How to Use There in a sentence with examples

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1. There definition is - in that place : at that location

There, That

2. In spoken English, however, people often use There's instead of There are with a plural subject, as in There's two slices of pizza left

There, Two

3. There definition, in or at that place (opposed to here): She is There now

There, That, To

4. It's also the one to use as the first word in sentences that have the subject after the verb: There is a nice hotel in the town

The, To, That, There, Town

5. And it's the one used with the verb be at the beginning of sentences and questions: There are plenty available

The, There

6. There is the choice when talking about places, whether figurative or literal

There, The, Talking

7. The T$ or Therebuck is the virtual money we use in There

The, Therebuck, There

8. Fun is FREE, but don't miss out on the 1000's of amazing things to buy that make There, a place to DO fun things with friends

The, Things, To, That, There

9. "There" has two uses: (Use 1) It is used to denote a specific place

There, Two, To

10. Some More Example Sentences with "There" The Germans are over There

There, The

11. (Here, "There" is a specific place.) There is a …


12. There is, There’s and There are - English Grammar Today - a reference to written and spoken English grammar and usage - Cambridge Dictionary

There, Today, To

13. Their, There, or They're? Their is a possessive pronoun

Their, There, They

14. There is an adverb meaning "that location." It is sometimes used with the verb to be as an idiom

There, That, The, To

15. There Is vs. There Are: How to Choose? Brittney Ross

There, To

16. The choice between the phrases There is and There are at the beginning of a sentence is determined by the noun that follows it

The, There, That

17. Use There is when the noun is singular (“There is a cat”)

There, The

18. Use There are when the noun is plural (“There are two cats”).

There, The, Two

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To, There, The

20. Write to us at [email protected] or whatsapp us …

To, Thereyougo

21. It also has an abstract function, for figurative places, as well as use in statements of fact, typically in "There are" and "There is" constructs.

Typically, There

22. Test yourself with our free English language exercise about 'There, Their & They're'

Test, There, Their, They

23. According to an old legend, There is treasure buried on that island.

To, There, Treasure, That

24. There means the opposite of here; “at that place.”

There, The, That

25. There, their, and they’re are the big trio of commonly confused words

There, Their, They, The, Trio

26. Usually, if you can replace There with here in the same sentence, and it still makes sense, then you are using it correctly.

There, The, Then

27. Examples "There is an old haunted house." "We are going over There to eat."

There, To

28. Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You (Official Video)Listen / Download:♫ We Are The People is out now:

Troye, There, Tfyid, The

29. There was/is something about (someone or something) There wasn't a dry eye in the house; There we are; There we go; There will be hell to pay; There will be the deuce to pay; There will be the devil to pay; There you are; There you go; There you have it; There(in) lies the rub; There, now; There, There; There, There! Thereby; Thereby hangs a

There, The, To, Thereby

30. By the way, There is an expletive in these sentences, but it's also called a dummy subject

The, There, These

31. Diagramming There Since the word There is not grammatically connected to the rest of the sentence, we diagram it on a line floating above the subject in the same way that we diagram interjections and nouns of direct address .

There, The, To, That

32. Lección de gramática con There is,There are en inglés.Hoja de referencia,fichas con soluciones y actividades online

Tica, There

33. English Grammar lesson with There is,There are.Free worksheets to print with key of the exercises,self correcting online activities

There, To, The

34. Find 595 ways to say There, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

To, There, Thesaurus, The, Trusted

35. There, their and they’re are homophones, and they can be tricky ones, too

There, Their, They, Tricky, Too

36. T h ere is a, There is some, Th ere are some, There isn't a, There aren't any

There, Th

37. There comes a time in everyone’s life when a big decision has to be taken

There, Time, To, Taken

38. They’re going to Hawaii, and they plan to stay There until the end of March

They, To, There, The

39. The children loved Disneyland – they want to go There again

The, They, To, There

40. Ever wondered, “Which There do I use?" It can get confusing


41. Understand the difference between There, their and they’re with these rules and examples.

The, There, Their, They, These

42. The confusion between their, There, and they’re occurs because the three words are pronounced in similar ways

The, Their, There, They, Three

43. But There are very simple rules to know which one to use: If the word means "belonging to them," use their

There, To, The, Them, Their

44. Otherwise, There is only one correct answer: There.


45. Organize by: [Syllables] Letters: Show rare words: [Yes] No: Show phrases: [Yes] No: See There used in context: 100+ rhymes, 593 Shakespeare works, 52 Mother Goose rhymes, several books and articles.


46. There are pleased to have our Lona Misa brand & placemaking project featured within the Inside magazine publication this month

There, To, The, This

47. There wouldn't have been a problem if you had called me


48. There'll be a lot to do, won't There? There isn't a cat in the garden, is There? Traditionally, we use a plural verb after 'There' to talk about a plural noun phrase and we use a singular verb with a singular noun phrase.

There, To, The, Traditionally, Talk

49. 'There's absolutely progress,' COP26 president says after climate deal Alok Sharma, who led the COP26 negotiations, speaks to CNBC at a press confercne on Saturday

There, The, To

50. Frequently confused words: There/their/they're Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere

There, Their, They, To

51. There Will Be Blood [Blu-ray] 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,961


52. Is There a supermarket near here? Are There any potatoes in the cupboard? In theory, we use 'There is + singular' and 'There are + plural'

There, The, Theory

53. There is singular; There is plural; There's contraction; negatives; questions; There is There are


54. Use "There is" (There's) for a noun - singular.


55. Use "There is" (There's) for a noun - plural.


56. There were many things to do and see at the amusement park

There, Things, To, The

57. (In this sentence, “There” is used with the plural count noun, “things.”) There was also a lot of food There

This, There, The, Things

58. (In this sentence, “There” is used with the noncount noun, “food.”)

This, There, The





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