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1. Welcome to the Seat world; if you are looking for a car, this is the right place


2. Seat: [noun] a chair, stool, or bench intended to be sat in or on

Seat, Stool, Sat

3. Seat synonyms, Seat pronunciation, Seat translation, English dictionary …

Seat, Synonyms

4. Seat definition, something designed to support a person in a sitting position, as a chair, bench, or pew; a place on or in which one sits

Seat, Something, Support, Sitting, Sits

5. Seat will be temporarily reducing the current fares structure due to the pandemic in all Seat’s service area to the following: - General Public Demand Response service $2.00 one way/countywide - Elderly and Disabled (E&D) service $1.00 …

Seat, Structure, Service

6. Buy a car Seat appropriate for your child's current age, weight, and height


7. For safety, it is very important to have a car Seat that fits your child and faces the right direction

Safety, Seat

8. Be sure to follow the car Seat maker's recommendations

Sure, Seat

9. Добре дошли в света на Seat, ако търсите автомобил това е правилното място


10. Seat is a multi-municipal public agency created by the local municipalities and acting ordinances similar to the Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments

Seat, Similar, Southeastern

11. Seat consists of nine member towns including East Lyme, Griswold, Groton, Lisbon, Montville, New London, Norwich, Stonington and Waterford.

Seat, Stonington

12. Seat og Seat forhandleren betaler præmieskat af gevinsterne


13. Præmierne skal afhentes hos den lokale Seat-forhandler hvor præmien er vundet

Skal, Seat

14. (English: / ˈ s eɪ ɑː t /, Spanish: ; Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo) is a Spanish car manufacturer, which sells its vehicles under the Seat and Cupra brands

Spanish, Sociedad, Sells, Seat

15. Seat is a company with two clearly defined brands: Seat and CUPRA


16. The journey of the world-renowned Spanish car company began 70 years ago: Seat was founded on May 9, 1950 and quickly brought

Spanish, Seat

17. The Seat Arona is the new crossover SUV to suit modern life

Seat, Suv, Suit

18. Navigate the urban jungle or cruise the countryside with ease and style in Seat Arona.

Style, Seat

19. The ultimate source for airplane Seating, in-flight amenities, flights shopping and airline information.

Source, Strong, Seating, Shopping

20. Seat: A Simple, EVE Online API Tool and Corporation Manager

Seat, Simple

21. Seat is a simple, EVE Online Corporation and API management tool

Seat, Simple

22. Seat allows you to keep an eye on all things related to your corporation; from wallets, to mail, to assets for both characters and corporations.


23. Synonyms for Seat: command, headquarters, backside, behind, booty, bottom, breech, bum

Synonyms, Seat

24. Find 100 ways to say Seat, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Say, Seat, Sentences

25. Like this video? Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! by the Seat of (one's) pants Without a clear plan or direction

Subscribe, Seat

26. Often used in the phrase "fly by the Seat of (one's) pants." I know my parents think that I'm just flying by the Seat of my pants ever since I dropped out of college, but I just signed with a record

Seat, Since, Signed

27. Motor Trend Gray Faux Leather Seat Covers for Front Seats, 2-Pack – Padded Car Seat Cushions with Storage Pockets, Premium Seat Cushion for Truck Auto Van SUV

Seat, Seats, Storage, Suv

28. King Kovers of Fremont has been a motorcycle Seat specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years

Seat, Specialist, San

29. We can repair or replace all interior upholstery and Seats, including frames, springs, and electric Seats

Seats, Springs

30. Seat laws to the person into whose care the child will be discharged

Strong, Seat

31. Car Seat Protector Cushion Mat, 2 Pack Baby Seat Protector C


32. Nursing Cover Breastfeeding Scarf, Car Seat Covers for Babies Infant CarSeat Canopy, Stretchy Soft Breathable Multi-Use Cover Ups for Stroller High Chair Shopping Cart for Boys Girls

Scarf, Seat, Stretchy, Soft, Stroller, Shopping

33. Welcome to the Seat world; if you are looking for a car, this is the right place


34. If you wish to upgrade to the latest version of Seat refer to the upgrade section

Strong, Seat, Section

35. Contact¶ Want to get in touch with developers, or just other users of Seat? Refer to the contact section to find out how!

Strong, Seat, Section

36. Absolutely love this Seat! Shipped to the USA very quickly! The quality really impressed me! The design was the best formula 1 replica I saw on the market! Customer service …

Strong, Seat, Shipped, Saw, Service

37. Seat - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


38. Seat is the only company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets cars in Spain

Seat, Spain

39. Make sure that you have a Seat in the front half of the cabin

Sure, Seat

40. Choose your preferred Seat towards the front of the LOT Economy Class, to be among the first who get off the plane after landing


41. A standard Seat is a good choice when you want to be sure to sit next to your family or friends.

Standard, Seat, Sure, Sit

42. Seat CONNECT app brings enhanced connectivity and technology to your Seat


43. Doona™ Car Seat & Stroller is the world’s first complete and fully integrated travel system, allowing you to move from car Seat to stroller in seconds

Strong, Seat, Stroller, System, Seconds

44. Update November 11, 2021: With the release of CSP Seat-based offers in the new commerce experience, partners asked for additional time to deploy the technical and operational changes required for the transition


45. Our huge selection includes Seat covers for all the popular cars, trucks, and SUVs - from Ford and Chevy to Honda and Toyota and many more

Selection, Strong, Seat, Suvs

46. Seat belt sign to the neck and chest appears to be less predictive of serious underlying injury, usually, present less than five percent of patients

Strong, Seat, Sign, Serious

47. Seat belt injuries to the abdomen (and to the lumbar spine) may occur slightly more common in those with external signs of injury, but data has not been consistent.

Strong, Seat, Spine, Slightly, Signs

48. Burfi Music brings to you Official Video of AMMY VIRK Latest song " KHABBI Seat featuring Sweetaj Brar .The track is Penned down by Happy Raikoti They

Song, Seat, Sweetaj

49. Seat Alerts finds a window or aisle Seat better than 75% of the time


50. • With a Free account, you can set up one Free Seat Alert at a time using the Any Seat, Any Window or Any Aisle options

Set, Seat

51.Seat maps include SeatGuru® Seat ratings so you know which Seat is the right Seat for you.

Seat, Seatguru, So

52. A Free Seat? R&D needs bikes and you get a free Seat if you're willing to loan us yours! Check the list of our currently needed HERE


53. Corbin Motorcycle Seats and Accessories for Honda Motorcycles TOURING & SPORT

Strong, Seats, Sport




SEAT [sēt]

seat (noun) · seats (plural noun)

Synonyms: Chair . Place . Space . Seating . Room . Buttocks . Behind . Backside . Bottom . Rear . Rear end . Rump . Haunches . Hindquarters . Cheeks . Derrière . Sitzfleisch . Fundament . Posterior . Nates . Breech . Residence . Mansion . Stately home . Abode . Headquarters . Location . Site . Whereabouts . Place . Base . Center . Nerve center . Nucleus . Hub . Focus . Focal point . Heart . Country seat . County seat .

seat (verb) · seats (third person present) · seated (past tense) · seated (past participle) · seating (present participle)

Synonyms: Position . Put . Place . Stand . Station . Install . Settle . Arrange . Dispose . Array . Range . Deploy . Posit . Take a seat . Perch . Flop . Collapse . Flump . Stand . Rise . Contain . Take . Sit . Hold . Accommodate .

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