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1. The meaning of Scene is one of the subdivisions of a play

Scene, Subdivisions

2. Scene synonyms, Scene pronunciation, Scene translation, English dictionary definition of Scene

Scene, Synonyms

3. The place where events in real life, drama, or fiction occur: Scene of the crime; any view or picture; an embarrassing public display of emotion: Please


4. Synonyms for Scene: background, locale, setting, blowup, explosion, fireworks, fit, hissy Scene: the place and time in which the action for a portion of a dramatic work (as a movie) is set

Synonyms, Scene, Setting, Set

5. Scene is a sub-culture that is spreading around quite quickly

Scene, Sub, Spreading

6. Scene.cameraFollowSprite(null) Scene.centerCameraAt(0, 0) Scene.cameraShake(4,500) See also

Scene, See

7. Show your Scene card to earn points and get exclusive offers on movies, meals, music and more

Show, Scene

8. Scene is an entertainment rewards program brought to you by Scotiabank and Cineplex Entertainment

Scene, Scotiabank

9. & movies together. Scener is a free service that enables you to watch shows

Strong, Scener, Service, Shows

10. Scene definition, the place where some action or event occurs: He returned to the Scene of the murder

Scene, Some

11. A Scene may be invalid if, for example, you tried to open a Scene that does not exist


12. In this case, the Scene returned from EditorSceneManager.OpenScene would return False for IsValid.


13. Scene ® members may redeem a minimum of 500 Scene ® points at Harvey’s for $5.00 off their bill or 1,000 Scene ® points at all other Recipe Restaurants for $10.00 off their bill, excluding alcohol and less all taxes, gratuities and service or delivery charges, to a maximum of $350

Scene, Service

14. The JavaFX Scene class is the container for all content in a Scene graph


15. The background of the Scene is filled as specified by the fill property.

Scene, Specified

16. The application must specify the root Node for the Scene graph by setting the root property

Specify, Scene, Setting

17. If a Group is used as the root, the contents of the Scene graph will be clipped by the Scene's width and height and changes to the Scene's size (if user

Scene, Size

18. Scene software is the best tool to process, register and manage that scan data, resulting in a visually impressive point cloud of the Scene for crime Scene investigation, fire and arson investigation, crash reconstruction and more

Scene, Software, Scan

19. Find 62 ways to say Scene, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Say, Scene, Sentences

20. Scene (loyalty program), a Canadian loyalty program operated by Scotiabank and Cineplex Entertainment

Scene, Scotiabank

21. Scene (perception), a set of information that can flow from a physical environment into a perceptual system via sensory transduction

Scene, Set, System, Sensory

22. Warez Scene, an underground community of people that specialize in the distribution of copyrighted material.

Scene, Specialize

23. Scene helps you make the most of your time with friends and family by rewarding you for choosing fun


24. Show your Scene card and let the rewards roll in! Best of all, it’s totally FREE to join.

Show, Scene

25. Create 3D Scenes in your browser and share them with the world.

Strong, Scenes, Share

26. Like this video? Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! (one's) Scene A place, activity, situation, etc., that one particularly enjoys or in which one feels the most comfortable or at ease

Subscribe, Scene, Situation

27. Thanks for the invite, but paintballing really just isn't my Scene


28. What does Scene mean? The definition of a Scene is a place where something occurs or a setting in a story

Scene, Something, Setting, Story

29. Looking for online definition of Scene or what Scene stands for? Scene is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

Scene, Stands

30. Scene definition: A Scene in a play, film, or book is part of it in which a series of events happen in the Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Scene, Series

31. Over 3 million users love Scene: the best app for organizing and sharing your photos

Scene, Sharing

32. Customize the colors, speed, and direction of your Scene effects

Speed, Scene

33. If you want to edit or delete a Scene, mouse over the Scene and select the edit icon to make changes or the trash bin icon to delete the Scene.

Scene, Select

34. Scene is a movement and subculture that was started in the early 2000s out of the hardcore Scene, and became popular in the mid-2000

Scene, Subculture, Started

35. Members of the original Scene subculture were nicknamed Scene kids, Scenesters, or Trendies.Scene is often confused with or used interchangeably with Emo, a subculture that formed from the music genre "emotive hardcore".

