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1. Sense definition is - a meaning conveyed or intended : import, signification; especially : one of a set of meanings a word or phrase may bear especially as segregated in a dictionary entry

Sense, Signification, Set, Segregated

2. Available for single-phase, split-phase and three-phase panels, the Sense monitor is an ideal solution for existing infrastructure

Single, Split, Sense, Solution

3. Eliminates the need for additional hardware to gain access to Sense’s data and insights.


4. A perception or feeling produced by a stimulus; sensation: a Sense of fatigue and hunger.

Stimulus, Sensation, Sense

5. 77 synonyms of Sense from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 164 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Synonyms, Sense

6. Sense: an indefinite physical response to a stimulus

Sense, Stimulus

7. Sense definition, any of the faculties, as sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch, by which humans and animals perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside the body: My Sense of smell tells me that dinner is ready

Sense, Sight, Smell, Stimuli

8. The Sense Home Energy Monitor tracks your home's energy use in real time to help you save, see what's happening in your home, and avoid disaster

Sense, Save, See

9. The Sense Energy Monitor is ETL/Intertek certified for safe installation in your electrical panel.

Sense, Safe

10. Shop online the latest FW21 collection of designer for Men on SSense and find the perfect clothing & accessories for you among a great selection.

Shop, Strong, Ssense, Selection

11. The Sense Protocol is a decentralized fixed-income protocol on Ethereum, allowing users to manage risk through fixed rates and future yield trading on existing yield bearing-assets


12. Sense has a permissive design, allowing anyone to create new future yield markets


13. Sense is here to help people communicate and experience the world


14. Amzpas Bands Compatible with Fitbit Versa 3 / Fitbit Sense, Soft Adjustable Breathable Replacement Wristband for Fitbit Sense/Versa 3 Smartwatch for Women (Pure Black+Cape Code Blue+Seashell) $12.99

Sense, Soft, Smartwatch, Seashell

15. Sense-lang provides a full package for those who want to learn typing: how to type instructions, free typing games online, typing test, Certification diploma and more


16. A Sense is a biological system used by an organism for sensation, the process of gathering information about the world and responding to stimuli

Sense, System, Sensation, Stimuli

17. (For example, in the human body, the brain receives signals from the Senses, which continuously receive information from the environment, interprets these signals, and causes the body to respond

Signals, Senses

18. If you haven't created an account yet, please use our mobile app to sign up and connect to your Sense monitor.

Sign, Sense

19. Find 175 ways to say Sense, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

Say, Sense, Sentences

20. The Sense app connects to a Sense home energy monitor or Wiser Energy monitor installed in your home’s electrical panel


21. The Sense monitor analyzes changes in current and voltage one million times per second, giving you insights into your power consumption with unprecedented accuracy.

Sense, Second

22. Organize by: [Syllables] Letters: Show rare words: [Yes] No: Show phrases: [Yes] No: See Sense used in context: 100+ rhymes, 94 …

Syllables, Show, See, Sense

23. Sensitivity encoding (Sense) is based on the fact that receiver sensitivity generally has an encoding effect complementar …

Sensitivity, Sense

24. Sense is a biological perception in the body that fosters proper human functionality


25. Some of the Sense organs in the body include eyes – an organ for seeing, Nose – a Sense for smell, tongue – a Sense for taste etc

Some, Sense, Seeing, Smell

26. When you Sense something, you know it intuitively, like when you can tell your mother is angry not by her words but by the tone of her voice.

Sense, Something

27. Sense identifies patterns in your energy use to help your family be more efficient, informed, and secure

Sense, Secure

28. An ounce of common Sense is worth a pound of theory


29. NOTE: The Sense 1 and Sense 2 scanners have been discontinued and are no available for sale

Sense, Scanners, Sale

30. This page is only to provide the Sense 1 and Sense 2 software

Sense, Software

31. As nouns the difference between sence and Sense is that sence is while Sense is (Senseid) any of the manners by which living beings perceive the physical world: for humans sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste

Sence, Sense, Senseid, Sight, Smell

32. As a verb Sense is to use biological Senses: to either smell, watch, taste, hear or feel.

Sense, Senses, Smell

33. Sense will fund 50 PhD students, providing them with stipend, residential training, fieldwork funds and covering all fees for 3-years and 9-months

Sense, Students, Stipend

34. Our students will obtain a PhD from the University of Edinburgh or the University of Leeds, and your certificate will recognise the exceptional training you received as part of Sense, and will

Students, Sense


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Span, Serp, Src, Strong

36. Sense and Sensibility, a novel by Jane Austen that was published anonymously in three volumes in 1811 and that became a classic

Sense, Sensibility

37. If you Sense something, you feel that it exists or is true, without being told or having proof Perhaps he Sensed your distrust

Sense, Something, Sensed

38. Sense (that) I could Sense that something was wrong

Sense, Something

39. Sense what/how/who etc Hugo had already Sensed how unhappy she was

Sense, Sensed, She

40. The word and its derivative Sensed are also used as verbs


41. The five Sense organs are our windows to the outside world


42. A: "So all you need to do is get married and they'll let you stay in the country?" B: "In a Sense, but there's a lot more work involved than just that." In a Sense, the book's story stands as a metaphor for the American dream

So, Stay, Sense, Story, Stands

43. Important: Storage Sense works on your system drive only, which contains the Windows operating system and is usually referred to by C:.To free up space on other drives, go to More storage settings > View storage usage on other drives.

Storage, Sense, System, Space, Settings

44. Sense Desktop features the following: - Clock flip animation - Over 20+ Sense skins to choose from - Automatic location (from cell/Wi-Fi or GPS) or manual - Automatic weather update interval (15 min, 30 min, 1, 2, 4 hours) or manual - Detailed current weather forecast display that includes the following: - Local time (for current location

Sense, Skins

45. Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story is a 2.5D game inspired by Clock Tower and Fatal Frame

Sense, Story

46. With careful attention to pacing, atmosphere and storytelling, Sense hopes to return the horror genre to its roots; celebrating the slow, fearful creep of dread instead of …

Storytelling, Sense, Slow

47. 1400, "faculty of perception," also "meaning, import, interpretation" (especially of Holy Scripture), from Old French sens "one of the five Senses; meaning; wit, understanding" (12c.) and directly from Latin sensus "perception, feeling, undertaking, meaning," from sentire "perceive, feel, know," probably a figurative use of a literally meaning "to find one's way," or "to go

Scripture, Sens, Senses, Sensus, Sentire

48. I-Sense Institute for Sensing and Embedded Network Systems Engineering

Sense, Sensing, Systems

49. Sense installs in your electrical panel and allows you to monitor your home energy use directly from your smartphone or web browser

Sense, Smartphone

50. The Center is pleased to announce that the results from the 2020 administration of the Survey of Entering Student Engagement (Sense) are now available through the online reporting system.The online reporting system allows member colleges to view results through standard reports as well as through a custom report request platform.

Survey, Student, Sense, System, Standard

51. Sense Chat improves human connections by allowing private, seamless messaging and payments

Sense, Seamless

52. A safe, secure platform where you can chat privately with contacts and earn daily Sense Token rewards

Safe, Secure, Sense

53. Sense - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


54. “Welcome home,masters & princesses”BAND-MAID is an impossibly hard rocking maid band."Sense" Official Music VideoThis song is the opening theme song for the

Sense, Song

55. Sense is a disability charity working to make sure no one, no matter how complex their disabilities, is isolated, left out of life or unable to reach their potential.

Sense, Sure



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