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1. Traditional: [adjective] of or relating to tradition : consisting of or derived from tradition.

Traditional, To, Tradition

2. Synonyms for Traditional: classical, conventional, customary, prescriptive, archconservative, brassbound, button-down, conservative; Antonyms for Traditional


3. Traditional definition, of or relating to tradition

Traditional, To, Tradition

4. Find 44 ways to say Traditional, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

To, Traditional, Thesaurus, The, Trusted

5. Traditional definition: Traditional customs , beliefs , or methods are ones that have existed for a long time Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Traditional, That, Time, Translations

6. Traditional - DTLA is a cannabis dispensary located in the Los Angeles, California area

Traditional, The

7. How does Silicon Valley influence Traditional farming? IntoFood talks to the Californian Alli Cecchini

Traditional, Talks, To, The

8. (Traditional Catholic Latin Mass (Pre-Vatican II Roman Rite) with Traditional organ music according to the liturgical season

Traditional, To, The

9. This is the only fully Traditional pre-Vatican II Roman Rite offered in the Bay Area.) San Jose

This, The, Traditional

10. Traditional Bank is an independent, community bank with 14 locations in five Kentucky counties.


11. It had the older, Traditional Bell System 600 Hz+120 Hz dial tone

The, Traditional, Tone

12. What does Traditional mean? The definition of Traditional is something that is in keeping with long-standing tradition, style or custom

Traditional, The, That, Tradition

13. Choose whether you want to convert the text into Traditional or into simplified Chinese and then press "Convert"

To, The, Text, Traditional, Then

14. This tool can convert hundreds if not thousands of simplified and Traditional Chinese at the same time.

This, Tool, Thousands, Traditional, The, Time

15. 26 synonyms for Traditional: oldfashioned, old, established, conventional, standard, fixed


16. Traditional (comparative more Traditional, superlative most Traditional) Of, relating to, or derived from tradition

Traditional, To, Tradition

17. This dance is one of the Traditional customs in the area.

This, The, Traditional

18. The Traditional style is known for its use of rich and luxurious materials, but you don't have to spend a fortune to achieve this expensive-looking style

The, Traditional, To, This

19. The tenants living in the most precarious conditions — immigrants who speak limited English, don't have a Traditional lease or face digital barriers — are not applying for aid at …

The, Tenants, Traditional

20. Focused on timeless design for modern living, Traditional Home takes you inside homes shaped by today's most sought-after designers—classics spaces that celebrate luxurious furnishings, beautiful architecture, and memorable moments shared by family and friends.

Timeless, Traditional, Takes, Today, That

21. Traditional Design Is Inspired By The 18th & 19th Centuries

Traditional, The

22. As you would have probably surmised, Traditional design is inspired by, well, tradition

Traditional, Tradition

23. Traditional Witchcraft is a wonderful place to start your path from as it blends the many fragmented pieces of ancient craft into modern folk based beliefs and rituals

Traditional, To, The

24. In doing so, Newsom largely demonstrated a Traditional governing philosophy, using his veto power to block bills that cost more than the state budgeted for, clashed with work already under way in

Traditional, To, That, Than, The

25. Traditional family values a Traditional way of life Examples from the Corpus Traditional • Tom went to a very Traditional boys' school

Traditional, The, Tom, To

26. • The more Traditional cross symbolised fulfilment; but fulfilment implied a span of existence transcending the grave

The, Traditional, Transcending

27. • A group of children will perform Traditional dances.


28. Traditional interior design is a popular style of décor that is based largely on 18th- and 19th-century European styles and conventional notions of what a home looks like

Traditional, That

29. A Traditional interior design scheme is timeless and placeless, comfortable and put together but not overly fancy

Traditional, Timeless, Together

30. Traditional is not a real composer; it is a credit given for any piece of music where the songwriter is not known and the music has been handed down - usually by rote (word of mouth / copying the music by ear)

Traditional, The

31. Please read the entire profile before deciding whether a credit to Traditional is

The, To, Traditional

32. This Traditional story is about being friends with people who are different from you

This, Traditional

33. Traditional education is defined as teacher-centered delivery of instruction to classes of students who are the receivers of information

Traditional, Teacher, To, The

34. Traditional schools generally stress basic educational practices and expect mastery of academic learning in the core subjects of math, reading, writing, science and social studies.

Traditional, The

35. Traditional marketing is a diverse field, involving many different strategies and methods


36. Earning a degree through a marketing program provides the knowledge and skills required to effectively use Traditional marketing techniques — from print to broadcast

Through, The, To, Traditional, Techniques

37. Coursework in marketing programs are designed with Traditional marketing strategies in


38. A kebaya is a Traditional blouse-dress combination that originates from the court of the Javanese Majapahit Kingdom

Traditional, That, The

39. Traditional ecological knowledge (also called Traditional aboriginal knowledge) can be defined as practical applied Indigenous knowledge of the natural world

Traditional, The

40. Traditional (Complex) Chinese and Simplified Chinese Conversion


41. This tool converts Simplified Chinese characters to Traditional (Complex) Chinese characters and vice versa

This, Tool, To, Traditional

42. Convert a chinese text from simplified to Traditional characters

Text, To, Traditional

43. Traditional ý nghĩa, định nghĩa, Traditional là gì: 1


44. For many courses of varying format and size, across many disciplines, reasonable alternatives to Traditional tests (i.e., paper-based T/F or Multiple Choice) exist

To, Traditional, Tests



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