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1. Water is an oxygen hydride consisting of an oxygen atom that is covalently bonded to two hydrogen atoms


2. Water, substance composed of the chemical elements hydrogen and oxygen and existing in gaseous, liquid, and solid states


3. Water definition is - the liquid that descends from the clouds as rain, forms streams, lakes, and seas, and is a major constituent of all living matter and that when pure is an odorless, tasteless, very slightly compressible liquid oxide of hydrogen H2O which appears bluish in thick layers, freezes at 0° C and boils at 100° C, has a maximum density at 4° C and a high specific heat, is

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4. Enjoying great-tasting bottled Water is a staple in our everyday lives, but getting it to our homes and offices can be a hassle


5. Save time with bottled Water delivered to your door by our friendly and knowledgeable Route Sales Representatives – whether it's a 5-gallon returnable bottle or a 25-lb

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6. Drinking too much Water is rarely a problem for healthy, well-nourished adults

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7. Athletes occasionally may drink too much Water in an attempt to prevent dehydration during long or intense exercise


8. When you drink too much Water, your kidneys can't get rid of the excess Water

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9. Water's "stickiness" (from surface tension) plays a part in our body's ability to transport these materials all through ourselves


10. The carbohydrates and proteins that our bodies use as food are metabolized and transported by Water in the bloodstream


11. No less important is the ability of Water to transport waste material out of our bodies.

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12. View the 2020 Annual Water Quality Report (PDF, 5MB).Also available in Spanish (PDF, 5MB) and Mandarin (PDF, 6MB).


13. Palo Alto’s Water comes from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC).


14. Palo Alto is the only city in California that owns and operates a full suite of municipal utility services, including electric, fiber optics, natural gas, Water and wasteWater.

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15. New Water mains and raw Water supply lines shall be installed at least four feet (4’) horizontally from, and one foot (1’) vertically above any parallel pipeline conveying: 1


16. If crossing a pipeline conveying any of the non-potable fluids listed in paragraphs A and B above, a new Water main shall be


17. Online booking has arrived at Watercourse Way! 60-minute personal care services such as Massage and Facials are now available to book online! For hot tub reservations, 90-minute treatments and more call (650) 462-2000 to schedule your appointment.

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18. (hot Water, cold Water, and gas piping) and any devices that break the continu-ity between metallic pipes


19. Water is a peer-reviewed, open access journal on Water science and technology, including the ecology and management of Water resources, and is published semimonthly online by MDPI.Water collaborates with the International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM) and Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).In addition, the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH), and The Polish Limnological

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20. Water definition, a transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid, a compound of hydrogen and oxygen, H2O, freezing at 32°F or 0°C and boiling at 212°F or 100°C, that in a more or less impure state constitutes rain, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.: it contains 11.188 percent hydrogen and …


21. Water may also help with weight loss, if it is consumed instead of sweetened juices and sodas

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22. “Preloading” with Water before meals can help prevent overeating by creating a …

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23. The Water table is an underground boundary between the soil surface and the area where groundWater saturates spaces between sediments and cracks in rock

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24. Water pressure and atmospheric pressure are equal at this boundary


25. The soil surface above the Water table is called the unsaturated zone, where both oxygen and Water fill the spaces between sediments.

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26. There aren’t many qualities that are true of all life on Earth, but the need for Water is one of them


27. Water is complex because it is linked to almost everything in the world

Water, World

28. But complexity should not hinder understanding: Water is a precondition for human existence and for the sustainability of the planet


29. On these pages, explore the multiple dimensions of Water and sanitation.


30. See: (as) dull as ditchWater a fish out of Water a mill cannot grind with Water that is past above Water as a duck takes to Water back Water be (like) Water off a duck's back be as/like oil and Water be blown out of the Water be dead in the Water be in deep Water be in hot Water be like a fish out of Water be like oil and Water be Water off a duck's

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31. Louisville Water Company provides Water to about 850,000 people in Louisville Metro and parts of Bullitt, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby and Spencer Counties who depend on our superior quality.

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32. The Water Department enables our community to thrive with clean Water done right every time

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33. The utility is responsible for providing drinking Water, wasteWater and reclaimed Water service that protects human health and the environment

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34. Here are just a few important ways Water works in your body: Regulates body temperature

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35. 14 synonyms of Water from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 35 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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36. Water Research has an open access mirror journal Water Research X, sharing the same aims and scope, editorial team, submission system and rigorous peer review


37. Water Research publishes refereed, original research papers on all aspects of the science and technology of the anthropogenic Water cycle, Water quality, and its management worldwide

Water, Worldwide

38. Water covers 70% of our planet, and it is easy to think that it will always be plentiful

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39. However, freshWater—the stuff we drink, bathe in, irrigate our farm fields with—is incredibly rare

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40. Only 3% of the world’s Water is fresh Water, and two-thirds of that is tucked away in frozen glaciers or otherwise unavailable for our use