Scene, Subculture, Scenesters

36. The New Scene dialog opens when you create a new Scene from the File menu: (File > New Scene) or the Ctrl/Cmd + n shortcut

Scene, Shortcut

37. Use it to create new Scenes from specific Scene templates in your project, and get information about existing templates

Scenes, Specific, Scene

38. Search field: find available Scene templates by name.

Search, Scene

39. Activities [ singular] a particular set of activities and the people who are involved in them I’m not into the club Scene (=going to night clubs)

Singular, Set, Scene

40. LA’s music Scene the drug Scene a newcomer to the political Scene 3 accident/crime [ singular] what is happening in a place, or what can be seen happening Scene of There were Scenes of

Scene, Singular, Seen, Scenes

41. The Scene style is not only about fashion and interests, but Scene kids talk a certain way too

Scene, Style

42. Scene kids use a lot of old slang like hella, radd, uber, stellar, ect

Scene, Slang, Stellar

43. Many Scene kids will call things sexy or say something is "the sex," which basically means they like it or think its cool.

Scene, Sexy, Say, Something, Sex

44. One of my favourite Scenes from 1984 classic Karate Kid

Strong, Scenes

45. To analyze a Scene in a film, begin by watching the Scene several times while taking notes on the director’s choices, from camera angles to character casting

Scene, Several

46. A Scene can be easily added in OBS by clicking on the plus sign displayed in the image below

Scene, Sign

47. Once you have clicked this, you will simply be asked to choose a name for the Scene

Simply, Scene

48. All of your overlays, sources and general on-screen elements will need to be added via a chosen Scene.

Sources, Screen, Scene

49. Scene provides 10-12 grade students the opportunity to be a professional scientist by designing and conducting an original research project

Scene, Students, Scientist

50. Students who are seriously considering a career in science or engineering are strongly encouraged to apply.Scene is a continuation of a program created by the Southwest Center for Education and the Natural Environment.

Students, Seriously, Science, Strongly, Scene, Southwest

51. Scene Visa cardholders will earn points for purchases made with their Scene Visa card (“Card”)


52. A Card must be connected to a Scene membership account to earn points on purchases made on the Card


53. So this Scene’s between Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Johnny, who is an uncle to a kid named Jesse

So, Scene

54. Early usages of Scene kid predate the Scene subculture and appeared in reference to music genres, raves, and other activities around the late 1990s

Scene, Subculture

55. The hardcore Scene would refer to a group of people who enjoy the hardcore genre of music and who might discuss it with one another.


56. The Arts Scene: Central Washington Artists’ Exhibition: 10 counties, 243 entries, 67 pieces chosen from 53 artists Literature Coffeehouse Poets: Lines, lives and poetic license





SCENE [sēn]

scene (noun) · scenes (plural noun)

Synonyms: Location . Site . Place . Position . Point . Spot . Locale . Whereabouts . Arena . Stage . Set . Locus . View . Vista . Outlook . Panorama . Prospect . Sight . Landscape . Scenery . Picture . Tableau . Spectacle . Incident . Event . Episode . Happening . Moment . Field . Interest . Speciality . Territory . Province . Preserve . Sphere . World . Milieu . Realm . Domain . Fuss . Performance . Tantrum . Outburst . Commotion . Disturbance . Row . Upset . Contretemps . Furor . Brouhaha . Section . Segment . Part . Clip . Sequence . Subdivision . Division . Section . Segment .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word "scene" mean?

noun the place where some action or event occurs: He returned to the scene of the murder. any view or picture. an incident or situation in real life.

What is considered "scene"?

A scene is a part of a film, as well as an act, a sequence (longer or shorter than a scene), and a setting (usually shorter than a scene).

What does what is the scene mean?

scene (Noun) The place, time, circumstance, etc., in which anything occurs, or in which the action of a story, play, or the like, is laid; surroundings amid which anything is set before the imagination; place of occurrence, exhibition, or action.

What is the difference between setting and scene?

is that setting is while scene is to exhibit as a scene; to make a scene of; to display. As nouns the difference between setting and scene. is that setting is the time, place and circumstance in which something (such as a story or picture) is set; context; scenario while scene is the location of an event that attracts attention.

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