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1. Visit: [verb] to pay a call on as an act of friendship or courtesy

Visit, Verb

2. Visit definition, to go to and stay with (a person or family) or at (a place) for a short time for reasons of sociability, politeness, business, curiosity, etc.: to Visit a friend; to Visit clients; to Visit Paris


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4. Synonyms for Visit: call (on or upon), drop in (on), see, crash, sojourn, stay, tarry, babble; Antonyms for Visit: avoid, shun


5. Implementations may also generate a switch statement with n branches for std::Visit (e.g


6. We are more than happy to assist you to make your Visit more pleasant


7. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your Visit more comfortable and fun! If you have any questions or need special assistance please email us at [email protected] or call (650) 329-2111


8. Whether you are considering attending Cal Poly in the future or are an alum taking a trip down memory lane, Visiting our campus can help you see what being a Mustang is all about


9. The best way to find your place at The University of Alabama is to Visit campus


10. Stanford's undergraduate Visit/informational programming remains completely virtual at this point

Visit, Virtual

11. Visit synonyms, Visit pronunciation, Visit translation, English dictionary definition of Visit


12. To go to see or spend time with ; call on socially: Visit friends


13. Visit User Manual —This document describes how to use the Visit Graphical User Interface (GUI)


14. It covers in detail all the controls available from the Visit GUI, including such topics as working with files, plots, operators, saving and printing, visualization windows, quantitative analysis, making it pretty, animation and keyframing, interactive tools, multiple databases and

Visit, Visualization

15. 10 Museums to Visit in Finland Finland’s contemporary art scene embraces everything from experimental artist-run initiatives and commercial galleries to flagship art institutions





VISIT [ˈvizit]

visit (verb) · visits (third person present) · visited (past tense) · visited (past participle) · visiting (present participle)

Synonyms: Stay with . Stop by . Drop by . Call on .

visit (noun) · visits (plural noun)

Synonyms: Call . Look around . Stopover . Stop-off . Stay . Stop . Break . Holiday . Vacation . Sojourn .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the noun for visit?

visit. noun. /ˈvɪzɪt/. /ˈvɪzɪt/. jump to other results. an occasion or a period of time when somebody goes to see a place or person and spends time there. a two-day/three-day visit. the prime minister's surprise visit to the troops. an official/state visit.

What does visited mean?

Visit(verb) to come to for the purpose of chastising, rewarding, comforting; to come upon with reward or retribution; to appear before or judge; as, to visit in mercy; to visit one in wrath. Visit(verb) to make a visit or visits; to maintain visiting relations; to practice calling on others.

What is a synonym for visited?

visit(verb) stay with as a guest. "Every summer, we visited our relatives in the country for a month". Synonyms: confab, natter, bring down, inspect, impose, claver, chat, call in, confabulate, chew the fat, jaw, chatter, chit-chat, gossip, call, chitchat, inflict, travel to, shoot the breeze, chaffer, see.

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