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41. Earth's Water is (almost) everywhere: above the Earth in the air and clouds, on the surface of the Earth in rivers, oceans, ice, plants, in living organisms, and inside the Earth in the top few miles of the ground


42. For an estimated explanation of where Earth's Water exists, look at this bar chart.

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43. Water must be submitted to the Water and Sewer Division of the Environmental Services Department for each site or service connection


44. is a global nonprofit organization working to bring Water and sanitation to the world

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45. Matt Damon, Co-founder, explains how Water has the power to make a bright future possible for all


46. My Waterworks Account Manager (MyWAM) allows you to easily access and manage your Los Angeles County Waterworks Districts (LACWD) account online and view billing policies and rate information anytime, anywhere


47. Register for MyWAM to securely view your account balance, pay your bill and monitor your Water consumption - you'll even be able


48. Our commitment is to ensure that our customers receive high quality Water and excellent service in a safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner.


49. Essentia Bottled Water, 1 Liter, Pack of 12 Bottles; 99.9% Pure, Infused with Electrolytes for a Smooth Taste, pH 9.5 or Higher; Ionized Alkaline Water

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50. Water Research has an open access mirror journal Water Research X, sharing the same aims and scope, editorial team, submission system and rigorous peer review


51. Water Research publishes refereed, original research papers on all aspects of the science and technology of …


52. Water pollution, the release of substances into subsurface groundWater or into lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries, and oceans to the point where the substances interfere with beneficial use of the Water or with the natural functioning of ecosystems.In addition to the release of substances, such as chemicals or microorganisms, Water pollution may also include the release of energy, in the form

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53. These services include Water supply, transmission, treatment, distribution, conservation, wasteWater collection, treatment, disposal and Water reclamation

Water, Wastewater

54. You can pay your Water bill online, through the mail or at any of our three customer service centers or a number of private payment centers located throughout Miami­-Dade County.


55. Whether providing safe Water for residents to drink, supplying Water for industries to manufacture goods, or protecting the region’s Water resources, serving our customers with quality has been our commitment throughout our nearly 200-year history

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56. The Water Authority offers multiple ways for customers to pay their Water, sewer and trash collection bills: Bank Draft: We will debit your bank account each month to pay your bill in full

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57. Water influences the intensity of climate variability and change


58. Humans use Water for drinking, industrial applications, irrigating agriculture, hydropower, waste disposal, and

Water, Waste

59. When the Water in our rivers, lakes, and oceans becomes polluted; it can endanger wildlife, make our drinking Water unsafe, and threaten the Waters where we swim and fish

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60. EPA research supports efforts under the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act.


61. Water is necessary for the irrigation of crops and is, therefore, an integral part of agriculture


62. It is widely used in cooking activities since it boils at a temperature of 100 o; Humans make use of Water for a wide range of domestic activities such as washing and cleaning

Widely, Water, Wide, Washing

63. Water also serves as a medium for the transportation of cargo.


64. Cleveland Water is more than just the largest supplier of clean, fresh Water in Northeast Ohio


65. Providing quality service and clean Water is our top priority


66. We work hard to ensure that Water is there every time you turn the tap.

We, Work, Water




WATER [ˈwôdər, ˈwädər]

water (noun) · the waters (plural noun) · waters (plural noun) · the water (noun)

Synonyms: Aqua . Adam's ale . Sea . Ocean . Lake . Loch . Pond . Pool . Reservoir . River . Land .

water (verb) · waters (third person present) · watered (past tense) · watered (past participle) · watering (present participle)

Synonyms: Sprinkle . Moisten . Dampen . Wet . Spray . Splash . Soak . Douse . Souse . Drench . Saturate . Flood . Waterlog . Sodden . Dry out . Parch . Moisten . Leak . Cry . Weep . Salivate . Moisten . Leak . Cry . Weep . Salivate . Dilute . Weaken . Adulterate . Doctor . Taint . Mix . Moderate . Temper . Qualify . Mitigate . Mute . Mellow . Tone down . Soften . Subdue . Curb . Tame . Calm . Bridle . Understate . Underemphasize . Play down . Soft-pedal . Downplay . Enhance . Strengthen .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is water called?

Water is known as the universal solvent. Here is an explanation of why water is called the universal solvent and what properties make it good at dissolving other substances. Water is called the universal solvent because more substances dissolve in water than in any other chemical.

What is water called in science?

Water Water is often used as the standard in scientific measurements such as temperature and volume. Water that is good for drinking is called potable water. Seventy percent of a human's body is made up of water. Water dissolves more types of materials than any other liquid.

What is an example of water?

States of Water. Water exists in three states- solid, liquid, and gaseous. Liquid water is found in many places. You see liquid water coming out of the faucet, when it rains, and running in a river. Pure liquid water is free of salt, rocks, soil, and garbage. Solid Water-. Ice, snow, and frost are examples of water in the solid state.

What is the meaning of waters?

plural noun. : the waters under the sovereign jurisdiction of a nation or state including both marginal sea and inland waters.

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