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1. The meaning of Than is —used as a function word to indicate the second member or the member taken as the point of departure in a comparison expressive of inequality—used with comparative adjectives and comparative adverbs

The, Than, To, Taken

2. Used after a comparative adjective or adverb to introduce the second element or clause of an unequal comparison: She is a better athlete Than I

To, The, Than

3. Used to introduce the second element after certain words indicating difference: He draws quite differently Than she does

To, The, Than

4. Than is the word to choose in phrases like smaller Than, smoother Than, and further Than

Than, The, To

5. Than definition, (used, as after comparative adjectives and adverbs, to introduce the second member of an unequal comparison): She's taller Than I am

Than, To, The, Taller

6. Than is a conjunction used mainly in making comparisons—e.g., “My breakfast is better Than yours”; “I make breakfast differently Than you do.” To help distinguish between the two words, remember that Than has no one-word synonyms

Than, To, The, Two, That

7. Than is a conjunction used to introduce the second part of an unequal comparison

Than, To, The

8. When trying to determine whether you should use "Than" or "then," remember that "Than" makes a comparison, whereas "then" involves ordering events or items

Trying, To, Than, Then, That

9. Take the sentence: The quiz was harder "Than" I had expected

Take, The, Than

10. In this case, you are making an implied comparison; the test was more difficult "Than" your previous expectations of the test.

This, The, Test, Than

11. Both Than and comparison have a letter “A” in them

Than, Them

12. These two words are very close in their appearance, but Than vs

These, Two, Their, Than

13. Than is used to form comparisons between two things.

Than, To, Two, Things

14. They are both correct because 'Than' can be considered a conjunction or a preposition

They, Than

15. The best option, however, is to use 'Than I' and to expand your sentence to include a verb after 'I.' (e.g., He is taller Than I am.)

The, To, Than, Taller

16. This page explains 'Than I' and 'Than me' with examples and has an interactive exercise.

This, Than

17. As a preposition (followed by a noun): I’m taller Than my dad

Taller, Than

18. (followed by a number): A crowd of more Than 10,000 had gathered


19. Object pronouns are normally used after Than: He was three years older Than me

Than, Three

20. Some people think that it is more correct to use subject pronouns after Than, but this sounds very formal and old-fashioned: No one could have worked harder Than she.

Think, That, To, Than, This

21. Than is used to draw a comparison between two or more items, while then is used in relation to time and the order in which events occur

Than, To, Two, Then, Time, The

22. (For example: Julie had been taller Than her little brother at the start of the year, but then Corey grew over the summer until he stood half an inch taller Than his sister.) Than developed from the word then and did not exist until the 1700s.

Taller, Than, The, Then

23. The most voted sentence example for Than is He thinks you are better Than

The, Than, Thinks

24. See: (as) slow as molasses in January (have done) more (something) Than (one) has had hot dinners (it's) better to be a live dog Than a dead lion (it's) better to be late Than be

Than, To

25. This is based on an analysis of Than by which Than is a conjunction and the personal pronoun (‘she’) is standing in for a full clause: he is smaller Than she is

This, Than, The

26. However, it is arguable that Than in this context is not a conjunction but a preposition, similar grammatically to words like with, between, or for.

That, Than, This, To

27. Than prep preposition: Relates noun or pronoun to another element of sentence--for example, "a picture of John," "She walked from my house to yours." (in a comparison) (comparaison) que conj conjonction: mot de liaison entre deux propositions

Than, To

28. Ex : "et, mais, si, que" My new car is a lot faster Than my old one.


29. A visitor to the site asked about when to use Than or then

To, The, Than, Then

30. In today’s MMWR, a study of COVID-19 infections in Kentucky among people who were previously infected with SAR-CoV-2 shows that unvaccinated individuals are more Than twice as likely to be reinfected with COVID-19 Than those who were fully vaccinated after initially contracting the virus

Today, That, Than, Twice, To, Those, The

31. These data further indicate that COVID-19 vaccines offer better protection Than natural immunity alone

These, That, Than

32. Than is a conjunction used in comparisons: Tom is smarter Than Bill

Than, Tom

33. Grammatical note: Technically, you should use the subject pronoun after Than (e.g., I), as opposed to the object pronoun (me)

Technically, The, Than, To

34. Examples: I would rather go skiing Than rock climbing


35. Definition of Than preposition in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


36. The word ‘Than’ is very essential when comparing two nouns in terms of more, less, better, worst, smart, dumb, and other comparative adjectives

The, Than, Two, Terms

37.Than’ sometimes is also used in exception-statements.


38. Looking for online definition of Than or what Than stands for? Than is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary

Than, The

39. Greater Than Calculator is a free online tool that displays the greatest of two numbers

Than, Tool, That, The, Two

40. BYJU’S online greater Than calculator tool makes the calculation faster, and it …

Than, Tool, The

41. It’s better get naturally infected Than to get vaccinated

Than, To

42. Yet, the weekly average of COVID-19 deaths is higher now Than it …

The, Than

43. The greater Than or equal to operator (>=) returns TRUE if the first value is greater Than or equal to the second value

The, Than, To, True

44. Explanation: the formula returns TRUE because the value in cell A1 is greater Than or equal to the value in cell B1

The, True, Than, To

45. Vegetables pricier Than pork worry Chinese consumers as costs swell


46. More Than You Know EP, out now Directed by Nicolas Caeyers Creatively Directed by Francesco Ragazzi Starring Romi van

Than, To

47. Consumer price index surges 6.2% in October, worse Than expected and the highest since December 1990

Than, The

48. Inflation across a broad swath of products that consumers buy every day was even worse Than

That, Than

49. For older versions of Aseprite, use Than v1.2.3 (aseprite v1.2b8 and b9) or Than v1.1.1 (older build).


50. “It wasn't forced, it wasn't pressured, it wasn't scary,” Billie Eilish tells Apple Music of making Happier Than Ever

Tells, Than

51. Greater Than symbol is denoted as '>', less Than symbol is denoted as '' and equals to the symbol is denoted as '='.Use this online greater Than less Than calculator to make your comparing decimals task a easier one

Than, To, The, This, Task

52. It is the second fastest company to hit the $1 trillion mark, reaching it just more Than 12 years after its 2010 initial

The, To, Trillion, Than

53. After more Than 70 years, 4 Black men wrongly accused of rape have been exonerated The men, known as the Groveland Four, were accused of raping a white woman in 1949

Than, The

54. Watch the official music video for "More Than My Hometown" by Morgan Wallen now!Listen to "More Than My Hometown" here:

The, Than, To




THAN [T͟Han, T͟Hən]


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