish date.Here is a simple knowledge (Basic concept) available that’s you may know that the public Exam Result in Bangladesh Release within the 90 days of Exam Started or 60 days after completing …

Result, Release

52. A Result (also called upshot) is the final consequence of a sequence of actions or events expressed qualitatively or quantitatively


53. Possible Results include advantage, disadvantage, gain, injury, loss, value and victory.There may be a range of possible outcomes nt depending on the point of view, historical distance or relevance

Results, Range, Relevance

54. Reaching no Result can mean that actions are inefficient

Reaching, Result

55. Online Result of HSSC (11th) Annual Examination-2021


56. Disclaimer : This Result is issued provisionally, errors and omission excepted, as a notice only


57. UP Board 10th and 12th Result 2020: Evaluation of answer sheets from 5th May, Results likely by early-June, confirms UPMSP Secretary

Result, Results

58. CBSE Board Results 2020 - Latest Updates about Result, Postponed, Reschedule Dates.

Results, Result, Reschedule

59. Nexus-Result-field makes it easy to encode query and mutation operation errors in your schema with Nexus


60. The Result of JEE Advanced AAT mentions candidate personal details, roll number, marks scored, All India rank and other information

Result, Roll, Rank

61. Earlier, the exam conducting authority released the JEE Advanced 2021 Result on October 15 at the official website

Released, Result

62. Along with the declaration of Result, JEE Advanced topper 2021 also released

Result, Released

63. To get a complete mapping of all cells in the Result, which can include multiple families and multiple versions, use getMap().


64. Result (v.) early 15c., Resulten, "occur as a Result, arise as a consequence of facts, arguments, etc.," from Latin Resultare "to spring forward, rebound" (in Medieval Latin "to Result"), a frequentative from the past participle of resilire "to rebound" (see resilience).The etymological sense is rare in English, mostly in poetry, now obsolete

Result, Resulten, Resultare, Rebound, Resilire, Resilience, Rare

65. AOC says Dem Election Day loses Result of running 'fully 100% super moderated campaign'

Result, Running

66. The Result of a match is a "tie" when the scores are equal at the conclusion of play, but only if the side batting last has completed its innings (i.e


67. Towards the right side of the screen, you will see your test Result (negative or positive), the date that you got the test, the date that the test Results were received, and the technical name of the type of test you received

Right, Result, Results, Received

68. You may print a copy of this test Result by clicking the print icon on the top right corner of the screen

Result, Right




RESULT [rəˈzəlt]

result (noun) · results (plural noun)

Synonyms: Consequence . Outcome . Upshot . Outturn . Sequel . Effect . Reaction . Repercussion . Reverberation . Ramification . End . Conclusion . Termination . Culmination . Corollary . Concomitant . Aftermath . Footprint . Product . Produce . Byproduct . Solution . Sequelae . Issue . Success . Verdict . Decision . Opinion . Determination . Judgment . Adjudication . Arbitration . Findings . Ruling . Pronouncement . Decree . Settlement . Order . Cause . Answer . Solution . Calculation . Sum . Total . Aggregate . Product . Quotient . Mark . Score . Percentage . Grade . Grading . Rating . Place . Placing . Position . Rank . Ranking . Assessment . Appraisal . Evaluation .

result (verb) · results (third person present) · resulted (past tense) · resulted (past participle) · resulting (present participle)

Synonyms: Follow . Ensue . Develop . Stem . Spring . Arise . Derive . Evolve . Proceed . Emerge . Emanate . Issue . Flow . Occur . Happen . Take place . Come about . Supervene . Attend . Accompany . Involve . Prompt . Elicit . Precipitate . Trigger . Provoke . Cause . Bring about . Occasion . Effect . Create . Give rise to . Produce . Engender . Generate . Induce . Beget . Cause . Cause . Bring on . Bring about . Call forth . Give rise to . Create . Produce . Occasion . Effect . Engender . Generate . Add to . Help . Promote . Advance . Precipitate . Hasten . Accelerate . Quicken . Prompt . Expedite . Further . Speed up . Provoke . Stir up . Set off . Touch off . Arouse . Rouse . Excite . Foment . Instigate . Cost . Involve . Necessitate . Invite . Risk . Elicit . Entail . Effectuate .

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